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  1. hi is it still avail ? interested in both sets
  2. hi , have a reef octopus skimmer for sale @ $180 (used previously in 4 feet tank ) there is a sort of 'cap' which u can switch to make it either internal or external skimmer . deal at jurong west , interested parties sms 91919590 thx
  3. Upz $90 For Both GFO And Carbon , Coral Resevered Edi
  4. Activated Carbon ( Lignite ) 3 Pounds For Sale @ $30 Granular Ferric Oxide ( Phosphate Remover ) 1.75 pounds For Sale @ $80 Both Are Unopen And Unused , Bought Early This year. Buy Both @ $100 Pls Visit This Website For The Dosage Quantity And More Info On The Products http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/reef-calculator 3 Brain Corals For Sale As A Bundle @ $70 Multi Colored Green With Faint Orange Stripes This Is about 2 inches wide Pink Rim Green Body This Two Are about 4 inches in Diameter Pls Contact Me @ 91919590 To Deal , Collection At Jurong West
  5. Ups with throw in 2 rocks of fiji zoas bought from irwana
  6. Hi guys, decided to slowly start my decom edi... so first up for sale is the CP monti. Info can be found here > http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=90392&st=0&p=930535&#entry930535 Would prefer to sell the mini colony @ $120 Pls sms me >91919590 if interested ty
  7. Hi guys, my aircon have been fixed! Decided to keep the monti until i changing hse... Mod pls close thread ty
  8. Hi guys , Have 3 chilli peeper monti frags for sale at $50 each . Reason for selling:cannot on my aircon anymore... gushing water non stop Size of each frag is about 1 inch , 1/3 of the monti in picture The monti i grown is plating too not encrusting! Pls sms me @ 91919590 to deal , collection at jurong west. Hope to sell ASAP Thx..
  9. Hi bro Nice tank .. but i would like to give u one advice. If u keep Damsel in a small tank .. u could not add any other fish liao ... so gud luck
  10. this are palys, under the class of zoanthids (i think ) Size of each polyp should be around 5cent coin ? The first pic shows a average size zoa above it .
  11. B4 i forgot ! The pic Shows The Actual Frag , 2x Polyps
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