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  1. Ok let me know if u have some for sale.. thanks
  2. Selling the following sps Interested party pls PM me.. collection at Yishun deposit required to secure sps..
  3. Is reserved at the moment, thanks for the interest.
  4. Selling this mp 40 for 180 bucks. wet side is 1 yr old interested pls pm me collection at yishun deposit required
  5. Do u hang it or there’s a light stand? I’m interested..
  6. Thanks for the interested n viewing, all reserved at the moment
  7. Selling all this 10 different zoas for 200 buck sunny D, vampire slayer, chucky bride, anti venom, Yoda, fruit loop, silk warrior, red keds, nuclear death and 1 unknown zoas. selling this short tentacles gonio combo for the 100 buck. Selling the forest fire colony for 30 buck Selling this sps for 60 buck deposit required to secure deals collection at yishun Interested pls pm me. Thanks
  8. May I know what zoas is this?
  9. Bro, is not acan, is blasto
  10. All reserved, thanks for the interest..
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