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    Don't need to buy. I stay punggol, will go bk chk whether I can harvest and pass some to you.
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    Collection at punggol at my convenience. Pls dont ask for pics. Standard rbta. Small size. Priority given to reefer that can collect at my convenience. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    no problem, thats what forums are for, to share exp and knowledge, last piece of advise, since urs is custom tank, do plan your equipment around ease of maintenance. i am no expert but base on my journey so far, Stability of water params, reliability of equipment, ease of maintenance and lastly automation (optional) is key to successful reef tank. the automation part is to prepare the transition from hardworking reefer to lazy reefer lol.. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    that is a bad idea, 1 pump dead = all dead Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    First off, Dechlorinated water vs. RODI.... We are so lucky in Singapore to have some of the cleanest water available, but it still contains various elements that you wouldn't want in a reef tank! RODI systems firstly remove sediments, silt, clay... (it's amazing just how dirty my sediment filter gets from tap water!). The carbon filter and RO membrane remove any unwanted chemicals like chlorine, chromium, pesticides. Whilst the DI resin typically focuses on the removal of heavy metals like copper. Combined they remove impurities, microorganisms, disinfection byproducts, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, and even naturally occuring radioactive nuclides! Now whilst Declorinated tap water is okay to use short term all the above elements even in extremely small ppm/ppb will build up over time (Silicone even absorbs heavy metals). This will start to cause issues for you. Tap water vs. RODI... imho It's the difference between breathing in the haze and clean fresh air. Both will keep me alive, but I know which one I would prefer. Where to learn about corals??? YouTube is excellent. BRSTV is fantastic at putting together informative videos about gear and how best to implement a successful reef tank. For Corals specifically look for videos from "Tidal Gardens". Than Theim with his smooth voice will teach you everything you need to know about each different type of coral and much more.. Reefbuilders is another good website and YouTube channel. If you want I know "Reefbum" on youtube even has a subscription tutorial along with a book which is step by step guide to setting up and maintaining a successful reef tank. Reefdude, Reefnerd, reef dork, Reefman, Milehighreefers, Parker's reef, Aaron's aquarium, Fishofhex, americanreefchannel, and inappropriate reefer are all interesting channels to name but a few. Reef2reef is a great resource on every topic, from quarantine through to programming your Apex or GHL. Brands.... I have honestly wasted thousands buying cheaper gear, killing corals and fish, then slowly upgrading (please dont tell the wife). My advice to you is get the best from the beginning. If i was starting out again i wish i had gone with an established package (like a red sea ref tank.. plus all the trimmings) from your LFS. Or pick up a decom system here! If you want to build it up yourself BRSTV did a 'best of 2019' series, it's a good place to start to figure out what is what. Good luck. If you need any help just ask here there are many reefers here willing to help and guide where we can. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    $35/pair Interested party collection at Jurong West PM for picture
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    I built a chiller unit for my quarantine system. (Attached are a few photos). Now my experience is that they can reduce the temp about 2 - 3 degrees on a small nano tank but struggle to go any lower. This maybe due to the quality of components, I used, or my DIY skills or even the design. They aren't that cheap to build but are fun fairly projects. Good luck. PM me if you need any help. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Just harvest. Collection at punggol Central. Ty
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    5x2x2 tank - 15mm all round crystal glass by CRA, some light scratches -$800 buyer arrange for own tank mover. looks with lights: location : boon keng
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    Made this for my new sump! More updates coming. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    my tank rsr 350 so i follow the red sea recommended specs which is 3k liter/hr, for me, return pump need to stand alone, i think this is most critical, other pumps i do share like i sharing chiller with reactor etc, dont link 1 pump to all ur critical stuff. as far as possible try to use 1 pump for each component as different component might need different flow, just my 2 cents. also spend a bit more on good brand return pump, reliability is key. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hey guys letting go my customised acrylic rack which I used on my redsea reefer 170. 26cm x 6cm 1 set consist of: 1) 4 x 5cmx5cm square frag base 2) acrylic bolt n nut 3) acrylic base and frames 4) acrylic hang on hooks for 8mm-10mm Here's an example: 1 set going for $13. 3 set $35 5 set $50 Interested pm me via WA at 83381998. Thanks all[emoji3059] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Will be upgrading to a bigger tank, hence need a stronger light. Ai prime Black (Non Hd) version. Used for 1.5 Years at 40% intensity. Comes with Ai prime 12 inch gooseneck and black tank metal mount (missing one screw) Price: $250 Location: Tampines
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    Been neglecting my tank due to other priorities recently. Sps colours have faded and quite some overgrown colonies resulting in shading (and thus affecting corals below) and reduced flow throughout the reef tank. Spent today trimming and removing some ordinary corals so that flow and light can be optimal again. Not to mention several hours cleaning and scrubbing my tank of coraline and algae. At the end of it all, couldn’t resist taking a top down picture of my shallow reef. [emoji4] This hobby is full of ups and downs. Lost so many prized possessions in recent months but still it occasionally gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I stop to look at my tank. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    10 polyps krak for trade or sale @ 600 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Selling due to decom, less than 3 months old. Comes with full packaging and accessories. 1 pump + controller. Selling Price: $170
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    Selling this working set at 50bucks. Note: You need to find your own INTLLAB PTFE Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bars Type-C. Here a link to get yours. https://www.ubuy.com.sg/catalog/product/view/id/7357810/s/intllab-7pcspack-mixed-size-ptfe-magnetic-stirrer-mixer-stir-bars-ty?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgszWl_mJ6AIVhhiPCh01GQ5sEAQYAiABEgIZ6_D_BwE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A1 $20(4polyp) A2 $20(2polyp) A3 $20(2polyp) A4 $20(2polyp) A5 $20(2polyp) A6 $20(2polyp) A7 $40 (2polyp) A8 $30 (2polyp) A9 $30 (2polyp) A10 $30 (2polyp) A11 $30 (2polyp) A12 $50 (2polyp) A13 $20 (2polyp) A14 $30 (2polyp) A15 $20 2inch+ A16 $20 2inch+ A17 $20 (4-5polyp) A18 $20 (3inch) A19 $20 (4-5 polyp) Pm or 83390123 Sengkang Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Self collection in Woodlands
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    - Sunflower zoas (6 polyps) - $20 - krak zoas (5 & 8 polyps) - $150/$200 - Mushroom Garden (Red, Green, Purple with blue spot) More than 10 polyps - $50 - Bi-colour Lobo - $50 - Turquoise bi-colour rics - $50 - 4 inches Blue Tang and Yellow Tang both for $100 - Nero-5 (about 6 months old) - $250 - About 2 years old Hailea HS-90 chiller - $300 - About 1 years old Skimz Quietpro DC pump QP 4.0 (4,000l/hr) - $80 - Brand new Skimz Quietpro DC pump QP 4.0 (4,000l/hr) - $120 - Brand new DD pump (2,000l/hr) - $50 - Blue moonlight LED - $10 - T5 cabinet light - $10 - Ozonizer - $20 - 2 x Red PAR38 with stands - $30 PM me for pic Collection at West Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi I’m looking for damsels clowns and small fishes to start a tank. Let me know if u are letting go fishes thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    if you have many loose frags, avoid urchins.. not gonna deny they’re probably one of the best cuc to tackle an algae infestation though. they eat more varieties(including gha) than the standard algae-eating snails. bigger ones will also feast on coralline algae(if that matters to you) Sea hares... i think if your tank has fish that tend to pick on slow-moving inverts it’s best not to place them in the same space. some species are also toxic and might mess with your water parameters when stressed/if they die Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Selling to make way for new corals. Open to trade too. Green Torch Blue Tip 1 head $20 Mystic Torch 1 Head $25 Red Tentacles Plate $65 (not exactly sure what colour ID, WYSIWYG) Halloween Crab $7 Blue Leg Hermit $7 Deal @ Canberra PM me to deal. Thanks
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    $10 per frag tutti frutti true rasta tyree rasta (2 pp) butt muncher tequila sunrise (3 pp) Rasta meltdown (7 pp) tequila sunrise(1pp)+rasta meltdown(2pp) tutti Fruitti(1pp)+butt muncher(1pp)+aussie ensign(2pp)
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    @8:26 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Royal blue hornet mother colony Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    All corals reserved. Some Xenias still available. Thanks!
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    package include 1 bounced insterstellar, 1 lightning leopard, 1 superman. self collection at woodlands
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    Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, WYSIWYG, location 579727. Thanks! Garden A - Pink Tip 2 heads, Yellow tip 2 heads, Metallic blue tip 2 heads, bi-colour Yellow Green tip 1 Large head, all for $100! Garden B - Pink/Blue Tip 2 heads,1 Large Head Mystic Torch, Metallic blue tip 3 heads, Bi-colour Yellow Green tip 1 Large head, all for $100 only as well!
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    This is ADA tank a branded tank. How can it cost $10 at ah being?
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    Yup. Checkout my Instagram Chocolatereef. I've ragged the IDs there[emoji28] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Whatsapp if keen 9889 5566 Looking to Trade for other coral
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    Selling at $100. About 2.5inch. Deal in the west. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    New arrivals: Hawaii: Yellow tang Kole tang Flame angel Potter angel Flame wrasse male Palm size griffis Golden puffer Goldflake angel XL Black tangs show size Sri lanka: Fire shrimps Cleaner shrimps Emperor adult (small) Emperor adult (large) Asfur angel Maculosus angel Collare/Pakistan butterfly Chaetodon trifascialis Mitratus butterfly (great size) Longnose butterfly Zoster butterfly Golden butterfly Orange spotted blenny Anthias (2 types with purple fire goby) - $25 Tiger wardi sandshifting goby Dracula goby Soapy line grouper Powder blue Clown tang XL Sohal tang S size Desjardini sailfin tang Purple tang M/L size Moorish idol Yellow mango puffer Thornback boxfish Trispilus wrasse (yellow with pink belly) Ornate leopard wrasse Cleaner wrasse Meyeri butterfly Triangle butterfly Sea goblin (Minous sp.)
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    Sold too quickly. Thank you for interest. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hi all, the following corals for sale: 1) monti - $10 per frag 2) candy cane coral - $80 3) Duncan coral - $120 4) orange lps coral (unsure name) - $80 If interested, pls PM me. Collection at Bukit Panjang. Thanks.
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    Ofcourse I am aware of the other cost and expenses I will be having. If not, why would I start this hobby, am I right? [emoji846] if others would like to think I am a lowballer, I have no rights to stop them to think what they want. Research and homework are done before even starting this hobby. Time was long just to redo the piping and stuffs. So Its not a problem for to search for what I need. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Dosing container , brand new -$70 Dimension: 41cm (H)x 46cm (B) x6cm (W)
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    Selling zoa garden my loss ur gain All for $400 Comes with: 1. Sunny Ds 20 polyps 2. Nuclear green Palys 10 polyps 3. Tyree rastas 7 polyps 4. Supernova 6 polyps 5. Watermelon 8 polyps 6. Bam bam 4 polyps 7. Utter chaos 4 polyps 8. Froot loops 2 polyps 9. Rainbow infusion 10 polyps 10. Artic Ice blue palys 14 polyps 11. Fairy dust 16 polyps 12. Brazil rastas 16 polyps 13. Radioactive dragon eyes 3 polyps 14. Tequila sunrise 9 polyps Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    I posted 10 but still can’t post anything there Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Selling whole colony of Forest Fire Montipora digitata at $50 (14 x 10cm) Location: Pasir Ris Interested party do PM me. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    as someone who’s kept octopus a number of times before i think the most important thing for an octopus tank is definitely having a lid to prevent it from escaping. second is the filtration. system could use a skimmer as they produce quite a lot of waste. for tankmates avoid fish of any kind, they will likely either harass the octopus or get eaten. inverts like starfish should be fine as clean up crew(crustaceans like shrimp & hermits will prolly become food). the rest of the setup should be similar to a typical fowlr. 1) similar to fowlr, personally i’d go with at least 10x tank turnover return flow. having rock structures big enough for it to hide in/amongst is ideal 2) definitely something more subdued, most cephalopods are sensitive to bright light and octopus definitely feel more comfortable coming out when it’s dim 3) mechanical filtration like socks/pads/floss + protein skimmer suitable for your system volume(also oxygenates the water a lot) 4) weighted lid cover, can try redsea’s customizable product for this 5) might wanna run some activated carbon in a reactor or a mesh bag in the beginning to double as water filtration along with the skimmer for any ink the octopus might secrete Hope this helps Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    IM lagoon 25 + Caribsea shape rocks -$250 vortech mp10 wqd (wireless) - $280
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    Have not been faithfully testing the parameters but like what Rob said, had tried to minimise disturbing them. Literally just suck up the dirty stuff. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Yoda, Mohawk and BTA sold more Softies for sale below Interested please pm Purple Monster 2 polyp $16 Bowtie $30 Indigo Death $15 Rasta $10 Laser Lemon $15 Tequila Sunrise $18 Dragon Eye $25 Golden Clove $15 Blondie $25
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    4months different Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Lol I never test my parameters for years already

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