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  1. Hi Bro Do you still have the Pocci , brid nest, etc available ?
  2. Still eanring about LPS. Currently I only have a prata and a bubble and feeding them the green sugarcane liquid once a week and mysis directly twice a week, wonder if this too much? also got Suns in my tank..
  3. congrats ! congrats! any update?
  4. cant wait for the stock to come, hope they will be easier to keep than wild ones
  5. clown trigger is not reef safe right?
  6. nice anthias, is it easier to keep as compared to purple queen?
  7. my also not success story, the yellow tang kept chasing the purple until i have to remove the purple
  8. yes, even the smallest goby will sometimes nip at corals
  9. not expert in this area but i used to keep them with 2x150 MH lamps in a 5ft tank. was with me for more than 1yr. yr light is not sufficient for a clam, even if you put it high up
  10. IMO purple queen is quite diff to keep, no success for me as compared to lyretail
  11. tangfan

    Flame Angel

    no luck in keeping this fish with corals, always disturb & even feed on them
  12. i have tried to keep this fish last time in a 5ft tank, survived for abt 1 mth then just died
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