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  1. Sirius' Rimless Shallow Mixed Reef

    So good growth.
  2. Wow! So many Tangs. How do u introduce them to the tank? How are you able to keep the peace n the ich away?
  3. My Personal Ocean

    Thank you Mahesh. Trying to keep it as simple as possible.
  4. My Personal Ocean

    Thanks but algae sure hv just don’t show
  5. My Personal Ocean

    Finally got my hands on the DD lens . Shut all pumps n tt’s y the top down view.
  6. Looking for used ones which I am able to reduce to required size
  7. WTS - Hammer

    Open to trading for other colours
  8. wts - nassarius snails

    Sold to nice reefer
  9. WTS - Hammer

    3 - 4 heads Open 6” - $60 Colour think it’s called Teal? Pls compare w the Lumi green next to it. Hammer under some shades. Collection amk ave 4
  10. Letting go 3 pieces - $15 Collection at amk ave 4
  11. Looking for the above. Able to fit 36” x 12” Pls pm price n location. Thanks
  12. WTS - IM minimal reactor

    Hahahahaha a couple corrections. Heading Shd read : IM Minimax Reactor Desktop Size Sold my 25 Lagoon
  13. Sold my 25logoon n no more need for this. Selling - $80 Collection amk ave 4
  14. My Personal Ocean

    Hahaha that’s what we all wish but pls don’t do what I do not do
  15. My Personal Ocean

    Hmmmmm I can’t answer cos I hardly test. Some kind soul came to help the last time n it was HIGH! I only do kh testing n am trying to maintain at ard +-8.6