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  1. Coral Farm came candy piston shrimps. Good to pair up with yasha goby if you have one.
  2. Atlantic still ard but dont think they make cabinet. U may want to chk w them.
  3. Do read up santa Monica thread. He did explain difference between ats and chaeto.
  4. Just harvest. Collection at punggol Central.
  5. How big is Yr tank? U mentioned u have predator tank, if small... Will eventually end up as food for Yr predator pet...
  6. Dosing them regularly is good if money not an issue.
  7. Coral Farm fish shipment : ventralis anthias female, flavo anthias, Randall anthias.
  8. Coral Farm came nice and cheap leather. Just few red notes. Enquire within. Ty.
  9. Have the above. The lightset in front of hydra and radion. Looking at 450. Can support 4ft with ease. Deal at punggol Central. Ty.
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