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    • First started a dedicated macroalgae tank about 3 years ago to help grow enough pods for the mandarin fishes. And recently started anew with a semi-outdoor macroalgae in new house, no idea how it will work out in the long run but it has been working well so far

      Here are the technical specs:
      -40g long main tank
      -10kg Arag-alive live sand
      -Maxspect Gyre XF130 wave maker
      -Deltec SC1455 skimmer
      -Setup and designed by Henry from MarineLife

      The algae has been growing well with natural light and the tank gets direct late-afternoon sun. The temperature can get as high as 31 degreeC

      The evaporation lost can get really high hence an 'rain-proof' automatic water top-up system was built

      Also DIY-ed an light 'hood' for night viewing using outdoor switch and spotlight, the tank gets about 3-hours of artificial light everyday.

      Photo of the tank taken in mid-May

      Currently i've the following in the tank

      -CHAETOMORPHA SP (Hitchhiked from somewhere, grown into few big balls now!)
      -PADINA SP

      -3 Mandarin fishes
      -1 regal tang
      -1 tailspot blenny
      -1 clownfish
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    • Macroalgae????
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    • $8

      Big size 

      Collection 373018 

      Reef safe?
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