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  1. When people ask about best way to remove nitrate or phosphates, the more important / appropriate question is "whats the most economical way to remove phos/nitrate"? There are tons and tons of methods of removal, Macroalgae, Absorption media (so many brands), Water change, Biological media, ULNS, Algae scrubbers, Tons of bacteria housing, AIO Bio-pallets etc etc. It depends A. Your tank size, B. Your Bioload C. Your feeding regime Simply put, for a small tank in the past, I chose to use Algone pouches, just dump it in the filter and left it till it needs replacement. I also had a small TLF reactor running rowaphos fed from the chiller output. This was really economical for a small size tank. The pouch could last 1.5 months, the rowaphos every mth change few scoops of media. But moving to a bigger 4ft tank, this was no longer an economical method as too many pouches will be required. Choose the most economical method. All of the methods work, its just how much of it you need to use. I.e 5 pouch of Algone? A 2 ft macroalgae tank? 1 container of Rowaphos every mth? 3 sets of Algae scrubber? 2 bags worth of zeovit / zeolight stones / Bio-pallets? or simply, 1 Sulphur denitrator that is an overkill for ur tank size? As to your questions Sharon, reefing has evolved alot over the years, look at some of the alternative methods which are more efficient and effective. A sulphur denitrator works similarly, but it needs more understanding to use safely. The best thing to do if you are facing high nitrates atm is to clean up the system, followed by a water change, than maintain a more healthy feeding / stocking regime. Hope this helps.
  2. Documenting the progress of my 6 x 2.5 x 2

    The backdrop really makes the tank look so realistic. Nice job!
  3. New water

    Can get in touch with iwarna =D
  4. 1000 Gallon 3D Hole in the wall

    Your tank more and more tok kong! Dame swee la bro.
  5. Agree with Alexcyf, I used a quarantine box with sliding side panel, I held the door up with a clothing peg. Larger the box the better. Leave it there for some time, feeding only via the top of the box. Once the fish starts coming in to feed, wait for a good opportunity to release the door. I've caught anthias, cromis, clowns through this method. I have to admit, it takes plenty of patience, but u wont destroy ur scape trying to catch the fish with a net.
  6. 3ft shallow reefs ocean

    Very nice setup bro. Glad to see another zeovit user! Good thing is Zeovit much more accessible and readily available now adays. Heres my suggestions, like HM mentioned, u need to do a large water change to bring the CA and Alk up. Alternatively, u can dose premixed CA and Alk directly into the tank, do a slow drip method over a couple of days. I used to use this brand called ESV B-ionic 2 part. Its the best remedy to bring your ca and alk back to where u want it, followed by tuning your CR to maintain the ideal parameters. This method will be your best friend when it comes to using a CR. Personally, I'll hold off adding any new sps for now, until you get ur parameters in placed. Because u dont want to get disheartened when u start seeing corals stn/rtn. Its a painful learning process, which hopefully you wont go through. Your light set seems a bit small in length, and I understand you are looking for a shallow tank set up. My advise is maybe u can lower the light set slightly more. This will get u additional PAR since your scape is rather low. Put the high light demanding corals i.e Majority SPS, centralised in the tank, with the less demanding corals around it i.e LPS , Birdnest, digitata etc. Futher down the road, you can consider supplementing with leds, The AI prime looks like it can easily be customised to fit onto the T5, 2 x AI prime will be sweet. But that can come later. Stick with the basic 4 for now, or if u really wan, u can start dosing Amino Acids and Coral vitaliser (no po4). Whatever you decide to dose, dose in small quantities and observe a few days. Thats the best way to go about with zeovit. Enjoy ur tank!
  7. Tofu's 4ft Reef tank

    Also have many queries on my lighting bracket... The bracket was diy with parts purchased from prestech, http://www.prestech.com.sg/ , they have a walk in shop at kakit bukit. I cant remember the model numbers, my suggestion is to bring ur hanging kit there, than test on the spot, cos I remember i had to have a part of the profile filed off in order to insert the hanging kit. They will do this for u without extra cost. FYI, you can even customise a standing hanging kit if you require. Sorry i can;t help much here, as its been some time since I had the brackets done.
  8. Tofu's 4ft Reef tank

    Hi Kelvin, zeovit doesnt have a specific line of "colour elements". They offer a different way of colouring corals, through multiple means, such as Coral vitaliser, amino acids, B balance and Pohl's Xtra. Than u can take it a step further to get more brighter corals using zeospur. Personally, my opinion is u can start of with the basic 4, than start with CV and AA. Subsequently, base on your coral colours, use b balance or xtra as requried. Xtra if u wan a darker looking coral, B balance if u wan lighter and brighter. Last step is to go with zeospur, only if ur corals are in healthy conditions. Since u just cycled the tank, my advise is to stick to the basic 4 for now, and upkeep good husbandry. Hope this helps.
  9. Tofu's 4ft Reef tank

    As for those who are interested on Zeovit. Heres my honest opinion about the system. I wasn't sponsored by zeovit nor any LFS to advertise for their products. 1. Zeovit was the most successful system for me, amongst my entire reefing journey, trying out all different methods. 2. Zeovit allowed me to really understand my corals and their reactions. 3. Its not a fool proof method, it takes plenty of understanding and testing. I would never recommend a newbie to use zeovit. 4. The basic 4 indeed does help, but you do have to understand that there are basic guidelines that needs to be fulfilled. 5. The fact that you require daily dosing is a bitch. But its like feeding a dog or having any other pet. 6. I had my fair share of failures and of course not every blue bottle worked like it says on the label. Some don't even have any reactions after dosing, but i still dose anyways. I guess the golden question is...is zeovit sustainable? Well, of course, just do a simple search on google and you would see zeovit tanks that are many years old. Personally, I did still be on zeovit if i hadn't choose to decomm, and I'm sure it would have still been my choice for many years. Again, I decomm due to the lack of time and commitment for these beautiful animals, not because the system failed on me. At my 1.5yr mark, here is what i got from the buyer that took over my coral during my decomm. As I have mentioned many times in this forum.... Does it work? Yes it does Is it the only system out there? Hell no. Its disheartening to hear rumors about some things that are not even true. Don't let these narrow minded people affect your judgement in this hobby, as not everyone has the same system for reef keeping. Keep an open mind. Happy reefing everyone!
  10. Tofu's 4ft Reef tank

    Thank you everyone for all the support I've received over the years, and to those who have followed this thread from day 1. I really appreciate it =D As most of you would know, I will be taking a break from reefing and focusing more on my job and other life commitments. The main reason I have to stop reefing is because I couldn't find the time and money to maintain and upkeep a reef tank. This includes simple task like changing water or monitoring parameters. Many would say that its a result of a bad system (rumor says zeovit is not sustainable, I think u know who that person is) or just laziness, but i assure u, its more about me not waiting till disaster strike before making a decision. Heres a typical example, though not similar in situation, its similar in the end results. So instead of waiting for a disaster to strike, I decided to sell of my corals whilst they were still in great health. And in fact, I dont think i profited from the sales. As i sold either lower than what i paid for, or i increased the price only slightly due to the extreme growth the coral had. It would be a waste to see my sps just wither and die.
  11. WTS Tofu's 4Ft Tank and components

    Thank u guys for all the interest in the tank. Tank has found a new well deserving owner. Will be selling my equipments along with the tank set to the new owner. I appreciate all the messages and interest, and sorry to disappoint those who were keen. I will definately be back! Dont fight ah, happy reefing one and all.
  12. WTS Tofu's 4Ft Tank and components

    Can setup a bundle for the ATI 8 tube Sunpower + Wall mounting brackets
  13. WTS Tofu's 4Ft Tank and components

    Tanks aquascape and potentials
  14. WTS Tofu's 4Ft Tank and components

    Some Images of the tank when empty