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  1. Some corals colours become richer after raising up NO3 this piece have transform into some interesting colour.. got it was all pale white. The RBM have also shot up very fast into colony size!!
  2. WTS LPS

  3. WTS LPS

    Have the following LPS to clear. A ) $170 B ) $200 C ) $250 D ) $60 Collection at sengkang. Thanks..
  4. WTS SPS frag

    Hi , have this sps frags for sales.. got it as a premium from FC.. but forgot the name.. Description. Green body with pink red corallite and red poly. Selling $120
  5. Corals for sales

    Upzzzz, Left A , B , C
  6. Hi, Have the following for sales. Collection at sengkang. clams A ) $60 B ) $40 C ) scolymia aka bleeding apple $190 D) scolymia aka warpaint $150
  7. A ) royal blue Milli - around 0.8" -$180 B ) green Milli/ sunset Milli if put under high light. $15 each. C ) sunny D - $20 D ) frogspawn- open up to plan size or bigger abit more - $70 E ) Cynthia around plan size - $50 Collection at sengkang .. Thanks
  8. Yeah it's in my refugium compartment.. can't seem to grow cheteo..all dead off..
  9. QT for 2 weeks in refugium tank..eating pellet like a pig.. waiting for the itch to recover the. Intro to main tank..pray hard the AT will accept him..
  10. Hi I find a small plating flat rock and use nyos cement to hold it..and use some more cement to extend out the pate..
  11. Before And after the rocks added in.
  12. did a small rock Scape to balance up my right side Scape.. hopefully can fill in well..
  13. Hi have frags of green Milli for sales! A ) $15 B ) $15 C ) $30 Collection at sengkang. Thanks