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  2. Looking to decom fowlr tank by year end, selling fishes below: 1. King angel, 8 inches - $550, kept 2 years 2. Yellow tang, 8 inches - $220, kept 8 mths 3. Hawaiian dragon moray, 2.5ft - $1200, kept 3 years 4. Brazilian dragon moray, 1.5ft - $300, kept 8mths Please whatsapp me at 8218 0808 if keen and for video.
  3. $10 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Previous owner used for abt 1yr. Kept for almost a yr. Bought to start new tank but did not materialise. Tested n it’s working fine. Asking $280 Collection amk ave 4
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  6. Automated riser retrofitted for my lightset. Used for laundry actually. Lolol Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. Also yellow belly blue tang 4-5inches:$150 Dussumieri is about 8-9inches. all fishes are pellet feeding
  8. Look ard for those upgrading from nano to bigger tank, buy over from them better. Some willing to give free also.
  9. Still noob don’t want just jump into bigger tank Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Get second hand to try out. Some deals are good, some ppl here also buy and resell to earn... Lol
  11. Your small tank can be use as QT tank later for coral and fish. But u need to know how to setup the budget tank. YouTube got alot of pple teaching, u can check it out.
  12. Aquarium Compressor for sale includes; - 1.2 HP Compressor - Temp probe - Temp Controller - Cooling Coil Can contact Derrick to setup and transport for you. Wa if interested. Wa.Me/6598895566 Thank you
  13. Upz. Ultra GSP price depends on frag size. Pm if interested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hi All Please help me to clear. 10pcs of preloved baby clothes @ $12.00 Masks (5pcs) + Handcream (2 tubes) @ $10 Baby Sock (XS) + Eucalyptus Oil (Sample) @ $ 3.50 Sunscreen @ $10 Pharmaton kiddy syrup @ $11 Free delivery by normal postage. Please let me know if any of you are interested in the items. Thank you Regards Cheryl 96927372
  15. wow~ what is that at ur ceiling? automated rail of some sort?
  16. Daikin Compressor with coil for just 220 Contact 96552728 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Phosphate Minus 1000ML - $42 KH buffer 1200g - $13 AF Magnesium 750g - $15 Buy all 3 = $68 IM desktop Reactor used - $80 https://www.innovative-marine.com/product-page/minimax-pro-aio-media-reactor-sump
  18. Hi all, what to sell Santa Monica Surf 4, come with air pump, price $450. Collect at woodlands, pls whatsapp me 96382799 for pictures. Thanks
  19. Hi all, Want to sell: 1) Hanna checker HI 736 - phosphorus ULR - $60 2) IM Gourmet Grazer - $15 3) Soda Lime (500g) - $10 Whatsapp me at 96382799 - collection: Woodlands.
  20. Rowaphos full 1 kg -$45 Dupla - siliphos 590 grams -25 (full Pack will be 740 gms) Contact. 96552728 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Left these. 2. Pencil wrasse. Eating pellets (pseudojuloodes palackorum) $8 5. 2 azure damsels. Most peaceful damsels you can buy. Doesn't bother any fish. And adds marvellous blue and yellow splash to your tank. Both for $115 7. Cleaner shrimp $15 8. Black leopard wrasse ( eating pellets already)$20
  22. Nitra- gaurd 80 % left Phosa-Gaurd 20 % left Both for just 40 Contact 96552728 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Hi all I have 4 XR15s for sale. 1 piece $440 2 pieces $840 3 pieces $1230 4 pieces $1620 Hanging kit sold separately at $55 a set. Self collect from Jln Bukit Merah. PM me if interested Cheers Jen
  24. Been there done that lol, word of advise is if u really passion about reefing just whack big quality tank. For nano tank what they say about swings is all real, my tank crash b4 becos of noob-ness, even if u pro and manage to keep all tings alive in nano, one day u realized not enough space for corals and fish,u wan more. Now reflecting back, i rather got the big tank in the first place and would have save more money by doing things right the first time lol. Finally for big tanks u need to plan around it, like are u moving hs soon, regular travel cos of work or baby commitments. Really need to think things thru as reef tank really need to put effort to look nice no joke, if u slack on maintenance u will get a shitty tank and waste ur own time & money only...just sharing my 2 cents Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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