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  1. Those looking for hybrid powder blue tang, coral farm has around 5. Price to ask them directly. Thanks.
  2. Fishes electrocuted

    Whatever reason, the cause is due to power trip. Step up yr prevention and contingency plan for both, current leak and equipment failure.
  3. Fishes electrocuted

    Power trip, if u don't any mean to provide air to your tank, likely is suffocation.
  4. DIY Piping

    Those coloured pipes.... U need to order online, don't think ppl bring in. For pipe size, it depend on your setup requirements and hard to give you advice base on Yr description. For chiller hook up, most ppl use flexible hose.
  5. From coral farm: Hi,Dear customer New Caledonia shipment. Spectecle angel (conspic angel) size 12-15 cm and 15-18. Coral sea watanabei female/male, gunther butterfly, tricolor anthias (kashiwae), pictilis anthias female/male, akindynos clown (pair), clark anemone clown (pair), tuxedo damsel, femininus wrasse 1 pair, femininus wrasse female 1 pc, hooded fairy wrasse male/female, laboutei fairy wrasse, lineatus fairy wrasse male/female, kutieri leopard wrasse male/female
  6. Wtb temp tank

    Think am and iwarna have those ready made 2ft cube with sump. Can surf their website to find out more.
  7. Achillles tang

    Try powder series first. From fish quality to Yr tank maturity and no agression, these are factors. Unless u have deep pockets, try pbt, etc. Beware that yr tank livestock can crash if kena serious white spot and ich.
  8. Wtb temp tank

    Buying second hand tank will carry risk. T95 has 2 tanks for clearance. Another place is iwarna.
  9. 60 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6F, Singapore 718843 - coral Farm address
  10. Some photos from. Coral Farm. Pardon the effect as trying to capture the colours. Do visit to see.
  11. Coral Farm message. Dear customer,new arrival from Caribbean :King angel 5.5 inch, king angel 6 inch, french angel 3 inch, french angel 5 inch, queen angel 2.5 inch, queen angel m, rock beauty angel 3 inch, chalk basslet, royal gramma, hawaii yellow tang , ricordea orange colour, ricordea rainbow colour, red saint thomas mushroom, rock anemone, pepermint shrimp, green emerald crab, red tip hermit crab
  12. WTB Ricordea Florida

    May have shipment coming.. Keep a lookout
  13. Pinnacle came in Sri Lanka shipment. Midas blenny, purple tang, sohal, splendid wrasse, powder blue tang, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, etc.
  14. Buying yellow tang

    Depends on size but think ard 50 plus minus for small size. One of the competitive priced yellow tang in the market.
  15. Mushrooms destroyed

    From the photo, seems like giant mushroom rather than yuma. Some mushrooms are not easy and do read up to understand. Among all, I personally think ric is the most easy. The rest, experience melting very often. One encounter was my clowns go disturb the giant mushroom till they melt.