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  1. Have the following chiller for sale. Used for 2 yrs. Serviced by Top Dragon Aquarium Trading Selling at $800.00 Neg but no low ballers PM me to deal. Thanks. Self collect at Simei
  2. Updates 1 x MP40W $270.00 2 x Tunze 6055 $180.00 1 x Tunze 7092 $80.00
  3. 2 x MP40W $270.00 each 2 x Tunze 6055 $200.00 each 1 x Tunze $70.00
  4. Items for sale. 1. Coralife UV 36W $150.00 Doesn't come with pump 2. JBJ ATO Never been used. $100.00 3. Bubble Magus 3 channel doser, Comes complete with 3 jerry cans, doser powder (Ca/KH/Mg) $120.00 Collection Simei, call me at 93888462
  5. Great wavemakers, very reliable very efficient for sale... 2 x EcoTech MP40W price reduced to $270.00 each 2 x Tunze 6055 wave makers reduced to $250.00 each 1 x Tunze controller $70.00 each Collection in Simei No reservations, 50% deposit for interested parties Whatsapp me at 93888462
  6. Have a Bubble Magus Doser for sale, inclusive of 3 jerry cans for dosing and Ca, KH and Mg powder for dosing Bubble Magus 3 head channel + 4 head channel slave $300.00 Collection Simei Whatsapp me at 93888462
  7. Have the following working items for sale, EcoTech MP40W (2nd Generation) x 2, $300.00 EACH Cleaned, ready to be used, served me well through these years. Tunze 6055 controllable wavemakers x 3, $280.00 EACH Tunze controller 7096 x 1 $150.00 (Software for 7096 can be downloaded from Tunze website but I will try to find the CD) Tunze controller 7092 x 1 $80.00 Collection in Simei No reservations unless 50% deposit is placed. Contact me at 93888462
  8. The reason why I didn't include the tank stand in this package is because the stand has to be dismantled in order to fit through the door. But if buyer wants the stand i'm more then happy to let it go complete with stand
  9. Here are the pictures of my tank. Yes it does come with pipings
  10. Have the following items for sale L4ft x D3ft x ht 20inch 3 sides crystal glass complete with sump. EOS Stand not suitable as it has to be dismantled in order to fit through the door. 3 sets of 2 x T5 lights Return ehiem 1264 pump Reef octopus skimmer int 3000 Selling complete set at $300 Please arrange own movers, collection Simei SMS/Whatsapp me at 93888462 Serious party would need to place a $50 deposit.
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