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  1. Thanks mod for the reminder. Unintentionally flout the rules. I am NOT operating a frag sale here. My frags are created to prevent sheltering of other corals and i am not particular about what i get for them. I rather take trades over cash, which is why i have no pricing. Some bros with nothing to trade have offered 10 dollars for each of the bigger frags and i accepted. No other frags are available right now. Bros currently in pm with me will be asked to wait for pictures of my smaller frags. Thx. P.s. I am too lazy to arrange for free giveways so the trades are a motivation to get me off my butt.
  2. Can anyone help me id my monti in front in the earlier photo?
  3. Thanks bro for your interest. The 3 pieces you see are reserved. I have a couple of smaller coin sized pieces left only with more bros in discussions. Will update if there is any more available.
  4. Fairly big pieces of chilli pepper monti to dispose. Open to trade or sell. Name your offer.
  5. Latest shot. Can't take a fts because i have algae on glass issue.
  6. Your tank para seems to be constantly changing. Get to stability first. With all the dosing and changes going on, cannot pinpoint anything.
  7. Hi bro, collected the new set from your dad. Too bad couldn't meet you. Your home is like a mini zoo.
  8. My motor lose strength. First was pulse mode, stop cannot start but high still work. Now also stuck.... <1.5 years
  9. I got a bird nest that I can frag. Are you are interested in Montis?
  10. Sad. Now we will not know if it offers the hobbyist more options.
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