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  1. Selling off the compressor as no longer reefing. Consist of compressor, thermostat and temperature probe. Pls note there is no coil. $200. Pls contact me at 9181.1887 for more details. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Selling 3 x AI Hydra 52 HD Black. Used for coming to 2 years. Selling each at 500. I will each include the bracket for them to fit on to the AI Rail. Whatsapp me @9181.1887 if interested. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry for hitchhiking this tread. Could you share where did your friend obtain this from?
  4. Hi Bro Dez Ching I just PM-ed you =)
  5. I have a PAR38 full spectrum with 90 degree lens to let go at $60. (less than 2 months) No light holder/stand, you need to get your own and you probably need 2 of these fixture for your 2ft cube at least. Also, if you need a 2ft full white LED, I have a aquapro for sale at $40. (used for 1 year plus)
  6. This is taken by iphone4 camera with white n blue leds. This is taken by iphone4 camera with blue leds only. Please help ID this zoa colony. Thanks! =)
  7. bro cedric, i think you can go open you own LFS liao la.. naming "the zoo keeper"... lol.. DAMN SWEEZ lor your zoos... upz for you bro~
  8. Nice prata. Sweeee. upz for you. =)
  9. Hey bro, is there any frags available still?
  10. hey thx bro! =) btw where can i get this fan from and at what price?
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