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  1. Illumagic lights now available

    Discerning hobbyists rejoice! Illumagic Blaze is now available in Singapore. Originating from Taiwan, this is one light that have been trusted by major coral exporters like Bali Aquarium and Cairns Marine through close collaboration. The spectrum is different from other LEDs and achieves an overall look similar to T5s. http://www.illumagic.com.tw/latest-news https://reefbuilders.com/2017/08/22/illumagic-meta-review/ Pricing for Illumagic Blaze. All models come with default hanging kit included. blaze mini $365 blaze x60 $950 blaze x90 $1350 blaze x120 $1850 blaze x150 $2600 20cm Acrylic stand for rimless mounting $90 per set. 20cm Acrylic stand + adaptor for bracing mount = $110 per set
  2. Frag plugs arrived at Iwarna.
  3. Alternative Reef LLC

    New stocks arrived. Price effective for 2018 due to increase in logistical costs. Frag Station Disks 25pc - $17 Frag Station Plugs 50pc - $23.50 Micro Plugs 100pc - $35.80 Small Clam Holders - $4.20/pc Large Basic Discs 30pc - $19.80
  4. Dr G's medicated frozen fish foods

    New stocks of medicated caviar have arrived. $30/bottle. Also stocks for Dr G's Green Seaweed, Red Slime Controller, Iodide, Strontium & Molybdenum.
  5. Fauna Marin Products

    New FM stock arrival in 3 weeks. New stock of professional reef salt will be in 20kg cartons only. For users who prefer the original 25kg tub please contact Madpetz for the last few pails in stock.
  6. Live Rotifer Cultures

    1 culture just arrived, available at $90. 1 million count Brachionus plicatilis.
  7. Goodbye PO4 is back!

    Dear reefers, Local product Goodbye PO4 is back! Most economical compared to other brands! Cost to remove 1 ppm phosphate in 10 gallons water = 14 cents! Available at Aquarium Iwarna currently. 250ml - $36 500ml - $60 For other local resale or overseas supply do contact me. Thanks.
  8. 2 rotifer cultures (Brachionus plicatilis) available from Reed Mariculture. Kindly contact me at 90660450 if interested.
  9. Live Rotifer Cultures

    2 cultures is available. Kindly contact me at 90660450 for arrangement.
  10. Alternative Reef LLC

    Largest import of magnetics arrived. Product launch at Iwarna over this weekend do head down to check out the items. Nano magnetic Frag Station (1/2" glass) - $95 Magnetic Reef Shelves (1/2" glass) - $150 Magnetic Wrasse Dens (1/2" glass) (can put sand inside for wrasse to sleep, great for reefers without sand bed) - $150 Synthetic Magnetic Frag Station (1/2" glass) - $150 Powerstation (1/2" glass) -$250. Only 2 units available. Powerstation (3/4" glass) - $250. Only 4 units available.
  11. Florida Aquafarms products

    Microalgae disks available for the following species: Chlorella Tetraselmis Isochrysis Dunaliella Nannochloris Nannochloropsus
  12. Vossen Aquatics Larval Trap

    Pleased to inform the availability of these larval traps. Good for collection of planktonic larvae within the aquarium. Limited sets available do place order early to avoid disappointment! Good for collection of larvae attracted by light. For example shrimp larvae or clownfish fry. $110/unit. How it works: Larvae are attracted to the led light provided and are air lifted into the collection chamber.
  13. Henry's Reef Gourmet

    Limited stocks of Henry Reef Gourmet Garlic + Spirulina now available at Iwarna. $20/pack.
  14. New stock of Dr G''s anti-parasitic caviar now available at Iwarna, Pacific Reef and Madpetz.
  15. We have stocks of the following: Elastopur 1kg - $50 SGD. Can be used to coat artificial liverock to safeguard against chemical leaching. http://www.dendrogrove.com/elastopur-2-0/ http://www.dutchrana.nl/en/blog/elastopur-diy/ http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/forums/8664587-post4.html Pigment powder 100ml for Elastopur (available in brown and black), don't add coloring if you want clear waterproofing for Elastopur. $16. Rockoflex 1kg - $32 SGD. Used to give a rough finishing to smooth surfaces (for example on expanding foam).