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  1. How are you guys doing? Old time reefers still around?
  2. Nice frag tank. Can see that it is well thought out.
  3. Lol... I never left. Just keeping things simple, small and low maintenance.
  4. 100 Hwee Bin is one of the nicest reefers that I know.
  5. True Perc collected. Thanks for your interest. Thread closed
  6. Hey Larry, it's more for finding a new home for the little guy. Thanks for the offer!
  7. As stated in the title. True perc has been with me for more than 6 mths. 1.5" in length. No pics, already caught and placed in betta box. Healthy and one tough nut. Feeding on pellets. Not afraid of my hand and feeds from it too. Collection Pasir Ris. Pls PM me your contact to arrange.
  8. Cool. Typical of every skimmer I guess. Lol... Thanks for the input.
  9. acidjc, what is the noise level like? Also, will it release micro bubbles to the display area?
  10. Lol... my bad. I have a 60W model, hence the confusion. Goes to show I'm a little out of touch now with reefing stuff. If Maxspect continues with the same concept as the Mazzarra series, then yes, fans will only be activated if the lightset gets too hot.
  11. You have a fan on a Razor...? It doesn't have a fan. It works by passive cooling. You probably got a Mazarra instead of a razor? If you can take photos of your lightset, we may be able to ID for you.
  12. A very well thought out set up, beautiful scape and fancy corals. Love the diver idea and the yellow interior of the cabinet. Looking forward to more updates.
  13. Interesting design for the fuge. But I can bet you it'll end up being a frag tank.
  14. Are those peppermint shrimp? I can't see very clearly from the photos, so I can't confirm.
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