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  1. hee i cant wait to see gem'y fishes in ur tank! ^ ^
  2. I think its essential to know the source of ich, few mths ago, I've got a case where 6 of my tangs contracted ich right after I added a PBT, fortunately the ich was gone right after PBT die of ich. So u might want to consider remove the source, which is your YT.
  3. haa no problem bro and ohh, nice zoas u have there =)
  4. Hi bro sherman how u do the calculations? this are my details: Pump 65W 24hrs Light 150W 10hrs Chiller 650w 5hrs
  5. needless to mention, your option would neither be 4 nor 5....
  6. haa, we will never know how good it is until we try 'em, i guess we shall be the guinea pigs 1st then
  7. U're referring to the bulbs right? Anyway tried to gather some feedback on the MH from their local forum, i think I'll give a try on the product http://www.masa.asn.au/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=203257
  8. No problem If you're ordering, its better u order this week and have it deliver by next week, cos this guy seems to be in Sydney.
  9. i found these MH bulbs at affordable price too http://www.amdbulbs.com
  10. haa returning this month end =) anyway Aust the corals are darn ex...
  11. haa, yup yup, i was thinking of that too, i return got 40kg of baggage weight, but provided the product is worth it la.... so i need to hear from u ppl if this product can buy not... =)
  12. I am not too sure though, but locally what are the prices for such similar product cos this particular brand i saw it in one of the LFS in Sydney
  13. Hi ppl, Anyone use this product before? For a 25 pack, it cost around S$12.50. http://www.oceanswonders.com/catalog/item/...473/5703637.htm
  14. haa now i witness your sudden "BOOM" of Zoas when are we gona see an area full of rics?
  15. can u tell us how is it possible? what are the equipment u use and tank size?
  16. nice!! bro mark, did u deliberately use some board to block the sunlight? u've got no intention to use the natural light?
  17. Hi reefers, i am not sure if u can see the little particles on the coral and LRs, any idea what are they? coz they seems to grow very fast, what are the ways to get rid of 'em?
  18. can u share more about it? as in what media do u put inside the FR and stuff? pics will be great
  19. u might wan to try some air pump 1st to ensure some circulation within the main tank, coz i used battery powered air pump, and i've got like 6 tangs in my 3 ft tank, and they were doing well for good 3-4 hrs.
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