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  1. Selling Yellow angelfish size about 2.5 inches been with me for 1.5 yrs. $20. Selling as only maintaining small fish. Thanks. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. BTAs shouldn't just die like that in a very short time. Highly possible as already mentioned above, might have not been a healthy specimen when you got it. Your may need to do some water changes.
  3. nice tank bro ! i see a pasar malam section on the left back side
  4. Guardian has. I bought quite some for my newborn son last month. The increments are 0.1ml
  5. Like like !!!!! ..... far far ....
  6. Upz for u Mark. All frags are smiling healthily in my tank now ur tank is simple but still impressive ! Cheers !
  7. At times simple is best. As long as all healthy and maintained well. Ur tank looks neat
  8. I think the best is if a clown hosts it. Then almost dont need to feed
  9. Nice collection of zoas. U plan to sell also ?
  10. Whoa. Accept home visit ? Lol. After wife give birth, should visit your farm again and have kopi
  11. Viewing ? Dr Ang species no need to view lol. Guaranteed !!!
  12. My rimless is maintained at about 8mm, and time to time a find tickles if water on the outside wall. Maybe caused by fishes. Just have to clean every time. Though I have a wavemaker.
  13. Just try training, but make sure you have enough pods to start with, and get a fat one ... so far I've had luck on training 3 out of 4 mandarins I had. This one I just got from AM last weekend ... and started to eat pellets 10 mins ago Goby 2.wmv
  14. seriously .... tonight i was moving my gonio (rock base was about 2.5"), after lifting it off the sand bed, bristles started scrambling ... grabbed my long tweezers and got all of them. 4 of them 2-2.5" long, and 2 1", and another 3 baby ones (about 1cm). after my first posting here and, including this new catch, I've removed another ~30 .... is this really normal ? seems my tank is a good breeding ground for bristles ! I usually observe them when I turn of the wave, then they strat to come out, really creepy coz a lot ... but i haven't really seen them do any harm .... but still ... sigh ...
  15. i only know live tigger pods, check with junkai. be best if you can pellet train
  16. that's my take. since the water volume is very low, even slight changes / add-ons may have a huge impact. such swings cannot be tolerated by certain LS. will be good if after rinsing, you also have a staging pail with tank water and just leave it there 10mins or so before adding to your tank.
  17. ... sometimes things may not be as they seem .....
  18. not new ... at least his tail was not torn last time I saw him in the morning ...
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