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  1. Awesome tank bro. Sps looks like colours regain back already?
  2. little update... From this... To this... One year growth from a small frag... growth super slow chalice... never feed haha sps corner... not comparable to many other reefer's, if not any thanks all.
  3. I used life distilled water, but then hard to carry back home always, so switched tap water with seachem prime. Agree with bro clement best is get a di unit.
  4. Grotech a, b, c, m. Ca kh mg. But agree with bro shadow that frequent water changes without additives do work. Have not dosed any additives for the past week, only changed water, and observed a increase in coral growth. Sometimes it maybe better to do less to your tank and keep it simple.
  5. some new additions... red dragon. not colored up fully yet. anyone can advise? sunset milli turq orange BN no id sps. anyone can help out here? first chalice. hopefully can keep it alive.
  6. clownfish and anemone. after about one year, they are finally together.
  7. second anniversary of my tank. time to start stocking on rare and amazing corals!
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