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  1. Sold. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Hi, have a healthy RBTA for sale at $40. Opens up to about fist size. Collection at Clementi. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  3. i have good experience with blue green chromis too. cheap and good.
  4. i have a disappearing wrasse and he really hunt those pests down
  5. Glad the anemone found a good home with the nice clowns hosting it. Enjoy bro!
  6. Up! PM me if interested.
  7. from the equipment list, it seems like the quotations you are getting are not from shops specializing in marine setups. would advise you to go to shops specialising in marine setups. even if you don't engage them, you will know from the quotation what you are missing. marine setups are a bit different from freshwater setups. the supporting wood structure have to support the heavier saltwater and rocks and it has to be resistant to corrosive saltwater too. imagine the weight your tank is supporting and the mess it will create if it gives way one day. i wouldn't scrimp on the tank.
  8. I have one running biosphere and another one running rowaphos. i enjoy feeding my fish and corals buffets everyday
  9. are you planning on a reef tank? don't see anyone using that light set. doesn't seem to be full spectrum to me. you will need much better lights than that to successfully keep corals. shop around since you have time, get some more quotations. there're many forum sponsors here and you can visit them at their shops so that they can advise you better and provide you with the costing.
  10. up! price reduce to $30.
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