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  1. Does anyone hv spare pieces of this corner piece? Or anyone knows where I am able to get them? I need 2 pieces. TTIA
  2. Thanks for sharing. For a moment I tot I did wrong by dosing into sump...hahaha. Your setup is very neat.
  3. Beautiful tank. Love the colours. A noob question. May I ask why do you dose directly into main tank instead of sump?
  4. Used once - $15 Collection amk ave 4
  5. As per attached pics. Rock size approx 3”. Many polyps of Sunny D zoas on same rock - $55 Collection amk ave 4.
  6. Both reserved pending collection
  7. One reserved pending collection
  8. Tank cultured - $45 Collection amk ave 4
  9. Will throw in a brand new in box hang on filter.
  10. Tank - 60 x 30 x 40 Cabinet - 60 x 30 x 40 Cabinet is on wheels. Overall condition of tank n cabinet is gd except for usual metal rust - $85 Collection Amk ave 4
  11. Not at the moment. All like hiding now. Hard to find.
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