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    These are common mushrooms selling cheap in LFS.
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    Nothing to be jealous.. Just trying to warn newbies that Yr stuff are typically 10 times the price as compared to lfs... Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Selling the following items: Livestock - 1 x snowflake clownfish ($50) - 1 x blue hippo tang ($30) - 1 x potter's angel ($40) - 1 x fire urchin (to be given away to those who buy) Equipment - 1 x hailea chiller HS90-A ($250) (not used much) - 2 x AI-Hydra 52 HD white ($1000 for 2) - 1 x maxspect gyre 250 ($100) - 1 x gyre (similar to maxspect, forgot the brand) ($30) Tank ($300) - 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 feet - teak wood cabinet - sump and pipings included! Reason for decomm: going overseas for a long time :( PM me for contact/details! Thanks! Note: all fishes have been with me for 2-3 years, equipment about 2 years. Most items bought secondhand.
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    Clearing space for new corals =) Interested please whatsapp : 87529711 Deposit to reserve 1. Large ultra elegance coral (open to around 15cm across) $160 2.Gonio colony (around fist size skeleton) $35 3.Sun coral (many head) $20 Take all $185
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    Hi bro mine sold already. Spotted 2 pieces at ah beng shop
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    Selling for $65. Interested WhatsApp me @9699twotwo50 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Willing to trade for other frags as well! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Any 1 looking for 2 ft tank full setup with livestock? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Madagascar import this afternoon: Gem tangs, Tiger/Kingi angels, african flameback, viviennae leopard wrasse, tiger tail coral beauty, african pencil wrasse, hemitaeniatus flasher wrasse, guinea fowl puffer, golden citrinellus puffer, madagascariensis butterfly.
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    Selling. Never used or opened. $90 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    i have some live cleaner shrimps babies.
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    Ah beng is for Pro only. Haha. I strike 2 times 4D there now don't dare to go liao. Lucky got quarantine. For SAS, your immunity is referring to underfed or more prone for dieaseas?
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    Selling away my mini colony birdnest & Duncan Coral (>8 heads). Selling both for $30 each. Collection @ Woodlands (730326) Interested WhatsApp me @ 9six9922five0 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coming 2 years since I started this tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Up reduced to 25$ Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Japan shipment: Dragon moray Y pattern moray Kidako moray - sold Sacura anthias Rudarius ercodes aka white spotted filefish Virgo goby Enchelyurus kraussi Plectranthias pelicieri Wrought iron butterflyfish Orange halcurias anemone Coral shipment: Alveopora, goniopora, green candy cane, chalice, leather corals, open brain corals, torch corals, wall hammers, mushrooms, etc.
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    Current fts, this is taken abt a week back..... Still need more corals. Hahaha...
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    Various assortment of LPS corals for sale. WYSIWYG. Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Location @ 579727. Unique coloration of Copper/yellowish Long tentacle plate coral, 3.5 inch across - $80 Lumi green blue tip plate fungia - $50 Lime Green alvepora Frag - $20 Golden hammers 2 heads $35 Bi-coloured pink and blue tip torch - $25 Pink/purple multi colour Cynarina - $80 Oh iron man blasto - $80/$70 respectively
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    Mini colony Bali Slimer $60 Green Plating Montipora $16 Self collect Bartley. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Nice fox coral for rehome at 50
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    For trade other Zoas or Sales at $150 Gil 9792 44I8 Sengkang Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    A top down shot of a section of my 5.5 footer
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    LOL. the location is for fun. I stay in Bukit Batok lah. Anyway, i had 1 offer to take majority of the cloves for a decent price. For those who PM me. My apology I can't reply to all esp those who did not offer me the price. Txs.
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    Fish: Liopropoma fasciatum (Rainbow Basslet) Size: 6 to 7 cm Eating all kinds of frozen and pellets. Price: $300 Attached pic shows actual fish. Whatsapp/sms @ 96951347 if u r keen. Tks
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    Available 1. Eheim 1264 - 4500 LPH Pump (Made in Germany) - $150 2. Jebao DC 12,000 LPH Pump - $100 3. Mitsubishi Compressor Chiller (+Thermostat Controller + Cooling Coil) - $250 4. Maxspect Razor 160w - $250 6. Marine Magic Dosing Pump (2 head) - $30 Sold 5. Hydra26HD Black - SOLD
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    I had a similar moving out sometime back to my 3 footer, slightly higher bioload than yours and some corals. Did similar to what tofu described except, I air bubbles (portable) the media during transportation. Kept fishes and corals in separate styrofoam boxes for 1 week with media. Peform partial WC alternate days. Fill tank with 80% new SW, dump in 1/3 bottle of stability each day for 3 consecutive days. Water test if it's safe. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Hey bro, I am using Radion XR15 x 3. Using the WWC light setting at 8 inch height now. Corals seem to be doing well under the lights. Haha, now tank smaller, can't go crazy like before. Going to just keep the 3 main stags. Bali Slimmer green, Red stag and Aussie blue stag.Trying to get these 3 to mix together to form the main focal point of the tank. The rest just fill with some tenius and some variants of SSC. Thanks for the tip! Will be switching over to CR when my order arrives! I really feel the benefits of CR out weigh the benefits of dosing. Haha, thanks alot bro. Was a really good period in my reefing hobby! Got to own the dream tank i wanted! Unfortunately, went overseas for 2 year training, had to stop. =( I'm amazed by all the beautiful tanks out there now, so much have improved over the years! Really kudos to all the other reefers
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    $45 Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    What animals will respond to their name? Apparently fishes do! Meet my Coco Crunch! 19cd3672-5749-444b-b717-2d5d5194b05d.MP4
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    Approx. 4” x 5” with green tips - $45 Collection amk ave 4
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    how would anyone forget tofu’s staghorn dream tank [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    20+ pieces to choose from. Kept for 5 months. Change of plans hence will not keep them further $40 each Large size No reservation. 97103211 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Philippines Sunburst anthias Ventralis anthias Flavoguttatus anthias Dispar anthias Randall anthias Sohal tang Mystery wrasse Magma wrasse Pintail wrasse Firefish Blue damsel Ocellaris clownfish Vanderbilt chromis Green chromis Tailspot blenny Bella sandshifting goby Algae blenny Yellow tail blue damsel Sand shifting sea star Blue linckia Leopard wrasse Twinspot goby Brown brotulina sp. Blue/yellow tilefish Blue/yellow fangblenny Randall's tilefish Randall's assessor Magma wrasse Powder brown tang Coral beauty Rusty angel Bicolor angel Colini angel Bicolor angel Frogfish Melanurus wrasse Heraldi angel Scopas tang Ornate wrasse Pajama cardinal Blue throat trigger Golden rabbitfish Flamboyant cuttlefish Bubble tip anemone Purple long tentacle anemone Greren lta Randall anthias Pyramid butterfly Walsh fairy wrasse Filament fairy wrasse Yellow watchman goby Orbic cardinal Grey poma angel Sri Lanka Adult orange tail emperor Adult koran angel Pakistani butterfly Mitratus butterfly Long nose butterfly Zoster butterfly Midas blenny Lineatus blenny Malacanthus smithi Orange spotted blenny Red scooter blenny Purple firefish V. Puellaris sandshifting goby V. Strigata sandshifting goby V. Wardi sansshifting goby Apogon angustatus Zebra moray Snowflake eel Girdled eel Blue eye anthias Evansi anthias Parvirostris anthias Polleni grouper Powder blue tang XL clown tang Convict tang Eibli mimic tang Blonde naso tang XL Unicorn naso tang ML Unicorn naso tang L Unicorn naso tang XXXL Black tongue unicornfish Moorish idol Blue spot scat White tail remora Indian trigger Red tooth trigger Picasso trigger Pearl sharpnose puffer Starry puffer Shortspine porcupine XL Ostracion meleagris male and females Thornback boxfish Lyretail hogfish (s) Filamentosus wrasse Rosy scale wrasse Trispilus wrasse Dragon wrasse juvenile Cleaner wrasse Picture wrasse Cleaner shrimps Fire shrimps Red fromia sea stars Yellow belly regal angels Black saddled grouper 8 stripe butterflyfish Meyer butterflyfish Blue line grouper Chiloscyllium griseum Indonesia Copperband butterfly Banggai cardinal Ocellaris clownfish Racoon butterfly Choerodon zamboanga Blue tang Bicolor blenny Small foxface Bannerfish Mandarin fish Boxing shrimp Convict tang Clarkii clownfish Racoon butterflyfish Izuensis hogfish Longnose hawkfish New corals: Assorted zoanthids, mushrooms, leather corals, red braching algae, sea cucumbers, yellow sponges
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    Thanks for the overwhelming interest. All items are sold and pending collection. I’ll contact those in the que if any buyers back out. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Still available for chalice. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Use distill water or RODI water and set to zero.
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    Hi I have a few small colonies of purple valida sps. All growing fast n well with very strong coloration. Price ranging from 30-50 dollars per mini colony. Interested please WhatsApp me at 9750 nine 8 seven 4. Collection at katong. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Upz for the Radion xr15w with mounting arm-$500 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I'm interested Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Trans instrument ph pen -$30 (with box) ATC Refractometer -$30 ( with box) Digital salinity pen - $65 ( comes with box) ANS 2.5kg oyster shells -$5 (unused) Radion ceiling hanging rail kit 50inch( suitable for tank up to 5ft) -$85 (unused) Radion hanging kit -$40 (unused) All items above are in mint condition, well taken care of) Bubble magus t101 dosing pump -$80 (Been in store for about a year, just turn on recently to check working, still works well and dosing correctly) Pickup at 821622, punggol central. Willing to trade for designer clownfish/white bristle tooth/bellus or some reef supplements ( looking for AF trace elements or component 123). Top up on either side if value doesnt match. WhatsApp 88082436. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    U need more corals and fishes definitely. Lol
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    Don't make us wait too long for your photos
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    red sea tank is the aquarium with sump comes with cabinet. it has good reviews on the sump and pipings.
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    Setup maybe cheap but content aint cheap Have kept both Bandits & Conspics before. The conspic I bought was ard 3.5 inches and was pretty much bullet proof till I sold it to another reefer. Did not have much luck with Bandits though, tried mainly the 3-4 incher ones, died after keeping for a year for no apparent reason and another just decide to carpet surf after a year or so as well.
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    Nicely done! Heard from LFS shop the sawing part can be quite daunting. Show some pics of your lagoon? LOL

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