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  1. Another beautiful coral, Mini Red Anemone. Just splitter n in a process of healing.
  2. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!! Finally after a long wait from you initial pics shared. Thanks for sharing so generously. Will definitely follow your thread. Now can slowly take my time to read up.
  3. Thanks. It's a Tridacna Derasa Clam. Do share your tank thread here. I am sure it is a super setup! Thanks Soggycookies. The stripes are really nice. It's different at every angle.
  4. Managed to take a pic of the underside of this beauty
  5. Some of my favourites n a look at my zoas tank.
  6. Thanks for reading. Guess I tried too hard to chase the numbers of my water parameters. Thus, messed up big time. Thanks ROB. They are Scissorstail Dartfish. Love them too but they are real jumpers. Saved them number of times.
  7. Oh no... I wouldn't place the reactor on the side of the switches in case of water leakage or water flow when replacing your carbon. Just to be safe.
  8. It should not be unless your barrel or reservoir is contaminated.
  9. Been some time. Many downs. Lost many corals. This is what’s left. Some seem happy and some still depressed.
  10. Can't agree more. Many's dream tank.
  11. Thanks for sharing. For a moment I tot I did wrong by dosing into sump...hahaha. Your setup is very neat.
  12. Beautiful tank. Love the colours. A noob question. May I ask why do you dose directly into main tank instead of sump?
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