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  1. Anyone in this club does or have anything to say about aquaculturing grouper or any other fish that is selling in the market (edible fishes)? im currently raring Tiger grouper fry in Malaysia and just wanted to see if anyone have any advice or say about this... pls advice...
  2. Some questions which need u experts for advices.... 1)can anyone tell me the "copper" u are talking are u guys refering to Coppersafe? 2)how do u guys identify ich? my fish are having rotting tail... it normally starts with abit of whitish on its tail and it slowly spread up to the tail and sometimes till half body b4 its dead... wad happened and y is my fish swimming with the head up near the top of the water when there is already enough air...(it looks like its having a hard time swimming). 3)can anyone teach me how to feed them garlic and the safe quantity to mix?
  3. Hi, all im new to this forum and im new to everything about marine. Is't possible for anyone here to teach me everything about the different marine parasites and the correct medicine to use for each sickness the fishes got? pls teach me how to identify and the steps to cure it. A million thanks.
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