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  1. Thanks bro! A few lessons I have learnt are: 1. Do water changes at least every 2 weeks. 2. Always buy the most aggressive fish last if possible and only buy 2 fishes at most at any one time. 3. Quarantine the tougher to feed fishes in my sump for at least 2 weeks until they start eating. 4. Release new fish at night when most are asleep for the new fish to find its own home. 5. Dismantle wave maker and pump every 2 months for full cleaning and oil moving parts with vaseline.
  2. Hi bro, thanks! Long time never update and the above video is my last video taken in Oct 2016. 1. I am currently having a diamond goby in my tank which keeps my sand very clean. However, my sands are shifted almost around the tank but it is very clean. I also have snails which digs itself into the sand and crawls out when there are food. Cant recall what is the name. 2. I have only 1 outlet from my sump which is on the top left of the video. The inlet is just beside the outlet. 3. TBH, I have never siphon my display tank before and i solely depends on the outlet, wavemaker and my goby to push the waste to the outlet and into the sump. 4. I have never tested my tank for phosphates and I always have 2 little pouches of rowaphos in the sump and replace them every 2-3 months. I also run a reverse light cycle in the sump where the red light will shine between 11pm to 7am daily. I have 2 turbo snails and 1 black spine urchin for the algae control in the main tank. I also clean the glass every 4-6 days with the magnet cleaner. When I build the tank, I told myself I wanted a low maintenance tank so i will keep the hobby running. Therefore, I never bought a chiller and corals I bought are usually low cost corals where they are not so demanding.
  3. Tank looks good and what is the current temperature? You might want to add a fan and add some mushroom corals to your tank as I am currently keeping mushrooms in my tank and temperature is at around 28 degrees. Mushrooms have been opening fully everyday. Can also try covering your back glass with black oyama so that it can hide your cables.
  4. Hi, welcome here! I think you need to increase the amount of rocks as most of the fishes will look for a hole to take a rest every night. The fishes will also feel more at ease when they have a hole of their own when they feel that they are in danger.
  5. Try to raise your light higher, reduce lighting period and lower the intensity of the light if possible. I also have these greenish algae like turf on my rocks and managed to reduce greatly by reducing the lightings by 1 hour from 8 to 7 hours. I have also raised my light by about 10 cm higher. After that, I introduced one long spined urchin and 2 snails and they slowly cleaned up the rocks over a period of 2 - 4 weeks.
  6. Hi, anyone have any idea why my foxface looks pale and the yellow colour is not strong? Which type of foxface is this? Just bought yesterday noon. Thanks in advance!
  7. Nice rescape, you created a slope from the front to the back and will allow the viewer to have a sense of depth. However, your side rocks should not touch the tank walls as you might scratch the glass and you will also have a hard time cleaning the tank walls.
  8. I only check for TDS when I was keeping Crystal Red Shrimp in my freshwater tank. TDS is not critical in saltwater tanks.
  9. It could be diatoms which will go away after your tank has matured. It could also be due to tap water if you are currently using.
  10. I see, I am actually feeding those seasoned seaweed in my tank. My blue tang, ruby head fairy wrasse and bicolour blenny go crazy about it. Haha.
  11. Bro, is the skeleton exposed?
  12. The cut off line will be quite clear if the glass is facing a light source. Try adjusting your angle towards the light as certain angle can see clearer.
  13. Any side effects if fed with the seasoned ones?
  14. not that serious actually. They only eaten very small area of my silicon and I can see abit jagged. They even eat into my caribsea Life Rocks' purple coating and now, some of the parts are white. Haha.
  15. If you are willing to spend abit more, can get the Maxspect razor. around 600+ and you can set the lights to come on and off slowly to simulate day and night time. You can also set the % of blue or white to your liking. Never regretted getting it. Have used the lights since July 2013 and change it to blue LED pads for my current tank. Just sharing http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php/103760-My-3ft-Planted-Tank/page2
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