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  1. Hello Admiraltian...


    interested in your setup. possible to pm me your contact so that I can msg / whatapp u. thanks a lot.

  2. I would like to hear feedback about Triton method of reefing from users of above. Some info on your setup is much appreciated. Feel free to PM me for a chat.. Thks
  3. I would like hear from any users using Triton method of reefing and setup... Experiences and opinions are welcome. Planning to go back to reefing after years of break.. Feel free to pm me if you are and your setup sizes. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  4. u got a very nice video with the AT... care to PM me with your tank specifications, equipments? I intend to set up 1
  5. Anyone had experience or review on this Nano tank series? For me, it look impressive. Wonder does the miracle mud works? Any place sell this in SG?
  6. What model skimmer you selling?

    How much?

    Where do collect?



  7. What model skimmer you selling?

    How much?

    Where do collect?



  8. am intersted, pls advise your price. thanks

  9. How big was your Queen and price? Feeding? Thks Any left?
  10. Hi Chris, still able to order the algae scrubber?

  11. Maybe can reserve the other 1 for me.. how much?
  12. LiOnZ .. for your nice comment! The light set can be purchased at Nanyang aquarium @ Seletar Farmway or at Yi Hu / Qian Hu. 1 feet ( T5 8w x 2 )cost about $20+ ea. It required 2 set. It is not included in the $130 I paid for. But think if based on 10 units to work out. Should be able to get it at about 10-15% less.. Cheers
  13. After sending to fabricator, here comes my 1 Foot length Algae Turf Scrubber (ATS) Well finished, good workmanship and water tightness tested... The Aqua Zonic light set ( sole agent is Yi Hu Fish Farm ), 2 x 8 w T5 on each side = 32 watts) can be slotted in from the sides as shown... Any bro interested, can PM me for details.. I can help to order on your behalf and negotiate best price. I made my for about $130. if can get 5 or more, maybe can get better.. The fabricator is one of my regular doing signages / display for my projects.. Overall quite satisfied..
  14. any yellow belly reagal ( 2.5-3") spotted?? Conditions? thanks
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