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  1. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    U mean fm red x? So far so good. Dinos receded a lot. Still observing & monitoring.
  2. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    My other return pump died during Xmas period. So hv to get another one. Got this jebao acq-10000 as replacement. Quite powerful and cheap too. Also trying this product to kill some remaining dinos in my tank. Supposed to be gentle on tank inhabitants and kill only pest algae and mild Dinos infestation. Also heard of this method using only fritz monster460 with success to get rid of dinos. Anyone tried this before to get rid of dinos? Need to dump in a big bottle every week for 4-6 weeks until a dinos gone. Basically using bacteria bloom to compete against dinos infestation.
  3. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    Some pictures,
  4. My Reefing Journey

    Nice and simple setup.
  5. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    Ok, still selling.... https://www.reefoctopus.com.sg/collections/others
  6. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    Quite ok, just place the float at the level that u wanna trigger the top up level to. Only thing is the holder at max is still quite short. If u hv a deep sump then u might need to do some mod to lengthen it. Anyway, now still can get this model meh?
  7. My Personal Ocean

    Nice tank. Didn’t see a lot of wavemakers. Only one in ur tank? Enough flow?
  8. My reefing journey

    Do u have a pic of how your tank look like?
  9. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    Had some equipments breaking down over the last 2wks after commissioning my tank near to 3yrs. 1) Circulation pump for my CR, Skimz CM122, Skimz E2000 impeller shaft broken and I have to replace the whole impeller instead of just the shaft cos the inner ceramic ring/bearing to hold the shaft also worn out. 2) One of my return pump jebao dc9000 halt for the 2nd time in 2wks. Decided to change a new one, Sicce 9.0. Nv did any maintenance work on any of my pumps. Haha. My dc pump is much more silent compared to it. But it has a 5yr warranty. The removed pump I took out for a vinegar dip, rinse with fresh water. After drying, power it out to test again and was running. Guess I’ll keep it as spare. Worried it might halt again.
  10. Pasa Malam member Buyer / Seller feedback section

    This kind of buyer just saying this to trick u into selling them cheaper than ur stated price. I doubt there’s a shop selling that cheap as what he claims.
  11. Restart on a 522

    Nice scape and corals!!
  12. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    Tidy my sump a little by adding Red Sea media cup.
  13. My Reefing Chronicles 2

    Added more rocks to make my right scape higher.
  14. kaijuworld reef tank

    Impressive lps collection, bro.
  15. Jeebusai Red Sea Reefer 250

    Nice collection.