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  1. May I know what is the cost and capacity flow per hour for this roller matt? Thanks
  2. if you don't mind can kindly PM me as I am not convenient to discuss during office hours unless by WhatsApp. May I know what is the cost for the Reefer XXL 625 in black with and without the Hydra 26 HD LED lights? Also, what type of mounting system for the Hydra 26 HD LED lights? Ceiling wire hanging or glass mounted type? Thanks
  3. I would install separate pump in sump and return chilled water to Main tank. In this way the main tank with fishes & corals will be cool first instead of the sump being cool first without any heat loss. This will also greatly increased the turnover of your tank water volume per hour from sump into main tank & return back into sump. I think not possible to tee off return pump outlet presumably with unfiltered dirty aquarium water from main tank to chiller. Also, a pressure pump is needed to supply higher pressurise water against the flow resistance of the narrow Chiller winding coil.
  4. May I know also what is the specification and cost for Reefer XXL 625 in black too ? Thanks.
  5. May I know what is the specification and cost for Reefer XXL 750 in black? Thanks
  6. Arrow head crabs are predator to bristle worms. They hunt, kill & eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner n supper. It's their normal diet.
  7. Seen 3 pairs of Watanabei at Ah beng last Saturday noon. Check with them first in case already sold by now.
  8. Cloudy eyes usually infected by flukes from my experiences especially with new fishes. Fishes will try to rub their cheeks against rocks frequently to dislodge the flukes.Try 5 mins dechlorinated fresh water bath then examine bath water for whitish flakes which are burst flukes due to osmotic effect. More effective way to eradicate flukes is to dose with praziquentel but not to be used with any tube worms though.
  9. Kindly check your PM. Appreciate you email and let me know do you have any new improved inlet and outlet water couplings non swivel type which I need to buy for replacement? Thanks
  10. Hi I bought TK1000 model on 13/8/2016 which few days ago was now leaking with both inlet & outlet water couplings adjustable swivel type. May I know do you have any new improved couplings non swivel type which I need to buy for replacement? PS: Last time I was using TECO RA680 bought in 1994 with non swivel type water couplings which was very robust never leak at all.
  11. I staying in 3 room corner HDB last time placed my Chiller in the hall with hot air blowing out window but hall still pretty hot 30C. Now I placed it in kitchen with open windows so hall ambient temperature not that hot about 26C during raining days & 29C on very hot weather. Also my advise get a bigger capacity Chiller or at least a Chiller which match your aquarium capacity to set at 26C so Chiller will run average half an hour intervals. If you got an undersize Chiller which unable to handle your aquarium capacity then it will be pretty hot with your undersize Chiller running non stop.
  12. Please do not buy any fishes from CF for now. Their last week Australian shipment especially wrasses located at front entrance on the left side few rows containing with corals without copper treatment are infected with WS. Almost ta-pow two wrasses from aunty until I noticed got WS upon closer inspection. Last year I bought an Alpha Labotei from them also at front entrance on left rows containing corals which also infected with flukes, after I done FW dipped at home & then noticed flukes fell off in FW. Buy at your own risk hor. But I think those back rows with only fishes should be Ok as I think back rows are probably treated presumably with copper medication. PS: This infor only for benefit of all bro & sis who may not able to identify any diseases in their new purchase.
  13. Hi ,may I know what is the price for each TK500 and TK1000. Any free delivery ,thanks
  14. Already tried tuxedo urchin which will snip your polyp or zoa to attach on its body for defence or hidden against prey.
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