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  1. price reduced further to $20, want to clear fast
  2. yeah lor... my camera isn't of high quality...
  3. price reduced $25 for all the coral. first come first serve. buy all n get a shroom colony and two zoa frags foc
  4. Price reduced, buy everything for $35. And receive teo zoa frags and a small colony of shrooms
  5. upz....need to clear sandbed fast, price of all the corals reduced to $40. If you buy everything you also get two free frags of zoas and a colony of shrooms. Thanks
  6. It works, using it solely too.
  7. I have some corals frags for sale. All corals are expanding, free of parasites...if you are intereste, drop me a pm. zoa(10+ polyp) $10 neon clove polyp(2-3 polyp)x2 $10. i also have single polyps(buy one get another free) for $5. zoa(2 polyp) $5 zoa(5 polyp) $10 buy all and get some extra zoa frag, a small mushroom colony. Thanks for your interest
  8. are these Dinos or diatoms. I think its dino....any help or advise is appreciated? thx
  9. cool looking tank...nice work....could you tell me more about your lighting? no. of bulbs? wattage per bulb? Price?
  10. 25-28 for stony, for soft up to 29. 29.5 and above is too high.i find lower temp better for stony, lps
  11. led is better. only prob is the price 1285. temp, led produce much less heat,rgb can change colour to any colour you want, colour of light. for corals better. t5 cheaper, more bulb option and can replace when dead. led if die cannot replace must buy new one.
  12. I've actually used both types of bulbs,they'generally the same to me,I would prefer t5 since you can choose did colour bulbs but it is more costly to replace two t5bulbs whereas compared to one pc. But if I were to get one pc bulb , I would supplement it with some submersible LEDs for fluorescent in corals. If aquamarin helps me change it then it's fine but I would not be able to upgrade it myself. Usually have no time. Besides, I find pc more suited for cubes than t5
  13. I saw aquamarin keeping clams in their tank, I suppose the light is good enough. Its not the jbj though,it's a similar one that I have,from colorful. It's basically the same except the sump design is dif
  14. So you are saying that t5 is more worth it than pc right? The geisseman razor fixture costs 300 bucks.That alone is around the price of the jbj 24gallon. The dif in temp wont really matter. If you are willing to pay so much for a light fixture you are probably willing to pay another 300 dollars for a chiller. If the intention of aquarist is just to know which one 'brighter' then its kind of a novelty question. A person who has a jbj isnt going to take off his hood and replace it with a geisseman fixture right?I've used both types before, most people will replace their bulbs every year regardless of it being t5 or pc. For a 2ft tank,pc bulbs or 2 bulbs of t5 wont make much of a dif.
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