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  1. flamey

    Fantasy coral

    its been a couple of days since the announcement and still no news of who, what, where? Perhaps they're busy lining up promotions for reefers Nevertheless, welcome to SRC!
  2. very interesting topic. My take, to answer the threadstarter's qn, of course its biased.. Why? Because the (reefing) community perceives SPS dominated tanks to be holy grail of reefing. Rightly so or not, its really up to individual's perception aint it? Like a few mentioned above, for non sps lovers, pls dont be discouraged by it.. Ultimately, we're all in this hobby bcoz we appreciate the marine world and want a slice of it in our living room. Just to share, imo, an absolute gem of a tank.. im sure its been shared before.. http://fish-etc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/cp-farm-japanese-reef-tank.jpg One man's meat is another man's poison..
  3. How much will the tank cost? Thanks
  4. Can't really tell from the pic.. I would recommend you to remove those crabs.. Cheers!
  5. Well done.. Very well made.. I'm sure the satisfaction of making your own tank is priceless!
  6. hi.. anyone knows where i can get spare parts for the coralife turbo uv? its leaking
  7. called a few companies.. they dont do lamination for aquarium cabinet.. apparently its too 'small'... haizz.. anyone?
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