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  1. It's been so many days without and update or pic.... I think his tank is "in his mind", should consider deleting this post [emoji12][emoji12][emoji12] . . . . On a serious note, Some pics pls leh...
  2. In NTM, the pump works in 2 phases.... U will get the the surge and then the pulsating hence u hear the change... My suggestion is to wait and observe to see if it goes back to the pulsating... If it does, it isnt broken. Extract from their website: "In this EcoSmart mode, water is circulated in two phases – a wave motion to stir up detritus, and a surging motion to move the detritus into your overflow where it can be skimmed out. This mode promotes maximum health and nutrient export, as well as increased growth for sensitive corals such as SPS. Adjusting the dial changes the maximum speed achieved at any time during this mode. Slave pumps should be positioned opposite the master and on the back of the tank to take full advantage of the EcoSmart modes."
  3. Hijack ur thread abit... Sorry but can i check where you got your sand dollar from?
  4. After ur cycling is complete, u need to do a major water change to export the high amount of nitrate accumulated... No doubt salt and di water is costly but if u compare the cost i think its still cheaper. Not to mention effective. Water change is very essential in our hobby. Base on ur tank size, ur gross water vol should only be about 125litres. 50% water change is approx 60+litres. for DD salt, recommended is 1kg of salt per 25litres of DI water. So u would probably only need 2.4kg of salt. That would cost u less then $30 for the salt mix!! Compared to the below: 1)Algae scrubber - even diy would cost u ~$100 for setup 2) biopellet - fr + biopellets ~$100 3) bac dosing ~ quality bac cost you $30 at least per bottle and its for long term application 4) carbon dosing ~ long term application Do the math, you know u need a water change now. Btw, on top of regular water change u still need to employ 1,2,3 & 4 (not entirely) over the entire span of your tank's life AND more forms of denitrification methods to keep ur nitrates low too... Your tank your choice....
  5. its almost time to stock!

  6. Was reading some where best to dose on separate days... Cant be ultimately sure though
  7. Dude, 2 things for u to ponder over: 1) unfortunately, this hobby requires a fair bit (no u dun have to be madly rich) of investment especially during the initial stage. Maintenance is much more manageable. All these money u are spending on livestocks you should really just keep them for ur setup fund until u have your basic equipments in place. This not only gives your pets a better survivability rate, it also give you more time to slowly cycle and correct ur tank. If budget is really a concern here, like it or not, i would suggest a different hobby for the time being 2) i am no expert, guru or saint and in fact had quite a few set backs when i first started (and i still do! But thats whats enjoyable about this hobby! Theres so much to learn)... One thing i learn (in fact some other bros also mentioned) is that u shouldn't solely depend on hearsay or lfs to tell u what to do... Whatever u hear/read, cross reference with others, check the different forums, google and read up on the subject. Until most ppl say its correct or most ideal then u do... its the most logical way... So many bros here are pointing u to a single direction, but u choose to heed the advice of one opinion which clearly points you differently, thats what frustrates ppl... This is a fun hobby so just enjoy urself k!
  8. Dude, google: http://www.publictransport.sg/content/publictransport/en/homepage.html
  9. Take mrt to pasir ris, take taxi... Else go another day when you have the car back
  10. Camping... Any pics of sump to share
  11. Google nsw vs salt mix... Should answer most of your questions... For your own benefit, better start a new thread if u have questions... This thread will get u no where...
  12. I'm amazed... Im no vegan but i do believe that the minimal respect we can give to a slaughtered chicken is to eat it all up within reasonable means and not let it die in waste. Correct me if im wrong but i do believe its our bare basic responsibility to provide an appropriate living condition for anything we choose to bring home, be it a dog, cat, gorilla or fish. At the end of the day we don't "own" these animals we blatantly call pets. Since you choose to buy and bring them back, it's your responsibility to provide for them. Regardless of whether they are smart, dumb, have 2 seconds worth of memory or cheap, you have to give it some degree of care and take responsibility for it. We strip them from their natural environment, the least we should do is provide them a home as close as possible to the conditions of their natural homes. Extract from AVA: http://www.ava.gov.sg/AnimalsPetSector/ResponsiblePetOwnership/BeingResponsiblePetOwner/PotentialPetOwners/index.htm Its the only humane thing to do for these animals we bring home that cannot speak up for themselves. If you can't provide for whatever reasons, leave them for someone else that (hopefully) can. Sigh...
  13. Even with 1 (ONE) fish, and the need to feed the fish, u will still need the skimmer... U dun buy a bag of carbon... U buy carbon and put it in a filter bag and put in ur sump... To sum it up, u still need a skimmer...
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