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  1. All must go 2. wavemaker - conch 40 advance $120 neg 3. salt - Red sea salt 4kg new in bag $16 neg 4. dead rocks - around 20kg big medium and small $40 for all neg. 5. SunSun canister filter HW-403B with media and uv - $120 neg interested please sms/whatsapp 9858 5079 thanks.
  2. Equipments up for sell 1. skimmer - Bubble magus curve 5 $120 2. wavemaker - conch 40 advance $120 3. salt - Red sea salt 4kg new in bag $16 4. live/dead rocks - around 12kg big medium and small $30 for all. interested please ams/whatsapp 98585079 for quick deal thanks.
  3. Lionfish

    I'm decom my tank, peacock lion up for adoption, any taker? it has not being eating for few weeks already..
  4. item 4, 5, 6 & 10 FOC first come first served, interested please sms or whatsapp me thanks.
  5. blue and yellow tang reserved by Dave
  6. Decom my 3x2x2 tank Live stock: size are rough estimated 1. yellow tang 4" - $30 2. blue tang 5"- $30 3. coral beauty 3" - $15 4. whitetail damsel x2 1" & 2" - $5 5. peacock lion fish 7" - $15 (not feeding for past few weeks, not sure why and looks healthty) 6. clown 3" - $5 7. spotted cardinal 2" - $5 8. mini lobster 3" - $5 9. tuxedo urchin 2" - $5 10. long spike sea urchin 2" - $5 11. sea cucumber 5" - $5 Live rocks $4 per kg got big medium and small please bring own container/bucket, sorry I don't have plastic bags for fish. some of the fishes are with me for over 2 - 3 years and raised from young, I hope they can find a new home and enjoy the rest of their lives. deal and viewing at Yishun, weekday evening after 8pm, weekend to be arrange. Interested please sms/whatsapp 98585079 Part 2 (equipments & tank) will be up after live stock taken. thanks
  7. Lionfish

    I finally get my lion fish to eat dry shrimp after many months, now even eat mysis cude I thrown in for other fishes you can try this method, it works for me so hope it works for you too. I discovered this method accidentally when I fed it live shrimp, to cut story short, here's how use few live shrimp together with few dead shrimp, it might not eat the dead one first few times, best is starving it for 2 days and dump the live and dead shrimp one shot, once it ate the dead one the next time is a lot easier, feed this way for few days, then use dried shrimps instead of dead shrimp, if it eat the dried shrimp then is a success! give it a try, I almost going to sell the lion fish because of it "high maintenance" (another tank, pump to keep the live shrimps, time & $ to buy shrimps every 4 to 5 days)
  8. WTS: 3ft Odyssea T5 lighting

    still available, 3ft $30, 2ft $20, price neg and open to offer. thanks please whatsapp 98585079 for quick reply, thanks.
  9. WTS: 3ft Odyssea T5 lighting

    up also have 2 ft 2 x T8 light set for sell @ $20, tubes are old and might need to replace, only 1 tube is still working if not wrong.
  10. selling working odyssea brand 3 ft T5, 4 tubes and 6 blue LEDs, aluminium enclosure, individual switch for 2 tubes and LEDs, includes extra blue tube, all tubes used for around 3-4 months, tube installed are 3x blue and 1x 10k white, condition 6/10. all going for $50 self collect at yishun. interested please pm thanks.
  11. WP 40 Wavemaker

    you guys face any problem with wp40? my wp40 motor just died on me after 3 months only