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  1. Looking for Chaeto Donation

    Any benevolent souls out there willing to donate some chaeto?
  2. Selling corals

    11 days to go... Whats left : brown octo - 15 favia - 28 hammer - 15 both zoas - first zoa(infested with aptapsia) is 5, second zoa is 10 brown bubble - 10 RBTA - 40 contact me at 96432702. Collection is at AMK ave 9
  3. Selling corals

    Octo in 3rd pic and frogspawn have been sold.
  4. Selling corals

  5. Selling corals

  6. Selling corals

    Ya it will. Collection is at AMK Ave 9.
  7. Selling corals

    Bubble is sold.
  8. Selling corals

    Brown bubble bee with me for a year+. Can't remember when i bought the RBTA but it grew by 2 inches since i bought it. Will give the rock its attached to and the food i feed it. Rock is about 20cm X 7cm while anemone can expand till about 8 inches diameter.
  9. Selling corals

    The RBTA is 40 while the brown bubble is 10.
  10. Selling corals

    Adding these 2:
  11. Selling corals

    Apologies first for the first post. I accidentally submit the post and when i tried to edit they didnt let me. So.... Favia is $28 and its around 12cm x 7cm. First octo(branched) is $15 while the second(branched) is 15. First zoa(palm size) is $5 ( its infested by aptapsia) Second zoa(a little smaler them palm size) is $10 Hammer(branched) is $15 Frogspawn(branched) is $15 Green bubble(base as big as a fist) is $10 Sms me at 96432702 if interested. By the way the reason im selling is becuase i am moving house and i don't want to stress/injure/kill them.
  12. Selling corals

    Selling these few corals : 1. Octo 2. Frogspawn
  13. Selling bubble coral

    Reserved. awaiting collection tomorrow.
  14. Selling my Bubble coral for $10 to clear space. Have been with me for at least a year. Collection at AMK. PM me if interested.