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  1. It’s been a while, took some random shots today: 1. FTS - with algae issues on the left side 2. LPS/softie section Normal shot: Slightly Angled shot Top View Closed up of the fav torch
  2. Sold and collected @MODERATOR#1 please close thread, thanks!
  3. Another pic of the piece under whiter lighting:
  4. Cool! Looking forward to the build Biomedia: I’m using both marinepure block and and siporax 15mm at the moment. Marinepure block is really very porous, the the material is fragile and there are reports that it leeches aluminium. Siporax is very porous as well and easy to use, the material is a lot less brittle, but it’s expensive
  5. Top down shot of the acro section:
  6. Wysiwyg, $50 collection at 791403 IMG_8675.MOV
  7. 24K is Australia Holygrail is Indo
  8. Great collection bro, and welcome back Your PT is still with me, he’s the king of my tank
  9. Last few shots to end the first day of 2020: 24K Golden Torch Bugatti Chalice Tri-Colour Platygyra Holygrail Torch
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