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  1. I thought too, had a chiller before but the heat from the chiller is a concern.
  2. I am thinking of just a 2-3 ft tank as well. My concern is if start without chiller, then after that realize the temp gets out of control (affecting the lifestock/corals), then either need to take down the tank of put in the chiller.
  3. Interesting. So question here is, without a chiller, using fan and using LED lights, how likely it is for the temp to go over 30/31C?
  4. Hmmm, what is BN? I am thinking LPS and some SPS.
  5. Would it be possible to start one if using LED lights and fans for cooling and if the tank is not in AC area?
  6. A nice bro is willing to give up his reservation due to work. The 4 salt packs are up again for grabs, same price at $15 per pack. Keen please PM me or post here.
  7. Price is negotiable, can send me a pm for those who are keen !
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