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  1. From experience best is still use external temperature probe. Most accurate, save energy and money. Normally just buy a suitable probe and open the external casing, unplug the original temperature socket and plug in the after market external probe. Poof and you have yourself a efficient chiller
  2. Maybe feather duster juvenile
  3. Wow nice tank and coral! Splendid
  4. Very nice tank you have there
  5. Thank bro. Decomm it after ada submission
  6. Nice! Your corals are really flourishing
  7. Wow nice nano tank! Those coral are definitely flourishing. How long have you been keeping the tank? And how's the difficulties in keeping nano tank?
  8. Any suggestion if it's a octo classic series? Vertical type. I've been thinking of drilling from the side but kinda not as efficient as the one you did.
  9. Like what clement said. Best is drill a hole. I've consulted a few tank maker and most said overflow box might become blocked etc and caused very messy problems. And what's more, drilling hole practically is also much cheaper then those overflow box. Also depends on what type of tank is it.
  10. 4ft tank and ios part taking up 200cm. Your ios is larger then your tank. Haha 20cm is it bro Post some pic ya
  11. Very good info bro. Read through the whole post of your finger, rashes, hospitalise... Felt the dilemma you were. Hope you finger is getting better now. Anw I still couldn't get it, alot of fish keeper has wound and touches the water. But this is the first time I heard about such incident. Could it be maybe some coral or tank additives that penerate into the wound thus into the vessel Glad everything turns out fine!!
  12. Hand feeding copperband. Who says they are hard to keep VID_20200430_174920.mp4
  13. Beautiful coral tank . Coral in good looking shape!
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