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    Selling the below hammer (3 heads) for $40 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Having trouble replying threads on my com, so I’m gonna be using tapatalk Updates for those who asked about the algae reactor. I think pictures will explain it all. After harvest: My personal opinion on this. It does work as advertised. But if I were to choose, I would select a size larger then what is recommended for the tank volume. I Guess it is self explanatory, the larger the reactor, the more cheato u can grow. The lesser u need to harvest over time. Pros: It lowered nutrients naturally, light encourages good growth in reactor. Good if u have limited space in sump or need an external method of nutrient removal. Cons: no after sales service, no spare parts available in sg. Slow and takes time to watch nutrients drop due to limited size of reactor I’m using. The lid uses plastic screws to tighten, opening and closing every month may cause wear and tear which may lead to eventual leaks. Will be nice if any LFS is willing to bring in the paxbellum or the pacific sun reactors. Spare parts should also be made available. Happy reefing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Love the images of the montis...
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    1.5yrs first owner with receipt. Self collect jurong point or tampines. 87264537
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    Going to harvest chaeto soon so start a thread first. Will post once harvested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drawings from tank maker. Chiller will be sitting inside the cabinet and glass door copied from a few reefer's design to house controllers for easy access and aesthetic purpose.
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    5" healthy Naso tang for $25 will trap it once confirm Watspp or Sms 98266729
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    Hi guys, Decided to let go of my Jellyfish tank. It’s big enough for 3-5 Jellies and small enough to be put on my bed side table. It comes with: 1) Inbuilt filter 2) inbuilt LED (with controller) 3) chiller 4) air pump Asking for $200 ono Collection at 122311 Please PM and I will get in touch with you! Happy reffing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Full tank shot about 2 months back, taken with and without a yellow filter lense.
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    Full orange plate - $30 Full orange Cynarina - $130 Please PM me for any enquiry.
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    WTT with other zoas or Millepora I have - Rainbow Monti - Purple Monti - Pink Monti - Red chilli pepper Monti - Speckled Oxide zoas - Boston Celtics Zoas Location at Jurong West st 71, 640707 Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Up for grab are my collection of fishes which will require a better home. I will no longer put them into my display tank for various reasons such as incompatibility and having multiple same fishes. These fishes were once in my Display Tank and hence they have adapted to living and feeding in captivity. Most of the fishes here have been with me for more than a year. Given good water quality and care, the next owner will have many years of enjoyment with them. Furthermore, all fishes which enters into my Display tank will have to go through a rigorous quarantine process and hence they are free of any external diseases eg. fluke/ marine ich. Another reason for letting them go is to free my tank spaces for future new additions. 1) Black Tang 14cm. $850 Bought 3 Black Tangs and kept 2 smaller Black Tangs for my Display Tank. This particular Black Tang is very sociable with other Zebrasoma Tangs. Currently kept with a school of 25 yellow tangs with Zero aggression. Feeding very well on pallets and Nori sheets. 2) Bandit Angel 13-14cm $1400 Buy with a peace of mind. Generally, Bandit Angels tend to have very poor track records surviving past 2 months or even shorter. This particular Bandit angel is very well acclimated to captivity. Feed on pallets aggressively and has a fat tummy. Unfortunately, he does not get too well with my other 12 bandit angels and hence a pity to let him go. Currently this bandit angel is still in my Display Tank being separated by a partition. I will still keep trying to introduce him into my Display Tank unless otherwise sold. He will eat as many pallets which is given to him and is not choosy with food. This is an exemplary example of how a captive bandit angel should react. 3) Asfur Angel 5-6cm $150 Feed on Pallets/mysis/Nori sheets and even clams. I use this asfur angel to train my other fussy angel which refuses food at first instance. This has been proven to be very successful. He has thought my 5 conpsic angel to feed aggressively. Asfur are generally shy however, once acclimatised, they will have no issue in a community tank. 4) Interruptus Angel 13-14cm $1200 Bought 2 interruptus angel and tried to pair them, however, this prove unsuccessful. This current interruptus angel is a male. I removed him from my Display tank as down the road i will wish to purchase 2 smaller specimen. feeding aggressively on pallets. willingly to do a top up if you have a smaller specimen of interruptus angel otherwise will sell as it is. 5) Joculator Angel 5-6cm $650 One of the pioneer in my Display Tank, and with me for more than a year. I've swapped with a smaller Joculator so as to be able to introduce a Juvenile Goldflake and interruptus angels in the near term. This fellow just grow too fast and he is very healthy. Will feed almost on anything and love to graze on the floor bed. 6) Pair of Dejongi Gramma 6cm $2000 I've 3 and decided to just keep one in my Display Tank. No introduction needed. Hard to come by and especially as a pair. $2000 individually or $3800 as a pair. Considering i've kept them for more than a year they are no longer shy. They do know when it's feeding time and will come to the surface to grab the food. This pair will surely brighten up your tank! 7) Xanthosis Angel (Red Sea) 12cm $500 Not your normal Cream Angel but the rarely seen Red Sea Angel. I've kept him for more than a year. Unfortunately will not be suited in my Display Tank. 8) Orange Storm (Rare) $850 Not your ordinary black or mocha storm clown fishes. This is the rarely or one of a kind orange storm. Will not want to add anymore clownfishes into my Display Tank. 9) Candy Basslet $950 No introduction needed. One or the holy grail for basselts. Bought 3 and hoping i might get a pair, however this prove to be unsuccessful. I've another 2 in isolation which i may not have any chance to release them. All the above fishes have been currently caught and separated in an individual Quarantine Tank with the exception of the Bandit Angel. I am happy to provide more details to interested parties. Much time and effort has been spent on getting this fishes to acclimatize to captivity life. As mentioned, given the right water quality and care, i am sure there will be many years of enjoyment with them. My loss is your gain. 9710 3211
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    Hi, I have 1 small carpet anemone to let go. Colour is light green. Size can opened up to about 15cm(dia)or more, when fully extended. Healthy and eats market prawns. It grows and is still growing, if you continues to feed market prawn. Selling at $35, PM me if interested. Thanks.
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    Reserved Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Reserved Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    How much? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    GEO Calcium Reactor CR612 + Co2 Tank with regulator Looking at $300 for the above, slight negotiable for fast collection
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    Thanks for sharing , looking for inspiration for my next tank haha Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Nice! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    New arrivals! Lamarck angelfish, snowflake eel (E. nebulosa), Banded eel (E. polyzona), Bellus angelfish, Coral beauty angelfish, Clown anglerfish, White cap goby with shrimp, Tiger anglerfish, Blue banded garden eels, Hairy anglerfish, White anglerfish, scribbled boxfish, tomini tang, red tail filefish, Variola louti, Cephalopholis argus, Xenia filefish, Zebra blenny, Ruby red dragonet, widow blenny, pyjama cardinal, yellow tail blenny, springeri damsel, 4 stripe damsel, canary blenny, parapercis reticulatus, domino damsels, orange skunk clowns, ocellaris clowns, priolepis cincta, randall goby with shrimp, blue stripe pipefish, grissengeri gobies, yellow brotulina fusca, chromis retrofasciata, geometric hawkfish, suttonia lineata, suttonia spotted, black leopard wrasse, six line wrasse, marbled cat shark, many banded pipefish, white cheek tang, Roseafascia wrasse, bodianus sepiacaudus, bodianus izuensis, banded bamboo shark, sea goblins, arothron mappa, porcupine fish, longnose hawkfish, assorted lionfish, canthigaster leopardus, crocodilefish, yellow patch wrasse, red indian scorpionfish, purple streak parrotfish, blue throat wrasse, pintail wrasse, yellow wrasse, shame face crabs, anemone crab pair, anemone shrimp pair, red coris, stenopus prysonotus, stenopus cyanoscelis pairs, long arm crab, red sea stars, assorted urchins, sand dollars, yellow tubeworm, ten leg starfish, blue linckia, icon stars, sea hares, abalones, long tentacle anemone, bubble anemones, normal cuttlefish, strombus snails, bumblebee snails (said to eat pest vermetid snails), flamboyant cuttlefish, mimic octopus, blue velvet nudibranch (flatworm predator) One-fin flashlight fish, Pristigenys niphonia, Aberrant blue face scopas tang, banggai cardinal, bicolor angelfish, koran angel, chevron butterflyfish, sebae clowns, yellow foxface, boxing shrimps, double saddle butterflyfish, bannerfish, harlequin sweetlips, cleaner wrasse, power blue tangs, lopez unicornfish, blue tangs, emperor angelfish, blue devil damselfish, copperband butterflyfish, green chromis, keyhole angel, melon butterflyfish, green mandarinfish, gold stripe maroon, royal dottyback, blue eye anthias, eibli angelfish, true percula, blue fairy wrasse, longfin fairy wrasse, kleini butterflyfish.
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    Will be excited to see how the final tank design turn out to be.
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    Dose with distilled vineger simple and cheap.. No need carbon or other product to replenish the nitrate nitrite anmonia and phospate but needed a bactaria Sent from my ZTE BLADE A610 using Tapatalk
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    AVAILABLE at Specialised Aquatics Solution on 19 Anamalai Ave Black Angel Blue Angel Blue Chromis Blue Tang (XL available) Cuban Hog Emerald Crab French Angel Peppermint Shrimp Pork Fish Purple Frilly Gorgonian Purple Ribbon Gorgonian Queen Angel (Show size available) Red Knobby Star Rock Beauty Royal Gramma Spanish Hog Surgeon Tang Tree Sponge Whitespot File Yellow/Red Gorgonian
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    Very kind of you to share your work. One of the challenge in tank customisation is to come out with blue print and talk to tank maker. U can be consultant liao. Lol. Will monitor your progress.
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    Excited for you !! Please share with us more photos and update Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    TBA. We are still waiting for this product to be available internationally. ETA between 3-6 months.
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    Wts Zoas & Coral Trading welcome, looking for Setosa Row 1 (left to right) : 25, 20, 30, 30 Row 2 (left to right) :25, 30 , 30, 30 Row 3 (left to right) : 25, 25, 20, 20 Row 4 (left to right) : 40 , 30, 50 , 10 92954138 Collection: circuit road
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    Sorry to be late but where did you purchase the IM chaetomax LED?
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    Not sure what it's called but letting at a lost. Size about 1". Both feeding on small pellets. Selling at the pair at $70. Pm me if keen. Thank you. InShot_20190511_205709597.mp4
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    I’m not too sure. It’s this little guy here. He seems quite small. Haha. If he gets too big, can just release back where I caught him.
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    Approximately 7.5kg (4 big pieces) Self collect at Hougang $20 PM for pictures
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    Good but sorry personally I doubt it will ever worked [emoji15] too many school of thoughts! Only few proven methods. When I first started 2 years ago, I was once told by a “professional” fish shop that changing water does help to eliminate and reduce ich. I bought that sentence and they kept performing their water change services at a fee. Was naived enough to even continued with them for some time... Eventually it never did help but got worse and each time, solution was to have water changed so to everyone out there, beware of “the” unscrupulous fish shop giving terrible advices asking you for water changes [emoji3] IT WILL NOT WORK ! [emoji12] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Up Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Approx: D:40mm H:60 mm Asking for $25 Wsp 92733073 if keen. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    WTB purple and green with purple tip frogspawn Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Selling off Nyos Reactor Dock with Body 1.0 size. Cleaned to the best of my ability and looks almost new. Used for 4-5 months. Collection at 310113 or Dairy Farm estate. Retail price $274. Selling at $150 no nego. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got some queries on the Chill solutions CSXC-1, I'll just share my own review and opinions with everyone. The Chill solutions CSXC-1 is ok if your room is generally windy or cool, because it works by a fan. When water temp increases, the fan will kick in. If your room is hot and stuffy, the fan cant draw cool air and will take forever to lower your temp. Basically drawing in hot air is useless to the system. I.e my room in the day, i set at 26 degrees, the csxc only can maintain 26.5, and will run continuously all day. At night, when i switch on the air-con, it can maintain 26 no problem. By the way, my QT tank is only 10 gallons. Recommendation is unless u can get a 2nd hand unit that is in really good condition, for a good price, den its worth due to its small form factor. If not a normal 2nd hand chiller will be 10x more efficient. First hand for $400, definitely not worth, go get a Hailea HS28A. The unit will require some regular vacuuming and removal of dust (by using compressed air) to really be considered efficient. Take note, when you first use it, your temp will take around 24hrs just to reach your set temp. Goes to show already how much time it will require to cool your water. i.e from 30 to 26 degrees. (Specs on manual says it will be able to maintain -5 degrees for a 10 gallon) Reasons I will use it - Only if your tank is small Only if you plan to use it as a temporary solution (I.e its going to only be on my QT). I believe continuous use of the fan, it will eventually become harder and harder for the fan to perform efficiently (mainly dust / wear and tear due to fan switching on and off constantly.)
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    $25 Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Anyone know whr to get cheap and easy lps or softies Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Purple tang not for sale ( uploaded wrongly ) Will start to trap the fish for pending collection after catching it... Sorry cant reply all pm and messages will update again Thanks
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    My shallow tank finally arrived. The 2 tanks are linked together sharing 1 sump. I've placed my chiller below the shallow tank. [emoji5] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Will be using this to document my new tank setup after a nightmarish experience on my 3ft tank. Lost most livestock and my beloved tangs of 1yr and almost stopped the hobby. But decided to give it one more go and now will be with a 522 tank by aquarium artist. Tank will be arriving next week and hope all will be fine. Below is a pic of my 3ft before tragedy stuck. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Current FTS, tank covered in diatoms. Could be my RO/DI fueling them as I noticed 1ppm in the ro/di TDS meter. Time for a filter change. AT and foxface are both having ich. Constant feeding them seaweed soaked in nori. So far AT appetite is still good and eating alot. Hope it stays this way! Tank is starting to consume more KH and I setup my doser yesterday. Was pissed off setting up the doser and decided to switch to calcium reactor. Currently doing manual dosing... so far shortlisted the items for CaRx. SkimZ CM97 calcium reactor EOA Aluminum Co2 Bundle 2L with Intense regulator Milwaukee SMS122 PH controller This should be all I need..
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    Hi. How much is it goin for? Is the display tank u shown litted by it or by the triton lani led? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    It's been a while since I last updated! Happy pictures of Corals n fishes!
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    10mm thickness. Temp 25, so far have not encountered sweating
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