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  1. It really depends on how things are being managed. Livestock can also be delivered. If the sale of equipment are allowed, some folks may want it to be tested before purchasing, so there is physical interaction. Allowing one but denying the other doesn't make any sense, that is why I'm curious on the logic behind selective prohibition.
  2. I'm just curious at the reason behind not allowing the sale of livestock, yet other items are allowed. Was there any reason given by the authorities?
  3. I think mods can shut down this thread. This product is no longer available.
  4. You can consider IOS if you are not ready for sump systems. You can check out Innovative Marine Fusion series.
  5. Nice. It will look like a fruit tree when it is grown out.
  6. IME, Chemi Clean works better. You need to remove your carbon before application. Also, prepare for skimmer overflow.
  7. If anyone is using this, pls kindly share your experiences like tank size, lowest temperature it can go vesus ambient temperature, and how fast it reaches set temp? Many thanks!
  8. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I would hardly consider a 2 month old tank to be a success story. Granted, some of the advice that you have received may seem a little extreme, but it is important to note the purpose behind those advice. It depends on your ultimate goal, what you want to achieve for your tank, and applying the knowledge that you have acquired to get it done.
  9. That is a very budget setup, nice work! Hope your cabinet is sturdy enough to take the weight of the tank. How long have you set this up?
  10. How are you guys doing? Old time reefers still around?
  11. Nice frag tank. Can see that it is well thought out.
  12. Lol... I never left. Just keeping things simple, small and low maintenance.
  13. 100 Hwee Bin is one of the nicest reefers that I know.
  14. Cool. Typical of every skimmer I guess. Lol... Thanks for the input.
  15. acidjc, what is the noise level like? Also, will it release micro bubbles to the display area?
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