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  1. i wonder why are u so upset.. i didnt meant it to u. wadever it is. my sincere apology to u man. i signout too.
  2. dun play mother father with me. and why did u only quote tat sentence? are u one of the troublemakers? and if i sound hash, i apologise. cos really dishearten to see this all these kind of things happening after 2+ yrs here. alot of stories.
  3. I mean, why care abt what people say about you. It's always about urself, what you think. Why care about others. Hope to see u back soon BH. Even though i think u nv log in here already. Just come in occasionally and comment. To those trouble makers out there, look at my middle finger.
  4. rockson seldom updates! but fun to read! cos he mention those things we wanted to but dare not!
  5. one word: "WOW". Nice and gd job done. Add a bigger tang(AT) to finish up the puzzle.
  6. A value pack PSP for sale. black, version 1.52. with everything. Under utilised. got it from the singnet promotion. Looking for ard, $340. Pm me if interested.
  7. just a suggestion, for ur stand, u could use planks to cover it up, buy a few pieces of magnets, paste it at the back of the planks, den attach it to ur WI stand. and well taken pics on the ###### shrimp.
  8. i watched the whole drama. Did not shed a single tears. Of cos they forcing themselves to cry.. cos they are acting, and not becos they in prvt met with some mishap that they can cry naturally. But, i can say they when they need tears, tears just starts to flow. Very professional.
  9. DIY a double 9w PL. tiny and suitable for nano.
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