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  1. Wts: flameback angel

    Brazilian back tail is blue and more expensive. Easily 80 and above.
  2. What is this !?!

    Correction: Fire bobbit
  3. What is this !?!

    Might be a fire Bobby worm
  4. Wtb: midas blenny

    Think iwarna may still have them. 2 other great plcs to get are coral Farm and pinnacle, but think now no stock.
  5. Corals

    Supersun.... Not normal sun. If u know Yr placement... They are easy... With poo from fishes... They can grow well... Lol
  6. Corals

    To me, hammer, octo, frogspawn. etc... Sustainability is an issue. Nothing beats leather........duncan, supersun, are also sustainable.
  7. Looking to trade for some nice zoas. Ty
  8. Bedok area. Up for your sales.
  9. Zoas for sale/trade

    Just helping. Yishun.
  10. Coral Farm Update: 1. Corals like yuma, zoas, etc. 2. Joculator angels - Nice size and stable 3. Gold flake angels - nice size and stable 4. Nice golden/yellow maxima clams....
  11. Coral Farm Fishes in stock: Harlequin tusk Powder blue tang Yellow regal angel Powder black tang Powder brown tang Red scooter mandarin Midas blenny Black belly leopard wrasse Flower knobbed starfish Red sea asfur angel Red sea maculosus angel Red sea sohal tang Mustard tang Orange anthias Yellow fin naso tang Black percula clown Imperator angel Dispar anthias
  12. Tank crashing

    How long have u kept the fishes? These 3 are white spot and ich magnet. If they are new, very common sign. If u introduce 3 together, u have to be prepared for the worst....