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  1. Public transport to coral farm

    There's alot of YT at Ah beng today. Check it out
  2. DIY Skimmer for Pico

    It's impressive... you set me thinking how to covert mine into biopellet reactor
  3. http://animal-world.com/encyclo/marine/angels/chaemeso.php
  4. WTG Chaeto

    Collect at postal code 650512. PM to collect between 2000 - 2030hrs
  5. Coral Farm

    I had similar experince last month ...my first and last time... went with my wife and 2 children. My purpose was to have my wife to pick a show piece (last fish) for my tank. I was approached and told the place is not for public viewing. I left after telling the lady off. A waste trip !
  6. Chaeto needed at west

    You can collect from me at 650512 either tonight before 830pm or tomorrow evening FOC.PM for detail.cheers
  7. Collection

    My GEM tang grown by 1" since dec
  8. Collection

    My 2 Achillies tang

    The price ?
  10. WTS 4" Sohal Tang for $180

    Fish taken. Thanks all for the interest
  11. WTS 4" Sohal Tang for $180

    Always ready to be fed
  12. WTS 4" Sohal Tang for $180

    For those who request for photo. Frankly Sohal all looked similar...its been reserved for viewing later. Cheers
  13. Feeding very well with nori and pellet. With me for 3months. Hv to release for sale as its fighting with my AT. Fish trapped and comes with pail. PM to deal @ Bt batok area