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  1. Wts zoa frags

    Have quite a big piece of purple monti $15. Fragged for a bro but he did not turn up. Just want to clear the sandbed clutter.
  2. Wts zoa frags

    US sunflower zoas : $15 Yellow Scarface : $35 Wysiwyg
  3. Wts: premium corals

    Clearing space on sandbed Warpaint : $180 Ultra orange acan colony : $180
  4. Zoas and golden cloves

    Golden clovee reserved. Upz for dragoneye zoas.
  5. Full frag plug of figi dragon Eye zoas about 10 polyps :$35 10 plus polyps of golden cloves :$15
  6. Wts: purple monti

    Have a frag of antivenom zoas as well 4+polpys: $40
  7. Wts: purple monti

    A and C : $22 B: $28
  8. Wts : ultra luminous Green Dino egg monti

    Red zoas, purple zoas and luminous star Polyps on a Tonga rock : $50 Luminous Dino egg monti frag still available
  9. Torch coral

    Check your kh
  10. Broken while rearranging corals $15 each. 2pcs available. Both big piece. Picture taken without zoom.
  11. Anyone selling?
  12. Purple monti and warpaint scoly

    Another picture of the warpaint scoly
  13. 2 inch purple monti (frag from this colony) : $20 Warpaint scoly: $180 Selling as monti is overgrown and I have another warpaint scoly.
  14. Wtb fishes

    You can check out iwarna or specialised aquatics
  15. Uc zoas mini colony

    Open for trade too if you have nice zoas, lps please pm me