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  1. Ups! Nyos supplements still avail. NYOS Balling CA,ALK,MG. CA left 1500g, Alk left 3600g, MG left 1500g My own mixing method is CA 2500g/5L, ALK 400g/5l, MG 2500g/5L. Will give free 5L mixing container, but do note, the cap is not 100% sealed, only realise this on mixing, but good to use for storage of mixed solutions. $60 for all 3. 1 bottle retails for $75
  2. Back from my overseas holiday. Came back and saw that i lost 2 fishes while i was away. 1 Borbonius anthias and the yellow coris didn't make it. Not sure why, as both were eating well before i left. Tank salinity is still at 1.009, all the fishes do not have signs of ich, except for my powder brown tang. Gonna continue the treatment, hopefully i dont lose anymore fishes in the process. If all else fails, will raise the salinity back, and do a copper treatment. Else, the main display tank is doing well, seeing some amazing polyp extension i didnt get before. Didn't lose any corals =D
  3. Nah, usually just window shopping when i'm overseas. Off to Bali for a couple days break! Have a great week reefing guys.
  4. Bro I need some of those gems [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Dropped by a local fish store today in Tokyo. Thought I share some pics and some of the Japanese dry goods that we don’t get to see here in sg. The store is called Paupau aqua garden Ginza. It’s located at the Ginza district about 4 stops from shinagawa on train. Very close to the tsukiji fish market. Coming in you are greeted by a the largest freshwater plant selection I’ve seen. Premium plants from ada as well. This store caters more to the freshwater enthusiast. The marine selection is much smaller. But was surprised to see a helfrichi firefish, retails for about $385 sgd. Coming up the the second floor is where most of the dry goods are. You will be greeted by this cylindrical clown fish harem tank And here are the dry good selections, focusing more on what we don’t see here. And of cos not forgetting our freshwater friends. A wide selection of ada accessories and Japanese products. And spotted some really cool nano sized chillers! Check out this really small pico tank As mentioned the store carries a lot of local Brands and focus largely on the freshwater hobbies. Still a really nice place to check out and to see what Japanese reefers use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I faced the same problem too. I used fluxRX, which is basically Fluconazole as well. Heres some before and after pic. Took about a week to see them disappear. As mentioned, its reef safe. Didn't suffer any casualties.
  7. Besides the one i had previously that jumped, this my second time. So fingers crossed =/ Thanks guys. I'm away alot, so its harder for me to monitor the fishes with copper treatment. Also, I'm keen to try hypo and see the results, its easier on the fish, although its not as effective as copper. If it doesn't work out, might end up doing a copper treatment. Have you had experience with copper treatment? Would like to learn more about it. My nano was 2ft, overall volume was around 25 gallons. I had only a few fishes in there. Eventually i got a 4ft, but the fish jumped before the tank was fully cycled. This was the first blotchy
  8. All items sold. Thanks for the interest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Updates on the fish QT. Finally brought the SG down to 1.009. Took me about a week to do this, from what i read, you only need 48hrs to drop the salinity without ill effects, but i didn't want to take my chances, as I need my two newer additions to be feeding confidently. Ich spots are still obvious on my Powder brown tang. My understanding is that the salinity only kills the free swimming stage of ich. Will have to wait for the adults to drop off, before the official one month of qt begins. Do correct me if i'm wrong. Got myself two borbonius anthias. Both took about 1 week before feeding on pellets. Now they take mostly just pellets, i supplement with only 1 frozen cube of mysis. I just hope anthias do well in hyposalinity QT, this is my first time trying. These borbonius / blotchy anthias have always been my favourite fish. I waited about 4 mths before finally seeing one on the market. Most of the farms told me they only come in seasonally. Usually end of the year. Managed to snag two when I saw them. My very first borbonius was many years back, sadly it jumped out of the nano tank i had. The QT tank is fed by two autofeeders, broken up into 8 separate feedings, all in small portions. Heres a video of my newer additions. IMG_0820.mp4
  10. Dosing pump and BM containers reserved. Nyos Supplements still avail.
  11. Hi guys selling the following Brand new 30.5cm Height, 19CM Width, 29cm Length - $25 Brand new, All in one - contains both CA and ALK. - $25 60% left AIO Advanced biopellets - $25 Brand new Redstar Gravityfed ATO - $15 For sale is a lightly used, almost brand new skimz Biopellet Reactor BR87. Used it for about a month. Hang on and very space saving, adjustable input and output flow. Bought for $199 Item has been washed and cleaned. $100 with biopellets above. $80 without Biopellets Self collection at Siglap. S456781. Contact: nine zerozero two zero 585
  12. Hi guys, selling off Kamoer F4 Dosing pump, about 5 months old, but only used for 3 mths. Have the original receipt purchased from madpetz. Extremely easy to use with the app. Have already flushed the pumps with RO water and reset the wifi back to factory default. Took a video of the pump flushing, if keen can send over to proof all heads working fine. Selling as I have switched to CR. $175 Firm. BM Dosing containers 2.5L x 3 (as a set only) - Great condition, washed and cleaned. Bought for $42 each. Selling now at $80 for 3. NYOS Balling CA,ALK,MG. CA left 1500g, Alk left 3600g, MG left 1500g My own mixing method is CA 2500g/5L, ALK 400g/5l, MG 2500g/5L. Will give free 5L mixing container, but do note, the cap is not 100% sealed, only realise this on mixing, but good to use for storage of mixed solutions. $60 for all 3. 1 bottle retails for $75 Purchase everything for $300. (still lower den cost of the kamoer alone) If too many individual enquirers, will sell separately once I have 3 buyers. FCFS Self collect at siglap, 456781. Contact me 900 20five8five.
  13. Hi bro, I cant really tell actually, i set and forget. But it keeps the ph at 6.6 with the solenoid running constantly. Its slightly more then 1 bubble/sec. Its a green slimmer bro.
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