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  1. If its a fish only tank, not much issue. Siphon out the water in a container, take out all the bacteria housing/ media and filter wool. Place it in the bucket of siphoned water. Remove the fishes. Drain the tank, throw the sand, clean up the tank. At your new place, just reverse the process. Add the old salt water, and top up the rest if required with new salt water. For your fish load, and 2 year old tank, I doubt you will get any mini cycle happening even without the sand. Just keep the bacteria media soaked in water.
  2. Hey bro, I am using Radion XR15 x 3. Using the WWC light setting at 8 inch height now. Corals seem to be doing well under the lights. Haha, now tank smaller, can't go crazy like before. Going to just keep the 3 main stags. Bali Slimmer green, Red stag and Aussie blue stag.Trying to get these 3 to mix together to form the main focal point of the tank. The rest just fill with some tenius and some variants of SSC. Thanks for the tip! Will be switching over to CR when my order arrives! I really feel the benefits of CR out weigh the benefits of dosing. Haha, thanks alot bro. Was a really good period in my reefing hobby! Got to own the dream tank i wanted! Unfortunately, went overseas for 2 year training, had to stop. =( I'm amazed by all the beautiful tanks out there now, so much have improved over the years! Really kudos to all the other reefers
  3. Hi guys, coral farm has 4 large tank worth of small sized yt if anyone looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Beautiful, goes to show that ULNS is no longer the only way to have healthy and beautiful looking corals! Please keep us updated on the tank progress, would love to see more photos/videos!
  5. CHIO! Bro, any tips and advice to share that can benefit us to have a tank like yours?
  6. Beautiful! corals. Looks healthy and thriving. Can I ask whats the dimensions or the tank, and your xr15 lighting schedule? Also, good choice of corals, cant wait to see them grow and the progress of the tank. keep us updated!
  7. Yeah, i think if possible, ill try to get a par meter to do readings again for the new scape. I will be aiming to achieve a mix system, with both LPS and SPS. Main sps will be staghorns, montiporas and some specific acros. LPS mainly will consist of Zoas , soft corals and euphyllias Yeah, CR is pretty pricey, but this tank is for the long term, so hopefully it will work out well. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. Forum seems quite now a days
  8. Thanks bro. My lights used to sit 11 inch off to surface, with the new scape, i have dropped it to 8 inches. Its running at 67% intensity, still got room to increase if needed, dont plan to go lower than 8 inches due to the light coverage on the width of the tank. Only been 2 days, so just have to watch the corals. I follow the same intensity and setting as the WWC 293gallon system, their lights are 11 inches off, and the depth is much deeper, but no issues. I am running the 612 x 2 Geo CR. Its a dual chamber reactor. Figured I can go big on the reactor, run extra coarse media and tune it to run at a higher ph of 6.8-7.2. That way media usage will be lower, lesser top ups and still get sufficient alk/cal output.
  9. Very beautiful collection of LPS! Whats ur no3 and po4 at?
  10. Looking forward to the updates, looks like a really solid set of equipment!
  11. Finally got about rescaping the tank, after i came back from overseas. Really liking the new scape, everything is pretty much stand alone, allowing me to move them as the corals grow larger. Plenty of room now for the staghorns to grow unlike the previous scape. Also looks cleaner and neater. Main idea is that the blue, green and red staghorn will fill up 3/4 portions of the tank. Lower portions will be filled with montipora caps and other sps. Will be focusing on only selected SPS. The center small piece of rock will house a toadstool leather. Right side will be an LPS corner as the waves there are much weaker. The rock will be covered with all types of zoas. Still having issues with my alkalinity, I figured its mostly due to the dosing pump trapping small pockets of air, resulting in inconsistency. Just waiting on my CR to arrive in SG, takes about 3 weeks to build the cr. Have all the parts ready, just short of the reactor. I am hoping the CR will really make the tank more consistent.
  12. Wah!! hardcore build! Good choice of equipment! I love the nyos skimmer, skims like a beast. Guess the LED dark side hasnt pulled u in yet =/
  13. Very nice layout, awesome size clam
  14. Price reduced, $80 since AM having offer =/
  15. yeah i thought about adding mag, but realise its going to be hard to control with that 10% mag ratio as I would like to keep mag higher at 1440. I might do both actually, adding mag and auto dose to keep it up.
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