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  1. Hi Reefers, open to trade such hairy mushroom for softies eg alveropora, zoa, mushroom, etc. Will consider sale too. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks
  2. Hi Reefers, fully bloom bouquet of daisy coral. Looking to trade nice alveopora, mushroom or zoa. Will consider sale too. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks!
  3. Hi Reefers, letting go xenia. Pic shows 3 frags. $5 each. Take all for $10. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, not trying to hijack. Just offering option. I also giving away chaeto. Collection Tampines. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  5. Hi Reefers, First coral in 2020 to let go to make space. Some polyps yet to open fully. This is not a gsp. $50. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  6. Hi Reefers, price reduce to clear. $15. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  7. Hi Reefers, Need to trim some stalks of this Xenia. About 1” size stalks. $5 deal. Pic is mother colony. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  8. Hi Reefers, letting go to clear space. About 2” size. Many polyps as per pic. $25. Deal in east. Pm and leave WhatsApp number if keen. Thanks.
  9. Happy mid autumn festival Reefers, FYI, Some call it jasmine polyps. Price revised to $80. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  10. Hi Reefers, letting go this standard frag size of rare lumi green daisy polyp. $100. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  11. Hi, letting go this 4cm bright red mushroom. $20. Deal in east. Pm if keen. Thanks
  12. Hi Reefers, letting go these to make space. Photos taken when lights not fully up. 1) 2x bright red mushroom about 2cm. Easily grow till 5-6cm. Each $15. Take both $20 2) pulsing Xenia about 2” tall. $10. pm if keen. deal in east. Open to trade too. Thanks
  13. Still available. Pm if keen.
  14. Hi Reefers, trade this type of red mushroom (pic as reference) for other soft coral that u wish to exchange. Sale will be looking at $15. Pm to deal in east if keen. Thanks
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