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  1. Happy National Day... Price revised, v Hardy Squamosa ie the left clam $380 Derasa ie the right clam 7 inch $520 Australia leather long tentacle $40 Kindly PM me
  2. Selling this pair, eggs are in the left of the pot, every couple of weeks will have a clutch of eggs, $280 for the pair. Collection 469298 Bedok South, PM me if interested VID_20200805_110253.mp4
  3. Model sc1455, $140, good work horse n silent, good kopi-o Collection Bedok South 469298 or Katong (working hours) PM me
  4. These clams have been with me for a couple of years, very healthy, are easy to maintain. Squamosa, on the left is 6inch, selling $450. Derasa on the right is 7inch, selling $600. Collection Bedok South 469298. Prepayment may apply. Pail will be provided. PM me VID_20200722_170519.mp4
  5. Pair C currently reserve by Rjflo
  6. Pair A reserved n paid by bro Bboytrez. Thanks for all your interest
  7. Pair A, $80, Onyx Designa pair Pair B, $90 Pair C, $80 Collection Bedok South 469298 Prepayment may apply Please PM me, Thanks for Viewing
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