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  1. Hi all.. im posting 50 posts. Dont mind me.

    +1 nice to see new reefers
  2. point 10 is very impt, once a hobby became a chore its decomm time thanks for sharing, here's mine Stability: always make minor changes, be it water change, dosing additives or changing of light tubes etc etc Natural Food Source: try not to keep fish that feed solely on pods / natural algae as new addition usually feed on them before accepting "prepared food" Avoid Stress: dont rescape, frag, add new fish etc etc every other day / week Murphy's law: try to have backup equipment, esp return pump, if possible chiller too happy reefing
  3. buy or borrow, need 1 urgent if buy budget less than $100 also looking for s95 waterproof case (WP-DC38) thanks
  4. WTS: Large(>1 Feet) Dead Rocks

    thanks for trade all sold cheers
  5. 1000 Gallon 3D Hole in the wall

    thats the "problem" when keeping "difficult" fish you already did and gave the best but... i bet he enjoyed the 10 months stay
  6. life time warranty, comes with full accessories selling at $300 or best offer self collect at clarke quay or bukit panjang cheers
  7. 1000 Gallon 3D Hole in the wall

    cant wait to view the tank in person
  8. WTS Samsonite Black Label Richmond Spinner 75cm Luggage - Ivory Gold brand new, collected today life time warranty based on the person, need to call Samsonite to verify selling at $350 or best offer self collect at clarke quay or bukit panjang cheers
  9. AchiIles tang care

    sharing my experience in keeping AT, hope others can chip in too 1) wide swimming space, best >4 feet 2) strong waves, AT loves to swim against the wavemaker 3) due to 1 & 2, AT is always hungry, therefore required regular feedingbest 6-8 small feeding through out the day or a small red bamboo for them to graze 4) unless your tank is ich free, try not to keep another ich prone fisheg PBT, else very difficult to control when there's an outbreak everytime i add in a fish, any fish, there's an ich outbreakthat is why i seldom add fish
  10. Samsonite Black Label Richmond Spinner 75cm Luggage worth S$950 brand new, yet to collect comes in 2 color, black or gold, subject to availability SB $300, BN at $400 offer without contact will not be consider deal at 048423 or bukit panjang Cheers
  11. Problem of water

    all you need is time and patience for your tank to be properly cycled
  12. $30 per piece, $150 for all, including the reserved piece self collect at bukit panjang cheers
  13. i have 2 set for sale, prefer to sell both together can deal at bp cck yewtee or clarke quay best if can deal today 730pm at cck as im collect from post office pm me your contact if you dont want to post in public current offer $690 per set cheers