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  1. Up and good luck for your sales. Sad to see another old timer leaving the hobby.
  2. Bro, I have some to give foc, if u not asking a lot.
  3. Good to see sharing. Requestor to choose. Pm to arrange.
  4. Lol... If u can come to punggol for collection, I am ok. Hehe
  5. Where do u stay, maybe harvesting soon. I stay punggol area.
  6. Coral Farm new arrival : Cultured maxima clams Flame angel, hawaii lemon peel angel, queen angel juv, royal gramma, red head goby, flame hawk, hawaii achilles tang, atlantic blue tang, hawaii yellow tang, rhomboid fairy wrasse super male, mysteri wrasse, emerald crab, caribbean peppermint shrimp Purple tang Sohal tang
  7. Bro, if you cant find, think coral Farm has them now but may need to pay abit more. Should be stable as came few weeks to months back. All the best in your search.
  8. Yes, Coral farm has copperband butterfly. They also have long nose butterfly. Those in the front display tank are eating pellet. There is also one unique long nose as shown in the photo.
  9. Think should be this if I am correct. U may want to chk n verify.
  10. Is Yr nuclear death closed? Cos the zoa/paly in the pic dont seem to be nuclear death. I may be wrong. If it is, I will be keen. Thanks.
  11. If u are able to maintain 29, should be OK for Hardy corals. Do study the livestocks you intend to get and confirm suitability bef buying them. Some livestocks require or do well in chilled water...
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