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  1. For information, I have an bubble tip anemone without chiller for the past 5 years. Tank was cooled by fan only. Temperature is maintained around 27 deg C.
  2. Try the sponsor, http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/forum/126-aquafauna-supplies/
  3. Sorry, can anyone advise how a 3 pin plug able to resolve the issue of stray current. Beside the original two cable for appliance (live and neutral), do we need to add another cable (earth)? Connected from the plug to where?
  4. So you mean we injet 3ml of water into the bottle, wait for a minute (no such sufficient or not) and extract all the thawed solution out of the bottle for use. Alternatively, can we use a scrapper such as spoon to scrap up a small portion and make them with water before use?
  5. Hi, Please clarify how to use your frozen Nannochloropsis algae. Since it is mentioned by yourself that it should be kept in the freezer, what is the use of the 3ml syringe? Or should it only be kept chilled in the vegetable compartment only? How to prepare them to feed the rotifer?
  6. Thanks for your reply. Will PM you once my schedule is confirmed.
  7. Hi Aquafauna, Do you still have stock for live rotifer? If I need only one bottle, how should be the transaction procedure?
  8. Hi Aquafauna, Do you have any retailer for the live rotifer in the Central or West Side?
  9. My intention is to use it to feed clown fish larva. Try frozen rotifer, survive rate about 1 percent only.
  10. Where can we buy Roti-feast?
  11. By the way, can kindly let us know whether Roti-feast can replace 'live' rotifer after your experiment?
  12. Just call reborn. Stock is avaliable but no live one.
  13. Hi all, Anybody use this to feed clownfish fry? How is the outcome?
  14. Called Petmart and Reborn, both also say the former supplier had stopped providing them stock. Just wonder any LFS sell the 'eggs' so that try to culture them?
  15. Hi all, Anyone can advise where can I get live rotifer?
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