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  1. Added some clams, this is a pic of one of them: Also, gonio has experienced some colour morphed over a period of 1 month: Mid Oct 2019 Today: Also took a top-down shot of a mushroom rock:
  2. Toadstool and Shroom sold and collected FF cloves still available
  3. Got this unique gonio from a fellow reefer:
  4. Hi all, WTS/trade the following: $10 $15 $20 one polyp thanks!
  5. I call this the ULM rock:
  6. Sold and collected, thanks Mod please close thread, thanks
  7. $5 per frag, collection at 791403, thanks
  8. And so today I saw that the golden torch is not opening as big as it usually does. I went closer and saw some white spherical stuff on it: A quick search on google revealed that the torch may be spawning, what do you guys think?
  9. It was $20/frag But it’s sold out already, i’m unable to frag any time soon
  10. The FF cloves is a soft coral, I had some frags for sale a while back
  11. More random mushroom shots:
  12. Another close up on another of my favourite mushrooms:
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