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  1. I give u $100, give me the piece that I want and other u wish or u want to pass me ok? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. WTS Arctica DBE-200 Chiller - 1/4 HP Chiller has been running for around 2+ to 3 years. Condition: 8.5/10 Quiet and Perfect Working Condition Reason for selling: Upgraded to 1/3 chiller Selling @$550. No obligation and it can be tested before buying. Thanks alot. PM me if interested.
  3. PRICE REVISED to $180 nego....... wanna to clear................ UPZ.........
  4. Hi, I am helping a friend with this posting. WTS Berlin Skimmer Used for 1 year old and still in good condition. Reason for selling: upgrading Selling at $200 only. Kindly contact Jo @90016577 directly if you are interested. Description Manufactured by Red Sea. Water pump driven air injected venturi skimmer. Features the patented triple-pass action in a unique compact design. Can be installed alongside or in the tank or sump. Suitable for tanks up to 250 gallons. Completely self-leveling. Designed for easy maintenance. Made from ozone safe materials. If you have a large aquarium up to 250 gallons in size and are looking for a well constructed, dependable, venturi driven skimmer that will really put out the foam, this is a skimmer to consider. It can be installed in or alongside the tank or sump, and the venturi air injector produces a consistent quantity of fine air bubbles, ensuring a large surface area for collection of waste materials.
  5. Other snapshot of corals..... Most corals are with me for around half year.
  6. Before and After..............
  7. Here is the growth of some coral (Before and After)....
  8. And I am still using the old LED lights as posted earlier.
  9. After setting up of my tank on 18 Sep 10, this is the update...... Get some free time and here's it goes....... Basically, my sump tank is free of using FR, CR........ still as before.......
  10. Hi all, I am looking for Tunze magnet with sliding piece to hold 6080 or 6100. Let me know if you have one to let go. Appreciated. Thanks.
  11. After weeks of cycling and here are some updates of my tank. Started putting in some LPS and SPS. And most of them have survived for at least one month or more. Will keep monitoring..... I will share some of the stuffs that I dosed from Germany in 2 weeks time. Stay tune.....
  12. Both reserved for lcf425 as he is the first to pm me... Thanks all for the interest.
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