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    Starting this thread to share some of my personal experience battling this nuisance algae which has been troubling my tank for almost 6 month.. my existing tank is more than 5 year now and It seem at some point it is true that for a very mature tank , all sort of problem might come especially algae.. in fact i have tried almost all the products out there , and sadly to say none really work. Some product manage to control it, but after awhile of cleaning and detoxify it with Hydrogne perxiode it seem to keep coming back again . i was actually very worried about using medicine esp antibotic threatment on my tank how it will affect my beloved fish and corals. However, after doing my own research online, all the positive out come encourage me to try so.. This is a very detail explanation of the Fluconazole treatment from other forum here ( https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/bryopsis-cure-my-battle-with-bryopsis-using-fluconazole.285096/) which inspire me to try the treatment. This is some photo of how bad the outbreak is before the treatment.
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    Hi Bro, 1. Vertex Libra Dosing Vessal 5.0 x 3. Used for 3 - 4 years. With boxes. Each vessal selling at $70. Buy all @ $200. Photo shows 1 sample container. 2. Jerry can x 3. Each selling at $10. Buy all @ $25. Collection at Clementi Ave 1. PM with contact to reserve. Thanks.
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    If you are new to sps, think your tank is ready and want to try one or two sps frags, pls let me know. Will give random 3 frags from this. 94880692 Collection at serangoon garden Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Trying out this new Glue Onz. Good strong glue. This colony grew too big an pressing against the rocks on the sides. Too heavy for the tiny base too. Time to trim. About 3kg ]] Got rid of some of the parts that died off due to total lack of light. All done. Next to settle the monti
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    Can deal at $30 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Swapped in the Hydra32 to the front tilted lights. Current PAR numbers. Quite impressed with the spread of the new lights. The front sand bed jumped in PAR quite a bit probably because of the wider spread with the new lenses.

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