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  1. Haha it’s a valid question. Dosing direct to main tank cos I don’t have space to place the dosing bottles in the sump area. Have a multi shelf rack just next to the tank which makes it easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just thought I share some updates with the tank. Tank is coming 69 days fishless, couple more days before i can add fishes. Unfortunately, hyposalinity failed for me, and my fishes are back with the ich problem. Will be moving the fishes to a 25gal to do copper treatment this time. So i guess its going to be another month of fishless for the display tank. Colours are really starting to pop and show. I attribute this to my zeovit coral system as well as my t5 hybrid. The t5 is now on for 9hrs a day. Still planning to add a few more corals towards the left of the scape. Also, have removed most of the sand as I decided to go almost bare bottom. Tank is pretty much self running, have been away on 2 seperate week long trips now, and the tank did just fine. Auto water change is a life saver.
  3. Hi, can check out fishybusiness at chai chee there. Specialise in aquascaping
  4. Main display tank updates: Decided to try out the aquatic life hybrid fixture. I got the white edition, so i repainted my hanging brackets to match the fixture. Running 4 blue plus at the moment. Fixture is sitted at about 10 inches off the surface. Leds are at custom coral lab setting at about 65% intensity, with a acclimation of 3 weeks starting at 85%. Also, decided to run full sps system as I wasn't really so keen on LPS corals. They look beautiful but just wasn't my thing. Still have a couple of pieces, but may choose to sell them off eventually. Sold off my Zoa arch garden and replaced it with a new scape. Heres a FTS with the new fixture at 18k light setting SPS corals seem to be happy with good polyp extension, but colours are not as vibrant. Started dosing Zeovit coral system at 2ml per day per bottle. Gonna give it a try and see if there is any improvements. Counting down to the days when I can start adding back fishes from the QT tank. Tank will reach 2 mth fishless in November. I find running a fishless reef tank to be non beneficial to corals.
  5. Hey Bro this was my order: Pro-Elite Series The Most Advanced Aquarium Dual Stage CO2 Regulator BS341 / DIN477 / W21.8x14
  6. Hi looking for the above. Preferably new ones. Else bulbs <6 mths will be considered as well! Whatsapp 900two0585. Thanks
  7. I paid about 2xx for 2 pieces. Sorry to hear about your loss as well. =( I initially had 2, but the first one died a week after. This has been with me for a month now. Was eating heavily, but just died overnight for some reason. Probably will stay away from anthias for now.
  8. Sold, thanks for the interest. Mod pls close thread
  9. Its a sad day for my reefing journey. Lost the other borbonius anthias. Problem is I can't even ID why it died. No signs of any external or internal parasites or diseases. Anthias was eating well, died with a fat tummy. It was still very active the night before. Water parameters were all good, salinity was checked using a newly calibrated hanna salinity checker. PH was at 8.0. Anyone can share their ideas why it died?
  10. Just to share on the progress of the AI fuge. I use the intensity and the duration to have full control of the tank's no3 and po4 levels. Video of my cheato ball in action. IMG_0550.mp4
  11. Hey guys, decided to go full sps hence will be selling this zoa garden i intended to start initially. I believe they will thrive better in a nutrient rich tank compared to mine. Caribsea arch rock with 20+ different zoa frags, still plenty of room for more if you like to add on. I do not know all the names, but they are a mix of everything from common to rare. Also the rock comes with 2 leather corals and one red monti. One of them is a neon green tenticle leather coral, the other is from aussie. Selling the whole thing for $250. Zoas alone easily cost me more then that. The entire scape is free from any kinds of algae. Please see the general dimensions of caribsea arch rock for sizing. Kindly bring along a pail for collection. Whatsapp 9zero020five85
  12. Resupply arrived! The only coral dip I trust! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the info. I reckon that may be a possibility as well. It died even though it was eating well. My other borbonius is still doing well in qt. Happy to report that hyposalinity starting to show some improvements in the overall well being of the fishes. The powder brown has been spotless for the last few days. Added in a 2 new fishes, one powder blue and a new flame angel. I understand that during the QT process, you shouldnt be adding new fishes. That said, I am only starting the one month of QT count down from the day i last spot any ich. So these new additions together with the others should be starting the one month countdown any day soon. Ideally, im looking to get just one yellow coris and one 6 line or malenurus wrasse to complete the "anti-pest" gang. Then that should be all for the fish list.
  14. Tank updates: The main tank is doing great.CA and Alk is stable at 420 and 8.0 with the Cr at 6.6ph. Probably my best investment for the tank. Fishless for about 1 month now. The great thing about going fishless is that I hardly ever clean the glass now. Also, trying out zeovit's coral system 1,2,3,4. Some photos with my Tg6. I'm still learning how to use it. And some photos of the display. Tank is pretty much full. QT tank Salinity at 1.009. Lost my flame angel to some fungus infection, tried to medicate with prazipro and general cure, but didnt survive. Honestly quite annoyed with all these diseases. Current survivors: 2 clowns, 1 powder brown, 1 yellow tang, 1 borbonius anthias. 1 flame hawk. Most of them hiding within the rocks.
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