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  1. Both devil’s whip and turquoise tenuis reserved.
  2. All frags priced at $10 each unless otherwise stated. Collect near Admiralty mrt at Woodlands. Pink Hyacinthus Devil’s Whip Devil’s Whip Turquoise Tenuis Lime In The Sky Stag Turquoise Stag Pearberry Bronze Tenuis Green Millie
  3. Always nice to look from the top. One of my fav top down is from this corner. All my fav acropora are here, ssc, dragonfruit, home wreckers, Walt Disney, Superman tenuis, lime in the sky, etc However the biggest one in the middle I still do not know what’s it is? Any one can help??
  4. Broke another big piece while trying to trim out smaller frag due to overgrowth. Lost it’s blue/purple tips though due to transition to led. Letting go cheap at $25. Collect near admiralty mrt, woodlands.
  5. Reduced price: A=$15 G= $3 H=$5 I= $25 Take all for $40
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