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    Hi All, sorry for the late reply. As requested. - Juvenile Clownfish : $5 (either true percula or snowflakes, many) - Single True Percula (PNG) : $25 - Single Snowflake Clownfish: $80 - Single Platinum clownfish : $150 - Paired True Percula (PNG) : $80 (2 pairs available) - Paired Black Ocellaris Clownfish : $80 - Paired breeding True Percula (PNG) : $120 (5 pairs available) - Paired breeding Snowflakes Clownfish : $200 (1 pair available) - Paired breeding Black Ice Clownfish : $250 (1 pair available) - Paired Snowflakes & Naked Clownfish : $150 (1 pair available) ** do note that some of the True Percula is either onyx or picasso. All clownfish (except for juvenile) are adults size ~ 2.5 - 3". - Tunze Master Electric Recirculation Pump 1073.090 : $150 - Aquamedic turboflotor 5000 single : $250 - Skimz Protein Skimmer : tbc - 2 feet cube tank (drill with a bulkhead hole) : FOC - Live Rocks : tbc - Misc Cheers JC
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    wts my bt. been with me for about 6 months. very healthy. collection at choa chu kang. pm me to secure. $25 cash and carry. $20 for students. feeding on TDO pellets, small size. Reason for sale:getting too big for my 1.5 ft cube. attached below is the photo
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    Currently most are reserved. Will update again. Thank you
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    Yes... please note that the tilefish only flashes when its stressed or spooked. So, dont buy it thinking its gonna provide u with the disco effect... plus its a jumper too.
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    Watch me change color! Flashing tilefish from Iwarna this morning...
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    you dont have to see me back, cos im not decomming anymore you guys are right, these fish are really hard to come by and i really love them very very much sorry to those who express interest thread close
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    Recently busy..haha..Updating Now After the vinegar dosing my Trates Are at 5PPM realy happy as my Acro Is colouring iv also started a new regimen 1:Weekly 10%Water changes 2:Biweekly Feedings with reef roids+Fauna Marine Reef Pears params of today ca:400 kh:8.4 MG:1370 Ph:8.4 So far very happy With The Results Aiming for Hydra52"s by next month hopefully also did raiding lol my zoas garden of aiptasia
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    Wow Looks Like You Vinegar Dosing Payed Off! Your params look good! Wah..SPS Dom Kah? More Updates Pls!
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    common fish but never seen it. anyone saw before? Pseudochromis cyanotaenia

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