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  1. What light for 3 feet?

    Get one radion xr30. Solve the the problem
  2. Any update of your new display tank? Looking forward.
  3. WTS Aussie Fire & Ice SPS frags

    Hi bro, hoe long you keep this fire and ice sps? Thks
  4. Letting go this accidentally frag rounded fiji pink birdnest at 20. Collection at Redhill area. Interested parties please pm me for details. Thanks
  5. Hi , Your tank is 6fts long, can the 4 corner beams support the whole weight?
  6. Nice tank. Congrats. Can share with us what is your dosage for polyplab?
  7. SPS

    Homegrown corals are pests free and definitely stable as compare to newly arrived sps in LFS. It sometime more costly but it worth the price.You can imagine a newly bought sps is infected with flat worms and end up killing the rest of the corals.
  8. Yup, must see in person. Upz for your sale.
  9. Acans Assemble for S.A.L.E

    No problem. Thks
  10. Acans Assemble for S.A.L.E

    I'm interested on the candy apple.Can pm me the collection details. Thks Cheer
  11. ATI powermodule 4ft 6 tubes

    Great for your bidding skill. Enjoying this bidding althought i lost by split sec. Cheerzzz