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  1. Hi. Has anyone been there recently? How's the vis and the corals there?
  2. Hi. Has anyone been there recently? How's the vis and the corals there?
  3. Hi Pple. Thanks all for ur interest. All items have been collected.
  4. Upz. Fish and Hamster Items - Under Reservation Dog Item - Still available. Place of Collection. Bedok.
  5. Hi All My last pet has just passed away today. Will be giving away items for fish, hamster and dog. Attached are the things I am giving away. Kindly sms me at 9692 7372 if interested. Wish to give away all together. Thanks. Cheryl
  6. holyspirit


    All have been collected.. thanks
  7. holyspirit


    Being Reserved Already
  8. holyspirit


    Abt 10kg of live rocks..& 2 snails Anyone wants? Pls call 97702916 Exchanging for a bottle of green tea.. Thanks.. Cheryl
  9. Hi.. Can someone pls let me know what are those white substances found on the walls of the fish tank.. and how to remove it? Do i really need to use a penkife to scrap it off everytime? Pls help.. thanks =)
  10. Hi bro... where u stay? can i go view it first? thanx
  11. Hmmmm.. any takers? By tonite, if no one wants... The rocks will be disposed off..
  12. Self Collect @ Bedok Army Camp pls PM me if interested. Thanks
  13. Thankx for the cleaning crews
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