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    I personally know 2 reefers using it for many months and finally given up on it recently. If you believe in no water change can bring you good water parameters and good sps colouration then go ahead and give it a try. Cheers, James
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    Fishy update... One of my royal grammas... the oldest inhabitant in my tank My clownfish has finally decided to host something... the Duncans... this guy is quite eccentric Finally decided that my green banded goby is ready for the DT, its been residing in a satellite box for the last 2 months... think its doubled in size... Good luck little guy!
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    Luv ur collections of scolys, pratas & open brains.
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    Love your tank, so cute!
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    I have 2 sea urchin to giving away. Anyone keen? Please bring your own container. Collection at Jurong east. Thanks
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    looking for scarlet hermit crabs. anyone will be passing by CF. can help check it out?
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    Some updates Left side Right side Ati no doubt colour up even my brown out sps but it also bleach some of the lps.
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    Im also keeping purely lps and anenome. Im using the 160watt abd i got to say i love it. At 100 percent it can get really bright. And also the slime form factor is attractive

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