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  1. letting go my beloved fishes. All have been with me for at least 2 years unless otherwise stated. Healthy and fat, feeding on pellets and seaweed. 1) Gem Tang (4 inch)- $2000 2) 1 pair cross hatch (male and female) trigger - $2000 *only feeds on market prawn. been with me for about 1 year 3) small black tang (2 inch) - $700 4) Show size black tang (6 inch)- $700 5) Black ice clown fish (1 inch)- $150 6) picasso clown fish (1inch) - $120 fishes are not caught yet. buyer will need to pick up the fishes as soon as i catch in order to reduce stress. please contact me at 96402880. viewing at kovan area after 9 pm tonight.
  2. Wts - Aussie golden hammer

    Still available. Price negotiable. Contact me at 96232880. Thanks.
  3. Have kept this gem for one and half year. Happiest in Low light medium flow Opens up to a small fist. Golden hammer from Aussie. $450. Collection at kovan area. Pls contact me at 96232880.
  4. PE = Good health?

    how about sps with no hairs??
  5. Lawchan marine tank part 2

    just to share.. getting rid of algae can be quite a pain.. using a manual toothbrush knocks down surrounding corals in tight places. i use an electronic toothbrush and it makes cleaning much easier. of cos getting rid of the algae in 1 place is just a temporary solution and the real concern can be other water parameters which is the root cause. but still, this is really a good tool to have.
  6. Lawchan marine tank part 2

    haha.. dragons difficult to keep. hopefully they wont be extinct soon. i'm new with these deepwater species and still testing out their characteristics. so far i've placed them at the bottom half of the tank and still observing. much to learn from you uncle mikey.
  7. Lawchan marine tank part 2

    its still a mystery... never found out what triggered the blister. yes, you're absolutely right. fiddling with dosing and mixing the salt will worsen the condition. and that will enable corals to sting easily as the skin loses the protective layer and thinned down.
  8. Red Stag Frag

    That's a gem! What's RR?
  9. Red Stag Frag

    Bro, red stag still avail? If so, please reserve for me.
  10. Lawchan marine tank part 2

    Some new additions
  11. Lawchan marine tank part 2

    Nearly lost this ssc colony due to the blister episode. Turned brown overnight and now recovering. Colour still have not as good as previously but at least it's holding strong now. Heng har..
  12. Tank's Story

    Beautiful reef uncle mike. The lokani is still my fav.
  13. Tweezer To Pull Hair

    Here's to a hairless reef
  14. Tweezer To Pull Hair

    I'm using this... http://m.oralb.com/products/vitality-floss-action
  15. Tweezer To Pull Hair

    Any electric toothbrush is naturally waterproof. Look for the rechargeable type so that theres no opening to the battery pack. choose a harder bristle. I've been brushing my rocks with the same toothbrush for 2 years. Just change the bristle when it wears out.