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  1. Looking good! Nice to see someone using the same light as me!
  2. Thanks! The algae scrubber is from taobao, just search UAS or ATS and you should see this white round one for sale.
  3. Zetlight LEd and red sea foundation SOLD. upz for the rest
  4. Zetlight LED and red sea foundation pending collection later..
  5. Day 36 Some new toys arrived today! First up, the JEBO 9W UV system, hooked up to my return manifold and adjusted to a return flow rate of about 150-200l/hr which is about 1 turnover rate per hour for my system. So hopefully this is able to hit the recommanded 90,000 micro watts/cm2 exposure needed to eliminate protozoa. By the next morning, the water clarity looks significantly better! The UV was actually installed to help manage pest like ich and velvet, although there's no way this will erdicate those pest completely. A plus side is that it also helps in improving water clarity. Next up is the Jebao 3.4 wifi doser, the last time i used jebao dosers were a couple years back and they were very reliable in my opinion. Its great to see they have a wifi version now and im actually very surprised by its built quality! Its no longer the black and cheap plastic and weighs like its almost empty inside. Its made up of thicker soft touch plastic and is actually pretty heavy for its size. Also got my hands on an interesting algae scrubber. Its design is simple and built quality is very decent. There is a 600l/hr pump at the bottom which sends water up and cascades down the sides, while plastic baffles silent any noise produced by the cascading water. There's also a 15w led with 4 red 1 blue led. It takes up very little space (13x31cm footprint) and even came with some algae to kick start the scrubber. I have set the led on timer to turn on every 7 hours with a 1 hour rest interval, So with everything hooked up, cabinet looking real messy, but im glad i still have some space left in the sump should i ever need more equipments. Some zoas that i've gotten for about a week are doing great! Acans too Currently battling diatoms, also was unlucky when i added my a naoko wrasse and it came with velvet, died within a few days along with my copperband butterfly. The tank will now go fallow for 6 weeks until mid august before i can get another fish. Thanks for viewing!
  6. 1) Innovative Marine Mini-Max Full size reactor. This is the biggest of all 3 mini-max with a capacity of 1L meant for sump usage. Dropped the inside portion of the reactor and had to glue the broken acrylic back. Does not affect the performance of the reactor because that portion that broke serve no purpose. cable has been extended before but does not affect performance of the pump. Specs and price reference: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/minimax-fullsize-all-in-one-media-reactor-innovative-marine.html Selling cheap at only $50 due to the above causes, also will throw in a tub of 1L Rowaphos (70% left and media had turned red) free. 2) Brand new Zetlight Mini 3x1w White LED light. Great for lighting up the sump or a mini refugium. got it as a gift but no use for me. S Selling at only $15. 3) Jebao SLW-20M wave maker Brand new in box, bought an extra one but realised that i don't need it so many since they are really strong! Do note this is the Wifi version and only controllable via Jebao's app. Specs and price reference: https://reefmarketsg.com.sg/product/new-jebao-slw-wifi-series-wavemakers/ Selling at $80 only. 4) Oase Optimax 2000 return pump Solid german brand 2000l/hr return pump, less than 2 years old. 9.5/10 condition. Specs and price reference: https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/oase-optimax-2000-water-pump Selling at $80 only. 5) Red sea Foundation ABC 500ML set. kH and calcium left about 60% Magnesium left about 30% Brand new is about $60, selling cheap at only $20 for all 3 bottles. PM me or whatsapp me at 9106-3934, collection at woodlands or Iwarna on saturday morning. Thanks for viewing.
  7. I'll take a video when i do my regular WC, i can fill up a 5L tub in 5 mins and probably can go faster while still producing 0 tds. 1 drip per second sounds really bad! Got to check if your home TDS is very high or if your resin has exhausted.
  8. Maybe more tank information would help, like tank size etc etc.. A sure way to reduce nitrate is by doing water change, or you can start carbon dosing with Vinegar, or commercially available products like Red Sea NoPox.
  9. The end result is the same, 0 TDS pure distilled water. Yes using DI alone without RO depletes the DI faster BUT with our TDS at 60+ tds it lasts much longer than you might expect. Still, a RODI unit will last longer than a DI only unit. But is the trade-off of waste water and high cost (booster pump is almost a must) worth it? i personally think it is not. Infact, i know some reefers who use a single 20" huge DI canister and pack it full with DI resin and they last a very long time before you see TDS creeping up above 0. My personal usage wise, the 5 stage DI unit i have can last 6 months with a weekly 10% WC of my 170L tank, a 5L DI resin pack cost about $45 and the whole pack would last me about 15 months, the Carbon block is pretty cheap and can be bought locally below $10. That is a very low cost to maintain, and remains relatively low even if i double my tank size volume and do the same 10% WC weekly. Most people buy RODI because that is what most shops sell and that is what they are told they need, to achieve RODI water. These are of course my own opinion and both option definitely works at producing 0 TDS water which ultimately is what we are looking for.
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