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    Just sharing on what i would do 1. From ur pics, it seems not serious, maybe not even disease, maybe sand or scratches. 2. Before u start any treatment, think of any reason why ur fish is infected? did u intro new fish or something? if not maybe its not disease. 3. Generally clownfish are tough buggers. they can take a bit of beating unlike the tangs which can GG fast. I would monitor first to see if it worsens, if worsen to picture below i would take action. Monitor their appetite and breathing. 4. Its best to set up quarantine for treatment. My clowns infected by brook b4, i did a freshwater dip to alleviate the condition, how to dip? you can ask mr google for more info. for me i take rodi water and let the fish swim inside for 3mins, include airstone for oxygenation. monitor closely for stress( heavy breathing) stop immediately if there is. 5. after dip, transfer to QT, i treat with copper( cupramine) dosage go slow. 6. lastly, disclaimer: as every lifestock response is different, i cannot guarantee the outcome, pls proceed at your own risk. I am just sharing what i did. Good Luck bro! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Congratulation to all the winners ! Prizes by Value ( Highest to Lowest ) 1) AI 64 HD LED x 1 2) Clarisea SK5000 roller filter x 1 3) SPS Mystery pack ( 5 frags Worth $500 ) 4) Zoas Mystery pack (5 frags Worth $500) 5 ) Fauna Marin Balling set x 1 6) HARDCOREREEFER magnetic frag station petite x 1 7) Coral RX Industrial x 1 8) Coral RX Pro x 1 9 to 11 ) Vitalis Mini Marine Glazer 110g 12 to 16 ) Viatlis Algae pellet XS 60g 17 to 26) Coral RX Single Shot coral Dip 27 to 36 ) DD Coral Glass 37 to 42 ) Glue Onz coral Glue Winning List ( First to Last after removing duplicated name list ) 1) Darren Sim 2) soggycookies 3) RayTCZ 4) SubzeroLT 5) LittleNat1 6) MarCal 7) danano 8) victorchantm 9) Law88 10) Teck pang 11) Admiraltian 12) nuclear_fibre 13) R0B 14) Nick Ang 15) David 16) ZmasonJ 17) SaltySpivia 18) Clement Chen 19) yakh0o 20) Snoopyhamburger 21) Sherilyn91 22) brannonong 23) C.ZhengXi 24) jem 25) Patrick 26) Chronos 27) titustitus 28) josephwzr 29) chocolate98 30) pcw 31) reefercoral 32) zander 33) Daniel Poh Yang Zheng 34) milu_kaka 35) noobzpro 36) nico 37) nec 38) clementesia 39) CarnivorousGhecko 40) acodestny 41) teck4300 42) alvarogr
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    I got lots of mohawk frags sitting around, if you're a newbie, come collect FOC, easy and fast growing coral for your new tank Otherwise, I would appreciate any amount of $$ haha, you name the price, if you want more i can arrange Collection at 400014
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    Day 18 What a busy day today! Hooked up my DI system and did a 50% water change. My nitrates and Phosphates were sky high which also means the tank is cycled, must have been the cubes of frozen food i've been 'feeding' the tank during the cycling period. Tank parameters after 50% WC today: kH: 8.3 Calcium: 400ppm Magnesium: 1200ppm Potassium: 370ppm Nitrate: 50ppm Phosphate: 0.5ppm Now time to show some new equipments! I decided to get the Noopsyche K7 Pro II LED simply because it fits my budget, is very similar (or identical) spectrum wise to the Hydra 26 and has a single kessil-like lens per led puck. Turns out they are really well-built and the colors blending are awesome! The single dome lens perfectly blends each individual colors and there is 0 rainbow effect even at the top of my rock scape. Per led puck, there's 3 Cool white, 3 Royal blues, 3 Blues, 1 red, 1 green and 2 violets (400nm and 410nm). It would've been perfect if 1 of the cool whites were swapped with a warm white led. Another plus point is that all but the violets are Osram LEDs. With the provided mounting arm, i must say it complements the Red sea Reefer 170 really well. Well, the controller is not the most user friendly and the technology felt like a decade old. So i got the Jebao SLW-20M (wifi version) and as compared to the MP10, its size is really compact! To be fair, i should've included the rubber magnet used to angle the jebao wavemaker in this comparison photo. I personally preferred the Jebao over the Mp10 here because it has a much wider flow and i am able to angle the WM to point at an angled direction. The only bad point over the MP10 would be the cord visible in the tank. The jebao app is surprisingly easy to connect and use. Next up is my skimmer! I went for this interesting skimmer from BM because of the limited space i have in the sump, since i am adding a UAS, UV and possibly a reactor for phosphate removal media. The BM Z7 is well built and really easy to assemble, the design is well thought out with a drain outlet from the skimmer 'cup'. now this is exactly why i chose this model! It fits perfectly in the cut out section right infront of the filter cup area. I also found this container (at daiso) that fits the only space left in my sump and its perfect for 2 parts and a skimmate collection cup! I will end this update with a FTS with the Noopsyche led at 100% on all 5 channels. It is blindingly bright and i initially thought i might need 2 sets because of my scape, but the spread so far is pretty good. The shimmer is amazing too!
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    Everything is settled so time to let the tank cycle for 3-4 months. Following WWC cycling methods. Gotten this second hand Maxspect IVC6 from one of the reefer last week. This allows me to control my Gyre xf350 thru app. I dislike the ideal of not including this ICV6 controller in the Gyre 2 pump set. We have to get it separately. Overall it’s quite easy to set it up. Using pump A for my main tank. Set 08:00 - 00:00 As random mode (highest 40% power) 00:00 - 08:00 As pulsing mode (highest 30% power) Overall I find the Gyre XF350 is really strong. It managed to push water across 4 ft with just 30% power. I’m very satisfied with the pump so far. Went over to dama to get another acrylic to replace my filter wool. Personally I don’t like how to follow at this section to my filter wool. It doesn’t fully utilised the filter wool so I’ve decided to switch it out with 2 4” filter sock to trap any large particles coming up from the medias. I really prefer the water flow now. [emoji1303] Currently also in the mist of setting up a simple small QT for coral and fish tank to ensure all the unnecessary pests won’t be in my display tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No need buy. I can give you a few foc simple sps to test water if you stay nearby to serangoon. Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
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    ATI Sunpower diming 8x39watts brand new in box (no tubes)....... offer me a price, if its reasonable i will sell you Cheers
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    Location west. Price to let go at $420.
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    Duncan frags 6$ per head Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Acropora nursery, a few inches from the surface at low-tide.
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    Copperband butterfly Magnificent foxface Ocellaris clown Misbar ocellaris clown Clarion angelfish captive bred Scribble angelfish captive bred Goldflake angelfish captive bred (2inch) Joculator angelfish captive bred Purple Tang captive bred Midnight lightning Ocellaris Black frostbite Ocellaris Black Ice Ocellaris Helmet picasso Percula Black Picasso Percula Frostbite Percula Platinum Dalmatian Ocellaris Platinum Ghost Ocellaris Lemonpeel x vroliki hybrid Black cap basslet Royal gramma Cave basslet Rainbow basslet Panamic barnacle blenny Broadstripe cleaner goby (E. prochilos) Blue neon goby (E. oceanops) Red head goby Catalina goby Helfrich firefish Yellow head jawfish Blue spot jawfish Yellow tang (Central Pacific) Hooded wrasse pair (New Caledonia)
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    Opens up to almost a feet long. Selling as i need more real estate (started to kill the corals around it) Self collect at CCK. Can arrange for contactless delivery at your cost. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Fixture in excellet condition. Comes with hanging kit and tank mount to hang from. Also includes 2X giesemann super purple and 4X giesemann actinic blue less than 2 months old. 2 switch on fixture(switch 1=2bulbs switch 2=4bulbs). Will take it down when new light arrives sometime this week or early next week. Selling at $200 and collection is at admiralty. No nego please.
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    Bro, S5 have peppermint shrimp.. u can go there buy..
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    I think u need to upload thru YouTube then copy and paste the link here.
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    I guess he is referring to Microbe Lift special blend.
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    following Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Been some time since an update. Took some pictures on Sunday night with my TG5, this time focusing on macro shots of the sps polyps. Hope you guys like them. [emoji4] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi Bros, selling the following magnetic rocks that I got from Ah Beng Aquarium only recently. Regreted because realized too big for my tank. Is around hand size, can compare with the hand holding it. Have 2 pieces. Each piece was bought at $1xx. Now selling at $100 (with a loss) each. Collection at Clementi Ave 1. PM with contact to reserve, thanks.
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    Underused Vectra L1 for sale. Used it for my IOS freshwater set up. Power up to max 50%. Barely 1 year old. In very good working condition. Selling at $350. Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich area.
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    Hi I am selling the above small in size around one inch. selling price - $12 collection at west IMG_7348.HEIC
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    A - S$10 B - S$20 C - S$8 D - S$8 E - S$8 F - S$8 G - S$5 H - S$5 J - S$5 K - S$2 Deal location near Lakeside MRT. Interested PM me. Thank you.
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    Some notable fish at Coral Farm earlier today: Ribbon Eels Snowflake Eels miniatus groupers Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Dirty blondies $25
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    Tyree rasta $35
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    Really nice gesture bro! kudos to u!
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    Helping a fren to post his radion pro Gen 4 XR 30 ( 2 set ) for sale at $1,200 bucks with reeflink. usages ard 2 yrs with less than 50% intensity. Pls contact at this number 92252599
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    Hey Reefers! Felt really great to be back! Got myself a Red Sea reefer 170 and started cycling the tank today. This will likely still be a SPS dominated tank with some LPS/Zoas at the mids/bottom area.. Most of my equipments have yet to arrived so i will be cycling the tank while i gather my equipments, should be around 2 months before the first coral/fish goes in. Equipments: Red Sea Reefer 170 (60x50x50cm) Noopsyche K7 Pro II (will likely get another unit) Bubble Magus Z7 Jebao SLW-20M (Will probably need 2 as well) Jebao Doser 3.4 Tank is in! Despite being only a 2ft, it is pretty heavy espcially the cabinet. Got to say Red Sea makes quality tank set. Got a total of 15kg of dry rocks to play with. After lots of expoxy, glue and hours later.. trying to create a floating kind of scape with tier layers to incorperate SPS/LPS/Zoas demands. Grade 3 coral sand goes in as well, turns out to be a little to coarse and yellow for my liking, might swap them out in future. I like the scape above alot but in the long term, shadowing wil llikely cause an issue and the 'floating' side is tilted backwards which means less space for corals. So i decided to turn the whole scape 180 degree (glad i expoxy everything together!) and it looks pretty good too! Would be great to hear some opinion guys! I will work on the 2nd scape tomorrow to epoxy those rock shelves back that i removed in order to turn the scape and will post an update of what i can come up with! Meanwhile, i guess i have to patiently wait for the tank to cycle. Thanks for viewing!
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    Yeah 2 pump option is definitely more fail-proof, i used to run a DCP12000 on my 4ft 450L system and i barely go over 70% power and they are near silent even after 3 years of usage. I believe at max capacity you might only hear a soft humming noise.
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    Tunze LED ECO CHIC REFUGIUM 8831 used for 2 months - sold. Still available: 1) INNOVATIVE MARINE - MINIMAX ALL-IN-ONE MEDIA REACTOR- MIDSIZE for $60 (Retail price $119) 2) Tunze LED ECO CHIC REFUGIUM 8831 - brand new unopened for $95 (Retail price $120)
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    Previous post why ignore me also? Sell faulty equipment then don't want own up isit? I don't need the money back la hor but here to warn other people so they won't have to deal with scumbags like you http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/167195-10g-tank-with-return-pump/ Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Collection at 650510. Pm me at 84995566 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    For friday Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi all, Have a Jecod CP-25 Cross Flow wavemaker for sale. Bought in Dec 2019 so only used for 6 months. Personally love the wavemaker but too big for my tank so I changed to use 2 RW-4s instead. Letting go at $70! I don't mind trading with corals too if there's something that I like! Interested can PM me or ctc me at 9o93494o. I
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    Delivery charges are $250 by N30 themselves to be paid by buyer letting go the set at $250 which includes a 3feet sump some scratches on tank due to scrapping of algae and coralline algae
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    Thank you for the detailed explanation! Hmm these 2 fishes are the only fishes inside the tank! Just finished cycling so no other fish before this also tried using seachem metroplex with fish food just now, so will observe to see if it helps. Appetite wise still eating very well and no laboured breathing or anything. will update! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi all Posting on behalf of a friend. Pm if keen!! No ID : $ 15 RI : $25 RI : $25 golden clove : $15 Fire clown : $10 Thank you Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    whats the size of pocci ?
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    They are aggressive and teritorial. If u have small tank idk if any fish is suitable. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Thanks SRC organisers and also Suprem3 Corals for this contest and prizes! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Nice tank Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    whatsapp 84339380 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    that is some intense nutrient export. thanks for sharing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Will update on the prizes collection details shortly after short out with the sponsors. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Nice Tank setup! Thank you for sharing Stay safe & enjoy the hobby
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    Nice mocha clowns!!
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    looking good bro!
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    Tank to clear at 79 cash and carry without cabinet 8mm full crystal glass ios tank no others accessories
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    You are already posting one now..? Haha Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app

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