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  1. Nice to see all the retro equipment. So nostalgic.
  2. Yes, Jebao ones. Just trying the WiFi models for the first time. So far so good.
  3. Added another wavemaker and remove both my OW50 series as they are too bulky and not aesthetically pleasing. However they are real workhorse beasts!! This time around I added a SLW-30M instead as the SLW-20M seem kinda weak for its rating. Part of my plan to upgrade and improve the flow in my tank and reduce deadspots.
  4. That’s aquaman monti looks good!!
  5. Hi bro, I never see any electronic ballast on it and the longest they have is 120cm fixture.
  6. Took some shots earlier with my camera phone. Color and health of sps improved nearly a month after the purge in the tank aefw treatment. My fav sps corner is here. SSC color returned to normal from the dull darkened red tips to pink tips again. Red planet always forgotten at this spot. Special looking tenuis!! Lime in the sky with Pikachu!! Another hyacinthus!! Not sure the ID but look like tabling microclados type.No ID too but encrusted very fast and furious but showed little vertical growth.Initially looked like Ponape has transformed to a more pinkish color birdnest. That’s all for today update.
  7. Actually added another single tube Helios T5 fixture to the front of my tankshortly after adding the first one to the rear of my tank. Forgotten to update here. Color has improved from my observation.
  8. This product works great for clearing mild dinos infestation too. Used it in my tank before.
  9. Nice tank, need to stock up more reds in ur tank.
  10. Guess it’s gonna be a long nite for u. Gd luck with the fries.
  11. Hi bro, Sorry to hear this, My tank also got attacked by Aefw too recently. Hope ur restart will be smooth sailing. Good luck.
  12. R u able harvest the larvae into a separate setup?
  13. Nice to see so many different varieties of leathers.
  14. Seem like the algae is slowly dying off like what bro soggycookies Juz mentioned. Good job
  15. Thanks for the compliments and support.
  16. I see, what a pity. Anyway, welcome to Reefing. A lot of reefers here also kept planted tanks before and transition between Reefing to planted and vice versa when the hobby gets a little boring.
  17. Think I saw ur planted tank from YouTube. Nice tank.
  18. Taking some free time today to hook up the new jebao slw-20m. This version comes with WiFi controllable app. Not too bad quality for that price I’m paying.Adjustable rubber adaptor for the magnet for angle tilting of ur wavemaker. Only has the WiFi controller and that’s it. Don’t even have the power adaptor. Save space imo. Running on classic mode at the moment. App is easy to use.
  19. Some photos to share taken during my last water change... Rbm doing well after after Aefw attack. Some of my frags that I’m nursing back to health. Once I think they are ready I glued them to my main rock and monitor them. This seem to be holding its color but not really popping like it shd. Continue to monitor...Bali sc getting better than when I got it. Tips look more luminous and body getting pinkier.Red stag getting green polyps.Is this suppose to be devil’s whip?Blueberry diesel Healing frags stands together and united. Bought as badabing but the color turns out differently. Hmmmm....oh well, still look nice though.
  20. I see. Can add more colorful lps once ur tank stabilize.
  21. That’s quite a collection of softies.
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