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  1. Any benevolent souls out there willing to donate some chaeto?
  2. 11 days to go... Whats left : brown octo - 15 favia - 28 hammer - 15 both zoas - first zoa(infested with aptapsia) is 5, second zoa is 10 brown bubble - 10 RBTA - 40 contact me at 96432702. Collection is at AMK ave 9
  3. Octo in 3rd pic and frogspawn have been sold.
  4. Ya it will. Collection is at AMK Ave 9.
  5. Brown bubble bee with me for a year+. Can't remember when i bought the RBTA but it grew by 2 inches since i bought it. Will give the rock its attached to and the food i feed it. Rock is about 20cm X 7cm while anemone can expand till about 8 inches diameter.
  6. The RBTA is 40 while the brown bubble is 10.
  7. Apologies first for the first post. I accidentally submit the post and when i tried to edit they didnt let me. So.... Favia is $28 and its around 12cm x 7cm. First octo(branched) is $15 while the second(branched) is 15. First zoa(palm size) is $5 ( its infested by aptapsia) Second zoa(a little smaler them palm size) is $10 Hammer(branched) is $15 Frogspawn(branched) is $15 Green bubble(base as big as a fist) is $10 Sms me at 96432702 if interested. By the way the reason im selling is becuase i am moving house and i don't want to stress/injure/kill them.
  8. Selling these few corals : 1. Octo 2. Frogspawn
  9. Reserved. awaiting collection tomorrow.
  10. Selling my Bubble coral for $10 to clear space. Have been with me for at least a year. Collection at AMK. PM me if interested.
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