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  1. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    The Leds were modfied for me from the manufacturer in China based on my specification.. I believe they are using LEDs bulbs from Taiwan... not sure what brand and the power structure has to be changed from 90W to 75W...
  2. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    Changed of KH dosing brand without adjusting the dosing output while overseas for 2 weeks..
  3. Hi all, Due to relocation of new office.. I would like to offer my 5ft office tank for sale.. I prefer to sell this setup as a full package - the tank + all fishes + all corals + lightings + equipments The actual size of the main tank (about 3 years old) : 5 ft (L) x 2 ft (W) x 2.5 ft (H) with 12mm class with the sump is 3 ft x 1.5 x 1.5 1 x Becktett Skimmer with Rio 26H pump and waste collector 1 x SKIMZ 150 FR with pump (filled with RowaPHOS media) 1 x Reef Maniacs CR with CO2 Cylinder/Electronic Solenoid valve/Atman feeder pump 1 x MD55 return pump to first main returen outlet 1 x Eheim 1260 return pump connected to chiller and second return outlet 1 x Haelia Chiller HC-500A (1/2 HP) 8 x 39w white T5 + ATI 2 x 72W blue T5 Fishes about 20-30 with yelow tang, sail fin tang, Yellow Warasse, Cardinalfish, Anthias, Chromis, Clownfish, Sea Horse, etc. Corals: mostly LPS and soft corals Interested party please arrange with my office receiption (Tel: 63955100) for viewing during office hours and make an offer after viewing. We can accept reasonable offer of less than thousand but not 1-2 dollars for the whole setup. Successful buyer please arrange for your own transportation..
  4. Awesome tank bro... really happy for you...and thank you for including me in your Oscar speech... :thumbsup:
  5. Thank you... put your dream into action..you will see that your day is very near...
  6. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    Thank Jerry... hope your corals and lights are doing well.... lately busy with work and another hobby... will post some review of my lights when I am free..
  7. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    Yes... I am staying around sengkang/fernvale area... just pm me if you want to drop by...
  8. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    Thank Mike... my thank is mature and the KH is fairly stable and constant.. so when I look at the PH reading...I can actually "guess" what is my KH value... that's why I don't measure KH anymore (for more than six months now)...in additional, observing the corals ployn extensions add additional safe guard measure to know if the water parameters is in the right range... ...
  9. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    No problem with any SPS.....as long as you put high enough with good flow... I have modified my LEDs with addition specturm of wavelenghts to cater for most of the SPS... regards, Crispin
  10. Pasar Malam - Home Tanks

    About 4 months never update... lots of things had happened... lost 80% of my SPS after a tank crashed 3 months back.. Rescaped a bit and re-started all over again... this time with full LED lights (including the sump)... No checking of KH, no checking of CA, no checking of Mg.... now only read PH and checking the ploy extenions and colour of the corals...getting lazy..
  11. WTS: 312W Custom Build LED System

    Bro, Yes the LED system is still available.. just done a major service to ensure it is in perfect condition before putting out for sale.. the following are the LED used: The Blue LEDs are using US's SemiLEDs with two types of wavelenght 460nm and 450nm respectively. The White LEDs are from Bridgelux both 30W 15000K and 3W 12000K.. The voilet LED are from Bridgelux :thumbsup:
  12. Humble Little 2 Feet Tank

    nice tank ... and welcome back to reefing...
  13. WTS: 312W Custom Build LED System

    The LED system comes with hanging kit and rack mount kit free.....
  14. WTS: 312W Custom Build LED System

    The LED is still available... btw.. for the guy that want to view the light today...please contact me again coz I mistakenly deleted your phone message and thinking you as one of the blacklisted piolet... my house runway is too narrow for a 747 or 380...