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  1. I think u need to upload thru YouTube then copy and paste the link here.
  2. Green Millie and Tenuis reserved.
  3. Update on balance frags: Candlelight tenuis $25 each Yellow Acro$15 Green Millie $20 Green Tenuis $10
  4. As the topic suggested, might want to sell. All my 50ml bottles had expired feb and april period but I kept all my bottles refrigerated and I have been using it since. All bottles still 3/4 full and I have plans to switch and try other stuffs. Will take quite a while before I can finish the all 3 bottles, thus checking if there are any takers. Letting go cheap at $5 per bottle($12 for all). Preferably one buyer for all 3. Deal in at my place along woodlands ave6, near admiralty mrt only. If no takers then I keep and use then. Thanks!!
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