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  1. Think should be this if I am correct. U may want to chk n verify.
  2. Is Yr nuclear death closed? Cos the zoa/paly in the pic dont seem to be nuclear death. I may be wrong. If it is, I will be keen. Thanks.
  3. If u are able to maintain 29, should be OK for Hardy corals. Do study the livestocks you intend to get and confirm suitability bef buying them. Some livestocks require or do well in chilled water...
  4. That statement is misleading. Depending on placement and environment factors, the temperature can fluctuate. Key factor in keep corals is stable parameters. Soft corals, depending on the region, may need diff requirement. For small setup, ppl usually use fan but evaporation is an issue and need constant top up of water thr manual or auto top device w pump.
  5. Some may link ich with white spot but itch can also be shown when the fish rubbed against something but with no major spot on them. One of the signs is they may go in front of a wave maker. Brookly, on the other hand, is evidenced by white slim coat, fast breathing and swimming 'rigidly'.
  6. Coral Farm new arrival as below: golden angel, king angel, queen angel, rock beauty angel, royal gramma, kole tang, yellow tang, ricordea, yellow/red gorgonian, rock anemone.
  7. That is a valid concern. Now, I think specialised aquatic sell them and maybe can check up with them on support. Alternatively, their customer service is very prompt in replying. Any issue, seems like is a one to one replacement. Support is direct. Maybe bros here who bought the product from them can chip in to give Yr feedback.
  8. Not sure whether nano plate is suitable to bury under sandbed. Read up to understand placement of such biomedia to ensure maximum effectiveness. Some require high flow while others mild and low light. Can consider dried rocks. Do use other platforms to buy your rocks...for 58 dollar, think u can buy 3ft worth of rocks from those decomming... Do consider second items for start and only invest once you are serious in this hobby.
  9. Depends where u go and type. Yr tank not very big right.... Run thr how u want to scape and lookout for the rocks.
  10. Buy from ppl who decom. Yr tank glass panel is ard 8mm? Maybe thin and beware of the risk. If u intend to go cycling... No need Live rock.... Live rock to speed up cycling and depending on source, may have unwanted stuff.
  11. U went shopping with him at coral Farm recently? Lol
  12. Hope you factor maintenance access space, especially the side facing the kitchen. The design also factored Yr lightset mounting?
  13. Protein skimmer, maybe wave maker and cooling fan/chiller. Very fresh water feel. Depends on what u intend to keep, the setup can be different. Livestock... Where do u stay? Easily accessible LFS by mrt.... Pinnacle, ah beng, clementi polyart, etc.
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