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  1. Hi, i have a blue loach. About 7.5cm. Giving it away FREE. Fcfs Reason is because im moving house. It would be nice if you can collect asap. Collection at my place, toa payoh. Contact me at 9 seven 8 four 57 eight 5
  2. price reduced further to $20, want to clear fast
  3. yeah lor... my camera isn't of high quality...
  4. price reduced $25 for all the coral. first come first serve. buy all n get a shroom colony and two zoa frags foc
  5. Price reduced, buy everything for $35. And receive teo zoa frags and a small colony of shrooms
  6. upz....need to clear sandbed fast, price of all the corals reduced to $40. If you buy everything you also get two free frags of zoas and a colony of shrooms. Thanks
  7. It works, using it solely too.
  8. I have some corals frags for sale. All corals are expanding, free of parasites...if you are intereste, drop me a pm. zoa(10+ polyp) $10 neon clove polyp(2-3 polyp)x2 $10. i also have single polyps(buy one get another free) for $5. zoa(2 polyp) $5 zoa(5 polyp) $10 buy all and get some extra zoa frag, a small mushroom colony. Thanks for your interest
  9. are these Dinos or diatoms. I think its dino....any help or advise is appreciated? thx
  10. cool looking tank...nice work....could you tell me more about your lighting? no. of bulbs? wattage per bulb? Price?
  11. lotsofloo

    wtt zoa

    a small colony....will frag when confirmed, bout 5 polyps
  12. lotsofloo

    wtt zoa

    I don't mind other corals like shrooms,yuma....
  13. lotsofloo

    wtt zoa

    At balestier.....why not post a pic? send me a pm bout any questions you have ......i have more zoas n other corals to trade too....sand bed needs some clearing.....
  14. lotsofloo

    wtt zoa

    i'll try to upload a better pic
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