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    Please give me more likes! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Here's my rap How about I love LEDs because I do not need to change bulbs every 6 to 8 months? I do not have to chase every single lighting technology for bulbs from DD to ATI to Giesemann and then Eheim and now probably Giesemann? How about I love LEDs because most of the fixtures are slick and compact unlike Metal Halides and T5 pendents which are bulky and useless? How about I love LEDs because sometimes when I feel like Zouking, I can on it, give it a thunderstorm mode, or trial run mode and I get disco effect in my room? Save money on entrance fees, save money on booze and smoke and no need smoke in a yellow drawn box and best part, I can stripdance in my room like Steven Lee and nobody will care! How about I love LEDs because when I want to xian xiaomeimei or my reefing buddies, I can rev up the Royal Blue leds to give that "EXTRA" sparkle? Sparkle till their eyes go drooling, noses go bleeding and hearts go thumping?? "Wo YAO!....." *orgasmic scream* How about I love LEDs because when I know my lights are down and out, I got good aftersales support from the LFS who have been there for me since day 1. How do I not love LEDs?
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    Love LEDs! For many many reasons. Firstly. It produces so little heat! Chiller no need work so much. Secondly, the spectrum is like WOW My coral colours really POP and come alive under LEDs. Last time it used to be blue and white, nothing to wow about. But now its full spectrum! Thirdly it is so powerful. Even corals can bleach under it. Like how powerful could it be to chase away those small little zooxanthellae! And it uses less power for that amount of power. Lastly is the new features that are being developed. Now most R&D are focused alot of LEDs. The prospects of it is very exciting. Now even got wireless control, even can mimic weather. Whatever next! Can't wait to see what else they can come up with
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    Hi bro, I thought ur pictures looked good... until I noticed that the pic of the sunflower zoas you’re using was taken by me. Perhaps you can give a heads up to the potential buyers that these photos are taken off the internet? I’m fine if you’re going to use my photo, but please give credit where it is due. And others may feel cheated if they were to get something that is different from the photos. Good luck in ur sales, cheers
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    Post a Reef pics and Win ! Hi Reefers, It has been awhile since we did some contest , and here go... We are doing a simple photo contest and all you need to do is post ONE PHOTO of your tank, fish or anything related to this hobby and the photo with the MOST number of LIKES for their photo here will get to win one set of the Latest Conch Aqua Slim 7 Wave Maker . Contest End Date ; 31.10.2017 at ( 2359 hrs) ** Thanks to Conch Aqua for their support and sponsoring the prizes for this contest *** Just in case you dont know where the LIKE buttom is Remember to Share / Invite your friends on social media to like your photo to get more support .
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    Haha... Allow me to have a shot as I need one to supplement my mh and T5. And if it's proven, there is no stopping me to goal ( still World Cup mood ) LED all the way... Here's why I love LED. MH and T5 had been here for donkey years now.Going forward, there will not be breakthrough improvement. They are actually like women of age 50's. Their prime is over,excitement is history, and face lift and silicon filling ( R & D )will not help much either. Direction points down. Droops. Hey, LED is the latest girl in town. She is fresh, young and sexy. Probably like 20 something and one can spend more years with her, knowing she can only develop ( technology) better with time. She will bring out the best performance from you, day and night. She shines, she works, you just sit and relax and enjoy the colours before your eyes. So now, isn't it obvious. Who needs aunties mh and T5 when there is Miss LED. One is past, the other future. Miss LED is the way to a brighter , sexier and exotic involvement. I have made my choice for LED. What's yours? Cheers, Yt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Joining in the fun! My Red Yuma for a couple years now.
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    Decided to start a thread to showcase how you can feed your corals using a very low cost method... Step 1: Put the food into a small container..
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    8 Reasons to believe and Love LED 1. Vivid Effect - On it, look at the celling, Disco time. You, coral and fishes. 2. Unlimited colour possibilities - Photo taking mode, thunderstorm, cloud mode for shy fishes - Have you tried it for Fresh water plant tank? 3. Ultimate performance - Powerful enough to burn out special colour of SPS - Exceeds the Visible Spectrum, not just what you can see. 4. Solid Design - It is not an equipment but an artwork a part of your setup. 5. Cost saving - Low electricity consumption and less heat goes to tank - T5 tubes a year = (8 tubes x $30 x 2 times a year) 480 SGD a year. Yes I am throwing a LED set every year. 6. Amazing scalability - Add on wireless control, connect to reef control system, racking system… - A lot more to connect with 7. Full control - Manage 10 tanks with up to 30 lights with one wireless controller - 100 control points per LED colour per group for a given day. - Access everywhere, any time 8. Easy maintenance and upgrading - Clean the fun, lens and check connection, that is all to keep it running. - Upgrade to a deeper tank? Just change the lens - New tech, new led bulb? Easy, replace the bulb then. So yes, I of course love LED, but Why I am still using T5? Images are from online, have fun! J
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    Hello everyone, I’ve been keeping marine fish since the early 2000s, but only got into reefing proper in 2015. Thought I’d share some of my aquarium projects over the past few years. In the beginning, I got a secondhand tank from Iwarna. I wanted to go for a bigger display with initial plans for a FOWLR on a budget so this option seemed best at the time. Its basic specs were: - 58” x 24” x 24” - Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve-9 - Wavemakers: Jebao RW-20 & subsequently x2 Jebao RW-8s. - Return Pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 Here’s a photo of the tank in its early stages: I was keeping mostly fish in the beginning with a few anemones, but developed a newfound interest in corals when I noticed some stray GSP and goniopora on live rock I’d gotten from FreshnMarine growing unexpectedly. Eventually, I got better lighting, ran a few reactors and converted to a mixed reef-tank for a year or so. Regrettably, the tank ultimately crashed due to a thermal fracture(the tank was running at 25 degrees on a chiller but was located in my front porch which was generally hot most of the time) causing the already more prone curved glass on its sides to crack and I had to decommission the system immediately. While deciding what to do with the unfortunate situation, I experimented with a cube tank plumbed to the sump of my old 5footer and grew mangroves and some simple corals. Not too long after, I got a brand new system that was even bigger than the previous one from and couldn’t quite decide what I wanted to do with it at first- Fish-only or full-blown reeftank. I even messed around with cuttlefish and octopus at one point. This newer system went through a lot of changes in a couple of years but its initial specs were: - Dimensions: 72” x 36 “ x 30” - Skimmer: SkimZ Monzter SM207 DC - Wavemaker: Jebao RW-20 & x2 RW-8s from my previous system, and subsequently + x2 Maxspect Gyre xf-330s. - Lighting: x3 Maxspect R4z0r 160w and subsequently a Maxspect RSX R5-300 to go with the icv6 Ultimately(and quite recently) I decided to settle with a softie tank with a large fish stocking and plumbed a UV sterilizer for good measure. I kept the Mangrove system running for about a year and a half before it also had to be decommissioned due to renovation works next door. Couldn’t bear to see my mangroves go entirely so I managed to get some of them into another semi-outdoor 4ft system I had for while running on with leftover equipment from previous systems on a very tight budget(i more or less got that system for free from a reefer who decommissioned their tank and refurbished it myself) I hope everyone has been taking the time to care for and appreciate their tanks even more this circuitbreaker! Cheers & stay safe. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Dear reefers, I would like to start a thread to share my experience of setting up an outdoor tank. When I was having this idea 5 months back (due to limited space to setup an indoor tank), I was searching thru cg for inputs and comments but there was limited thread on this topic. Hence hopefully this thread that I’m about to start will be helpful for anyone thinking about setting up an outdoor tank. It’s purely sharing of my experience, far from perfection comparing to any professionals [emoji5] My indoor 322 at old house I’ve a indoor 322 prior to moving to this new ground unit condo. For an outdoor tank, I would say be more patience is needed and do more planning. To no surprise, there are also additional external environmental considerations to take note on top of the usuals for indoor tanks. Hence “site survey” is the first thing to do before many other things. Find the most ideal location (there will not be a perfect spot and in some cases limited options) that’s well shielded from rain and sunshine. It’s important to take note sunrise/set and seasonal rainfall changes across the year (to some degree). Ideal spot on the left, Patio facing a great greenery view. Fortunately I’m able to identified an ideal spot after 2 months of observing (wet and dry) weather conditions. Next is to consider the max allowable space and hence tank size tanking into considerations of sun and rain exposure. For my case it fits a 422 before tank starts to fill up with rain water [emoji28]. When it comes to tank build quality vs cost, I’ll have to take some risk to compromise “popping” of cabinet laminate. Constructing an outdoor quality wooden cabinet of 2m x 1m x 60cm is beyond my budget (>S$2K). For those that can afford it, got for it [emoji5]. As a preventive measure (or at least delay the damage [emoji27]), I implemented the following to minimise the degradation impact. Disclaimer, I’m also experimenting this [emoji28] 1) Used 2mm polycarbonate sheet from Dama to shield the laminate from harmful uv from sun and potential rain splash. 2) Strengthen the joints by gluing aluminium L brackets to hopefully avoid “popping” (pardon the the scorch taps, too lazy to remove after dry up). Polycarbonate sheet that looks like normal transparent plastics. The dark brown joint it the L bracket. Look of the tank The other challenge will be AC power. Typical patio or balcony will not have many (or none) power points for heavy duty usage. For my case there is only one !! I’ve asked the electrician how much can this source... average +/- 1000W. Calculating the total amount of power, I’m really at the brink with all necessary equipment in. Contingency plan will be to tap on lighting power points (if available) to source for low power equipments. There are pros and cons of sunshine, while many might worry about algae and electricity bills.. it has its merit of natural sunlight mimic the real sea environment. For my case, it gets 3-4 hours of morning sun which is ideal where I don’t have to turn on my lights, offsetting some electricity bill. Morning sun shining into live stocks, growing well. You can see the background reflect of the sky on the right too [emoji5] If you have a water point at the outdoor area, perfect ! Then your wc will be a lot more simpler. For my case, I’ve a water point Arthur patio area that I’ve hooked up my RODI just beside the tank. Thanks quite a long intro [emoji28]. Thanks for reading so far and hope you find it useful thus far. Next update will touch more on the tank setup itself. Happy reefing Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Side tank shot [emoji39] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Your yellow tang came from the moon? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    A 6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft tank with cabinet, sump tank to be gave away
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    for those who pmed me with interest to buy the frags. honestly i can't put a price tag on these small fragments of corals which is only a tiny fraction of the main colony that i bought. ill be killing the hobby if i were to sell this frags at cut-throat carrot price. best if you have something that i do not have and we can hit up with a trade. anyway.. currently millipora and 1 frag of birdnest is reserved to giveaway FOC to sincere reefkeepers. lets not aim to profit from this hobby and kill the joy of keeping these wonderful creations. zoas still up for trade
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    Yes depending on your light spectrum as well. Sps colours differ from diff light. Sometimes you buy a sps from reefer tank look very nice but under your own lights it look different colour.also some sps will turn green before brown... Now white sps is the in thing. One lfs is selling white sps. Can go check it out. Hurry before it turns into tonga rock!!
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    I'm offering a general cheap prospectus to anyone who wants a designer rockscape. Clauses: 1) you provide the rock (if otherwise we can discuss) 2) you deliver and collect the product 3) give me some time or set a realistic deadline Glue whatever I'll provide. Payment wise: up to you. You pay what you think it is worth. If you think the effort is worth $100, pay $100 or if you think it is worth $0.50 you pay me $0.50. No question asked. Cheers!
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    True fibre optic - i'm absolutely in love with this. This is something that is rarely available in LFS and shipment. Main colony. (KY - if you read this... this is my bait for you. Restart, and a frag is yours!) Close Up If you like the pics, please feel free to give me a 'plus'... it'll be greatly appreciated.
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    Just to share some of my understanding on keeping sps. Obviously I'm not the most qualified sps reefer, but just thought of sharing this simplified list for sps beginners as it helped me... 1) lighting - T5s are generally sufficient. (average of 6-10 tubes) Try to go for 10-12hrs.. However to bring out best coloration, 250w per 2ft length is recommended. (4hrs) and supplemented with T5s.. 2) Ca:420-450, kH:8-8.5, mg: 1200-1300 3) no3/po4 readings (minimum, but don't need to be zero) 4) keep temp around 27 degrees celsius 5) salinity: around 1.024 6) provide good/random wave movement ard sps. use controllable ones if budget allows. 7) ensure good skimming or regular nutrient export (weekly 10% is highly recommended) 8) do prepare salt mix in advance to perform water change anytime u need.. 9) prepare for Murphy's visit. Do prepare backup systems to ensure your treasures are safe from power blackouts or sudden outage (especially when you are not at home). 10) the key is to maintain constant parameters for the tank. Avoid making any major drastic adjustments... 10 weeks of 10% weekly water change is not equal to a 100% water change once in 10 weeks. Disclaimer, everyone's setup is different, and i'm sharing what works for me... And hope it helps you too...
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    Hi bros, Sorry, just want to apologize for the numerous pilot sessions. I have been coping with multiple incidents that hit me at the same time which I could Not have anticipated. Firstly, I was down with gout, couldn't walk for more than a week, then my dog was hospitalized because of an urgent surgery, she is just out of life support and doing well, I spent close to 4k on her. Now my daughter Has gastric flu and she is only 3 years old, had visit to 3 doctors including 2 hospitals in 2 days. Doctor said she will only be the same for the next 7-12 days having diarrhea and temperatures of between 38-40 degrees. So please bros, if you are expecting collection of the stuff that I have committed and if you are in an urgency to release them please do so, as I will have a hard time juggling between work and caring for my dog and my daughter. Sorry again if I have deprived of some interested buyers.
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    I've been wanting to start a reef related project that I'll be able to learn things about in another area. So what I picked, is to start on the reef pi project (you can Google more about this too). I'm completely new to programming and know next to nothing about electronics and circuitry beyond the basic stuff taught in schools. Hopefully, I can get some guidance from members here too. What this project is about, is to create an aquarium controller (with whatever bells and whistles you want) using the Raspberry Pi. I've chosen the Raspberry Pi Zero W to start off with since that is relatively inexpensive and that is what most guides use. Plus, having a wireless function definitely helps, although the Zero W is only connected via 2.4 GHz. Just sharing what I've done here so please use your own discretion in deciding whether you want to attempt this or not. Below is a summary of what I've learnt from other guides, of which I am grateful for those creators for having explained the steps. To the more experienced reefers, please let me know if I left out anything. Many thanks in advance. Equipment For this first post, I'll just share what I've started off with so far. Raspberry Pi Zero W Others a. MicroSD card (I'm using a 16GB card, but the minimum recommended capacity is 8GB) b. MicroSD card reader c. GPIO pin strips d. DC power adaptor (5.1V, 2.5A output) (not in picture) e. A computer to connect to the Pi Setting up the Pi 1. Connect your MicroSD card to your computer. Download the Raspberry Pi Imager (search this on Google) and choose the correct OS that your computer is running on. Follow the steps to write the OS on your MicroSD card. 2. Download two files for the Pi set-up off the internet (wpa_supplicant.conf and ssh). Copy these files onto your MicroSD card. 3. Open the copy of "wpa_supplicant.conf" on your MicroSD card and key in the network details you want to connect to, replacing "your_wifi_network_name" and "your_wifi_network_password". Save the file. Remember that you have to connect to a 2.4GHz network for the Zero W. 4. Eject the MicroSD and plug it into your Pi. 5. Plug your Pi into your power source and it should automatically connect to your network. 6. Now you'll need to connect your computer to the network that you connected your Pi to. Once you're connected, open the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and run the line "ping raspberrypi.local". You should see Command Prompt or Terminal giving you data about your Pi's connection. To stop the command, enter ^C. 7. Connect your computer to your Pi by running "ssh [email protected]". You'll be prompted with a password. By default, the password is "raspberry". Please remember to change this later. Once you've entered the password correctly, you'll be connected to your Pi via the 2.4GHz network. 8. Enable SSH. To do so, run "sudo raspi-config" on Terminal. Select "5 Interfacing Options", "P2 SSH" and enable SSH. 9. Reboot your Pi. 10. Connect to your Pi again (you may have to restart Terminal) and run the following: "sudo apt-get update -y", "sudo apt-get upgrade -y", "sudo systemctl start systemd-timesyncd", "sudo systemctl enable systemd-timesyncd" 11. Edit config.txt by running "sudo nano /boot/config.txt". Scroll to the bottom and type "dtoverlay=pwm-2chan". Reboot your Pi. 12. Run "sudo raspi-config". Select "5 Interfacing Options" and "P7 1-Wire". Enable one-wire interface. While you're at it, you can disable SPI too. 13. Reboot your Pi and install reef pi. Do a Google search to find the latest code to use to download the latest version of reef pi. Remember to select the correct code you're using because these are written specific to different versions of the Raspberry Pi. 14. Connect to your Pi again, and run "ping raspberrypi.local". Copy the IP address of your Pi and enter it into your browser. This will take you to the login page for reef pi. The default username and password are both "reef-pi". Key those in, and sign in. Next I've already set up my Pi as detailed above. I've recently placed orders for the other things I would need for: a. 8 channel relay b. PH meter c. Temperature meter These are the first three things I'll be trying to do, but for now I'm still waiting for parts to arrive.
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    Yep Dr Tim Hovanec sure does know his bacteria. I think over time many companies have got a little better at this. Brightwell certainly has improved and is a good source too. But I trust Dr Tim's products. I use the one and only as well as the eco balance and also have the waste away product. If you watch his MACNA presentation (via youtube) on how to use bacteria to cycle a tank, he gives some great tips on how to get through a good cycle. Well worth the time to watch. Good luck Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Self collect along east coast park
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    Haha.. Ironically I have been trying a year to occasionally kill my GSP on rocks by applying glue on them. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Nowadays, lots of reefers will do this to get back what they buy and make quick bucks and yet have a Jem they wish for....sadly that’s a reap off...but then some will say “willing sellers willing buyers”... Quite different from the old days of true reefers.... peace...
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    OMG~ Been busy posting photos on instagram, especially on @reefsg but I haven't updated my thread here for 1 year plus! Haha just a couple of F TS to keep this thread running
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    Hosting this chalice for a fellow reefer. Can see its covering a little more of the frag plug. Found a baby Banggai Cardinal yesterday morning. Scooped it out before it gets eaten by other big fishes. Feeding on baby brine shrimps The rest of the fries were released from the father's mouth tonight Manage to catch them out. Hope they survive.
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    Millepora Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's always responsibility of the buyer to quarantine new fishes. There are zero marine fish shops here that hold fish for a full month of quarantine (yes that is how long real quarantine takes) before selling, fish will end up being too expensive for the market here to accept. There also can be the best copper systems, uv systems put in place but if the fish already arrive with diseases from the supplier there is nothing much the importer can do. If you want to be safe, pay for the fish fully and have the shop hold the fish for a week. If there are any signs of whitespot/velvet it will show up by then and it's a measure that could end up saving your entire collection.
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    Pokemon took away abit of my attention, after finish catching All e local Pokemons, here I am posting an update on my Acan garden Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    hi guys and girls. i am relocating to another country and i am giving away my setup. i am not selling. so if you are new to the hobby and don't mind used equipment or if you want to expand and don't have the cash for everything new, please let me know. everything has to go by this sunday, june 4th as i am leaving next week. all fish, corals and chiller have been collected by friends over the last few weeks. the setup is still running with a few rocks. main tank L 48" x W 30" x H 22" - 4 years main tank stand 48" x 30" x 30" - 2 years refugium tank 36" x 18" x 18" - 2 years refugium stand 36" x 18" x 30" - 2 years sump 36" x 18" x 16" - 2 years sump has Reef Octopus HY5000 return pump for the main tank - 4 years Bubble magus NAC curve 7 Skimmer - 4 years D&D FL3000 return pump for the refugium - 2 years TLF 150 phosphate reactor with small pump - a few years Maxspect Razor 160Watts 16k X 2' - 4 years. a couple of LEDs are not working but i have checked and they are easily replaced. Maxspect Glaive for the refugium - 2 years Maxspect gyre in the main tank had some issues recently after running smoothly for close to 2 years. i am yet to fix it. TUNZE Nanostream 6055 and TUNZE Singlecontroller 7091 in the refugium TUNZE auto top-up optical sensor needs replacing. plus some other bits and pieces. i live close to one north mrt. please arrange your own transport. thanks! ullas
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    Hi all, sorry I have not replied your pms and messages as I have been settling some stuff. It has come to my attention that there was aefw found on one of the colonies that i sold to a friend. I have suspended all sales and enquiries so as to let all of you know what is needed for you to make a better, more informed decision. From my inexperienced eyes, i see my sps still as healthy and if you are still interested, you can always come down and make your own decision on whether to get or not. I will ignore all previous messages and only respond to those that I receive from since this post has been made onwards. Cheers!
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    I will anytime give back to those who deserve it but sadly not everyone or anyone, those who know me in person will know I do give away free frags. And your thoughts about me making money from community is totallly poor judgemental. I think I can easily sell the frag at good profit, in fact I was approach by few reefers to buy my corals in private but I rejected them and told them to look out for my auction instead. So why do I want to like to use auction instead of sales? Reason is simple, I dont want to dictate the price, I let the public decide how much they want to pay for it. If you do not notice, my starting bid is always low $1 or for this case $8. End of day I absorb the risk if it falls below the market value. If it ended up higher, whatever I make I get to buy new corals and again those that deserve will benefit from it and the cycle continues. .... I don't think I violate any of your house rules, do I ? You set two auctions per month, I will just post two, that's it. Like I mention in my post, I respect that When you say your moderator integrity are being challenged, why is that so? What causes that? Is it because of something he/she did that doesnt look right? Or is it because I pointed out "people might think" (look carefully ah, the word is MIGHT and not people think)? In whatever the case, the moderator is what you guys choose, I got no ground to interfere. His sacrifice to help out without any pay indeed deserve our respect. But that doesnt mean his action is always right and people perception might percieve it otherwise. If you dont like then next time I just keep quiet and let ppl talk behind the back lor. By the way, do you know the reason why I was ban 10 years ago? Somemore I got 5 warning points......I must be bad. But you also good lah, know how to choose the right venue to bring the point across... Cheers! Let's not disturb my auction, its $24 liao......you guess how much it will end? Cheers, James
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    Clowny, can I ask you a few questions??? Hahaha 1. How long have you been reefing? 2. How did you get into this hobby? 3. Are you a fish or coral guy? 4. Any dream fish or coral you wish to own one day? 5. What is your main concern when looking around for reefing equipment? 6. What is your favorite past time? 7. What is the satisfaction you get from this hobby? 8. Any advice you have for a newbie in this hobby? 9. What did you gain from this hobby? Cheers, James
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    Visit my frag room at iwarna. Plenty of sps frag for $10...
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    Bro I encourage you to ask your friend to review his prices or you to not sell his piece on your behalf. Dont mean to be rude but it will affect your reputation and peoples respect for you, as you are responsible for what you post, even if its your friends product. After seeing the incident of ssc overpricing and now this, I seriously hope this isnt going to become a trend where people overprice common or not so expensive coral for the sake of profit. Hope you take my advice and respond nicely to any negative feedback sorry for being so direct haha. Happy reefing!
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    Ups! Bro good luck for your sale! Definitely one of the cheapest prices on the market. If only all reefers are as generous as you! Unlike the other people in this hobby who rip off others for money. Price negotiable some more. Nice
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    I think is simple manner to at least reply whether buying anot.asking for discount already discount n yet not reply.
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    Bro honestly, switch hobby
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    It took me more than 1year to grow GSP on back wall. Bear in mind it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure the GSP stays off the rocks.
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    Recently my better half asked me why i like staring at the tank more than her Lol... and it started me thinking. I have been reefing for many years and one of the many joy and fun is the camaraderie found in sgreef club. Bros who are willing to share experience to help newbies and trade and swop LFs and equipment. Recently I traded with a fellow bro although for something of lower value from him but I felt immense satisfaction when I learnt tat his corals are doing better now with my equipment. Besides the joy of seeing our beautiful reef tank thriving and the heartache when things dont go right, it is this spirit of sharing that makes the hobby fun and also the reason i started the hobby again after a few years break. Thank you to all the moderators for a fantastic effort! Let's reef on!
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    Bro sungod666, i noe how u feel right not. Don be disheartened. Blue ring angel is a common fish wher u can get it from time to time. Its a beautiful fish. My wifey favourite. But due to ur tank size, its better to let it go. E fish will suffer in a long run. U can try to get a dwaft angel instead. Coral beauty, rusty, ebli, flame angel r all nice fish too. Do giv it a 2nd though ya. But if u insist of keeping it, then u hav to stop adding anymore livestock. All e bros here r trying to help u. So be positive ya. Cheers bro... (ps; u r welcum to dropby my place if u need any advise on reefing)
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    Congratulation to all the winners ! Prizes by Value ( Highest to Lowest ) 1) AI 64 HD LED x 1 2) Clarisea SK5000 roller filter x 1 3) SPS Mystery pack ( 5 frags Worth $500 ) 4) Zoas Mystery pack (5 frags Worth $500) 5 ) Fauna Marin Balling set x 1 6) HARDCOREREEFER magnetic frag station petite x 1 7) Coral RX Industrial x 1 8) Coral RX Pro x 1 9 to 11 ) Vitalis Mini Marine Glazer 110g 12 to 16 ) Viatlis Algae pellet XS 60g 17 to 26) Coral RX Single Shot coral Dip 27 to 36 ) DD Coral Glass 37 to 42 ) Glue Onz coral Glue Winning List ( First to Last after removing duplicated name list ) 1) Darren Sim 2) soggycookies 3) RayTCZ 4) SubzeroLT 5) LittleNat1 6) MarCal 7) danano 8) victorchantm 9) Law88 10) Teck pang 11) Admiraltian 12) nuclear_fibre 13) R0B 14) Nick Ang 15) David 16) ZmasonJ 17) SaltySpivia 18) Clement Chen 19) yakh0o 20) Snoopyhamburger 21) Sherilyn91 22) brannonong 23) C.ZhengXi 24) jem 25) Patrick 26) Chronos 27) titustitus 28) josephwzr 29) chocolate98 30) pcw 31) reefercoral 32) zander 33) Daniel Poh Yang Zheng 34) milu_kaka 35) noobzpro 36) nico 37) nec 38) clementesia 39) CarnivorousGhecko 40) acodestny 41) teck4300 42) alvarogr
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    $25-30 depending on size. Frags have been around for 2 months and stable. Stay near Sin Ming. Contact only if buying. Thanks.
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    Just refund the poor guy his money. Why do you need to make things so ugly? Is this what reefing has turned into? Be kind to your fellow reefers. It looks like its just a case of very bad communication from both parties.
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    Latest vid Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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    Dude dude. Never trust Jirehmarine. Ggwp

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