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  1. Can also take some live rock, sand and seawater to speed up. Few brands of start up bacteria available... Can go nanyang aquarium at sembawang area to get. May not use test kits..if you don't mind wsiting... During cycling... U will encounter 2 algae surge.. .... One is brown and the other green..can't remember which come first.. . Once over..yr tank is ready. Using dosing.. Is to speed up and get the tank ready in few days... Cycling may take weeks...
  2. Just harvest. Collection at punggol Central. Ty
  3. Lol.. Got any low hanging fruit to spare me... Yr ordinary corals is extraordinary to many... Lol. Must find time to visit you...
  4. Solo77


    Few places came designer clowns unless u looking at those kept by reefers. Do Yr research. Otherwise, u can be carrot head.
  5. Good for u to state the capacity. 1/10 hp, 1/5 hp, 1/4 hp, 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp or 1 hp. For 3 ft, u will. Need 1/5 to 1/4hp. U can use this as guage.
  6. Different is nutrient lvl. Tap water may cause algae issue in Yr tank. Hence, if u keeping corals, may not be suitable. For me, I use tap waters, bad example. So if u can, use distilled water or rodi.
  7. Don't need to buy. I stay punggol, will go bk chk whether I can harvest and pass some to you.
  8. Good to state Yr estimated budget, it will help rather than giving ppl the impression that u try to low ball. This hobby is not cheap, if u have a minister of finance to clear, this hobby may not be suitable. Cost of setup is one time, buying livestock is another cost.. Lastly.. Running cost.. Yr utility is likely to increase by 50 to 100 plus.
  9. Got many rocks. Many different thoughts,.. Last time ppl said why buy died and dry rocks... Want them to be alive to Seed the tsnk. Then come. Artificial. Rock. Now ppl want to buy died and dry rock to Prevent pest, etc. Not easy to sell, cos u will Have Yr plan to scape... Hence ppl selling may not suit u. Want good and cheap... Look out for decom... Want to select.. Go. Lfs... Or buy artificial. Now, got money also hard to come back some big natural rocks.
  10. If u not a book person, good to visit 1 lfs to see and enquire. Good if any kind reefer can meet you and answer your query. Where do you stay?
  11. Once u settled the tank, then use the volume to buy the necessary equiemt.
  12. Coral farm clown shipment. Limited pcs left. Price is 75 each.
  13. Design for fowlr n reef tank should be the same. For freshwater sump and marine sump, generally has different. For freshwater sump, think got more compartments to allow multiple media filtering. For marine, we have 3 main compartment, filter stage follows by equipment stage(skimmer, reactor, media, etc) and finally to return pump stage. More space catered for middle stage to allow flexibility in equipment addon etc. Hope this help.
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