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  1. Yes, quite similar to radion. They can be controlled via WiFi thru their app on mobile phones, etc. Also have buttons and a small display panel to press on the device itself but I never try this, too troublesome. Thru app control is easier.
  2. Hmm, let’s see. For me, it works on most species of sps and definitely ok for lps if u placed them at the right places, (e.g. not too high to prevent getting bleached) but some doesn’t really like or maybe need better acclimatization to this led. Can see the difference from my old photos when using t5 & led. And it could be these species are more sensitive too. Namely, they are ssc & homewrecker and wd if u are wondering which ones. Hope it helps in clearing ur doubts.
  3. Random photos: Crt rainbow Ponape birdnest Vermiculata?Secale? Pink lemonade not so lemon now. Nana Blue tenuisPikachu Badabing Red robin stag
  4. Hi bro, I’m using Inled R80, China brand.
  5. Very vibrant coloration, bro. Well done.
  6. Hey Bro, fifth pic is arc fireworks? And the 2nd and 3rd are ssc? Last one is WD?
  7. Aussie devil’s whip colony going at $100 for this coming cny period.
  8. Upz!! Price slightly nego.
  9. $20 per frag is my sale price. After cny price will increase. Each frag is of decent size of 2-3”
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