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    Haha.. Ironically I have been trying a year to occasionally kill my GSP on rocks by applying glue on them. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I’m running the same type of refugium on my IM Fusion 20. I purchased an electrical plug with a digital On/Off timer. The refugium light turns on about an hour before the display lights turn off and turns off an hour after the display lights turn on. Using the principles of Reverse Daylight Photosynthesis is purported to help stabilize pH during nighttime when CO2 accumulates. This is the theory anyway. I haven’t gotten up in the middle of the night to test pH nor do I think hobbyist test kits are sensitive enough to detect minor fluctuations in pH, but my Chaeto is growing like crazy and my nitrates and phosphates are barely detectable. It’s a fairly cheap modification and may be worth trying. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    It looks like that now. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    New fishes arrived Gem tangs 20pcs, kingi/tiger angel 2pc, Blackburn butterflies, African comeback angels, Viviennae wrasse, sailfin tangs, thalassoma, rare female pencil wrasse (polackorum)
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    Broken while rearranging corals $15 each. 2pcs available. Both big piece. Picture taken without zoom.
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    I do have smaller frag if u want. Pm me separately. Thanks
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    you need to get a DC pump with SINE technology...... cheapest one is Jebao DCP pump, cheap and good. You can opt for the DCP5000 or 6500 for your 4ft tank which is less then $150
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    Picked up this bad boy from reefmarketsg recently and will be setting it up soon! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi guys just wanted to share a life hack I discovered idk if it’s been done but just wanted to share. So I think many agree that it’s not easy taking pics of ur reef tank with blue lights on and the only solution is a orange filter lens which costs quite a bit. So I decided to create my own. Step 1. Go to Daiso and buy color cellophane. Costs $2 Step 2. Cut out a piece Step 3. Take pictures!! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi bro, the separate system is like a quarantine tank, a fully functioning system. It is also like a backup system in case your main system fails. For your main system, you dose to keep water parameters correct? However, when you do water change, don't throw away the water. This water is mature and have almost the same water parameters, so use it to change water for the back up system. This way, you can maintain 2 systems and save on new saltwater. Everytime you water change it's like version 1.1, you keep the version 1.0, it's like saving files on computer. Also, because the back up system has very similar water parameters, you can easily move livestock over without any acclimation, especially during emergency. Very easy to maintain because you are basically saving the water during water change. I use this for quarantine purposes. Hope it helps.
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    https://www.instagram.com/belsbundts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As above, have 2 pieces of 10L Containers for sale. Previously used for dosing. Both for $10. Collection in Clementi FCFS. Contact me at 9zerotwo8four1four2
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    Don’t worry too much for now. The aquarium I go to, they have a tank of clown that does that too. Add an anemone and they will start to swim to it. Maybe no place for them to hide. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi to all Corallimorph (Shrooms) Collectors, please do share pictures of your shroom collection here. Superman Discosoma Shroom
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    Self collect at cck st64 Contact me at g66 o i47o True rasta $30 Dirt Blondies $50
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    Good gesture[emoji106] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Very often, hard plumbing increase sound as the vibration cannot be dissipated. You can place the pump on a rubber mat if it does not come with rubber feet. Else, connect to the pipes with a silicon hose. Sample pic from internet. If its not a new pump, the sound could be coming from worn out bushings or unbalanced impeller.
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    For the 5.5 footer PO4 has drop to 0.1 after I stop dosing PO4 and change phos minus more frequentlybut NO3 is only 1 ppm.I think need to increase KNO3 dosage
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    I can share bro.. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    I'm thinking about adding a Umbellulifera sp to my well established 35 Gallon Red Sea mixed reef. This will be my only NPS in this tank. I have a shaded ledge it can go under with indirect flow. How challenging is this coral to keep? The online store seling it says it's much easier than other NPS. What specificially would you recommend for feeding, how much and how often? I don't want to overpolute my tank. I have live rock and a low quality skimmer and somewhat effective algae scrubber. Does this coral require so much food that it's going to be hard to manage my water quality? Thank you, Doug P.S. I used to live in Singapore from 1997-2000 so it's great to have a connection to your beaultiful country once again. I miss it there incredibly.
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    Just an update after so long. NP Biopellets - $25(unopened) Pic 4 Daz Overhead Filter $10 Eheim Liberty 150 - $20 Pic 6 _ Reeftech Biopellet reactor - $10 Pic 8 - Deltec PF601 Calcium Reactor with Aquabee 2000l/hr - $200 Atman 5000l/hr -$25 Pic 11- Still running in tank, 2 units of Vortech MP40 Wes with box $250 each, $470 for botH Around 30kg Live rocks - $35 delightings 6tube 2 feet -$80 Clearing all. Pls contact 88082436. Can WhatsApp for pictures.
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    Good working condition 3ft ATI Sunpower T5 4-bulbs fixture. = $250 Price include 4x ATI bulbs (you can choose), except the E5 LED. Euroquatics E5 Blue Pop T5 LED (about 8 mths old) = $60 each 3ft ATI Bulbs (between 4 to 8 mths old) = $15 each If take everything can give further discount. This is how the 2x E5 LED on ATI T5 fixture looks like. Testing and collection at Bukit Batok East Don't PM, I rarely check. WA or SMS 96259770
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    3 pcs for $100 Collect tonight $90 Location punggol Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Price lowered to $200. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    A,B,C,D - King Midas E - Mohawk F - Mystic People Eater -Zoa Pack- Get D,E,F for $40 Self Collect @ 670438 (Fajar Road) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    waiting here for your updates! Time to scape soon! Faster wash your rocks!
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    Finally got some time to prepare the manifolds. 1 x M1 will run direct to the return back to tank, 1 x M1 will run through a manifold that will split the flow through the chiller and UV and back to the tank through 2 lily pipes. Rear Manifold: From M1 to chiller manifold: Lily pipe setup: Managed to test the overflow to make sure no leaks last Sunday. Thankfully all went well. The manifold for reactors is also finished, next up will be to install the reactor manifold followed by all the wiring and control cables. The painful next step now is to cut, splice and extend all the wiring for some of the equipment as some of the equipment cables are too SHORT!
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    Have last piece for trade. Value at $30, let me know if you have something with similar value you like to trade with. Preferably yuma or other mushroom that I don’t have. Cheers!
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    Definitely looks like it's dying, meat receding and skeleton looks like it's been exposed for quite some time
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    Lobo dying? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice bubble you have there! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Rainbow infusion, mandarin orange reserved. Left with purple death, dragon eye, UC, la Laker, eagle eye, tutti fruitti and jap red gonio Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Buy 4 get 1 for free (lowest value) - No reservation - First come , first choose - Location @ Punggol Central (5min walk from mrt) - Whatsapp / text me 9889 5566 - No calling 1. Watermelon (4-8 polyp) - $30 2. LA Laker (1-3 polyp)- $30 3. Firestorm (8-14 polyp) - $30 - 3.1 Firestorm mini colony (30-40polyp) - $50 4. Radioactive Dragon Eye (2-4 polyp) - $30 5. Jawbreaker (8 polyp) - $120 6. Yellow Eye (3-5 polyp) - $30 7. Egg Yolk Zoas (1 polyp) - $20 8. Pink Face Zoas (4-5 polyp) - $30 9. Mohawk Zoas (4-5 polyp) - $30 10. Bright Yellow Face Zoas (2-4polyp) -$30 11. Purple Ring (4-6 polyp) - $30 12. Green Hulk (2-3 polyp) - $30 13. Monti 1inch frag - $15 14. Dragoneye (1 polyp) - $10 15. Fire & Ice Mini Colony - $50
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    Quite pleased with the results from the Nyos active elements. It looks like it really addressed the some element deficiencies. I had some casualties previously, especially those that are shaded. Seems to be stopping. Seems to look better 1.5 weeks later. Need to continue monitoring. Cost comparison : For Red Sea elements ABCD, (10ml of each of the 4 bottles per day), total dosing cost ~ $11 per week. For Nyos active elements (5ml of each of the 3 bottles on alternate days ~ 20ml/wk), total dosing cost works out to ~ $5.60 per week The bottom half of this red stag was bone white & no PE on the white parts - from being shaded previously. The green appeared which subsequently started to change change to red. Better PE from this recovering monti This one too. Hosting for a reefer. Capitata. From a reefer
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    Whatsapp me at 92343599 if interested. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Just took this photo. Decided to buy this Frag station from DE last month and put 10 different zoas on it. They have grown a few polyps now on each frag plug as they only started with between 1-3 polyps initially. Hopefully I can see a full garden in a few months time and can have a comparison photo. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Before: After: Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    In between these gadget updates, here’s a picture of one of my latest livestock additions. He’s been with me since 4 Aug 18 and is feeding well and healthy since day two! [emoji38] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Good advice bro. [emoji106] Very useful also if you "accidentally" over stock your tank... 🤣
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    Luckily now the itch getting lesser and lesser.. almost 95% gone.
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    Please note, I can sell just the sump and the main tank. I can keep the top smaller tank. WA 93221328
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    The light leaked will definitely encourage algae growth in another area, and as long as the Chaetos are the majority of the nutrient fixer, it shouldnt be too big of an issue. But why do you want to contain the algae growth to only the reactor? Algae growth outside the reactor is not a bad thing unless they're clogging the pump/bio-media. I guess illustrating with photos would be a lot more helpful?
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    Toadstool with slim long tentacles and white tips/polyps size - slightly larger than 2x2 inch @ $40. Redsea Pulsing Xenia, $15 per Frag, have multiple Frags. Golden Cloves @ $15, multiple stable encrusted frags of minimum 5 polyps. Teal/Blue Discosoma Shrooms with white stripes with maroon coloured pimples/bubbles and blue mouth @ $35 per polyp. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, Collection @ 579727. thanks
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    http://deaquatic.com/product-category/eshopps/ Price list is up on our website!